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Casino - Gold Rush ending

Now I’m sure we all could see the writing on the wall, when R* added a casino, I also think Rockstar knew it.
We the players would rally to find ways to make bank in the casino, we are roleplaying criminal masterminds after all, and R* would iron out the kinks in the mean time.
During this gold rush we have seen people take advantage of glitches that really were too easy to pass up. People going a tad bit too far with macros etc. And others just taking advantage of the poorly layed out game mechanics.
But now, I feel we are reaching that endpoint where R* has made us jump through hoops, stand on our heads and balance on one leg, just to get those winnings consistently, that the efforts are not worth the reward.
I myself got on the money train a bit too late to reap the full benefits. I play on xbox so that’s where my experience comes from, when that’s said let’s explore what has happened so far:
The Casino:
The entire premiss and why casinos exist is to make money of players, we all know the saying: “The house always wins” for the most part that remains true, both irl and in game, atleast that is R*’s intention. So really it is just another money sink.
R* could have been a bit creative and made the return slightly in favor of players to be in line with mission rewards etc. But they havn’t (not with intention).
Inside Track:
This is the big exception, the way inside track is set up in GTA online with 6 horses allows for instances where the house always losses, those are the races your should bet on.
The bests possible field in game is 2x 5-1 horses, 2x 15-1 horses and 2x 30-1 horses. This field has a combined win chance of 51.8% when we add them up (if you don’t know how it’s caculated see next section). BUT since one horse always have to win, all the horses win chance is inflated equally untill the field has a 100% of winning. In our case a 5-1 horse no longer has a 16.67% chance of winning, but rather a 32.18% chance of winning. That makes this field a safe bet statistically speaking. Also no matter which horse we bet on our return rate is the same, for the specefic field. In a real casino the field would be larger and every horses win chance would be deflated in proportion to it’s chip return, exactly the opposite of GTA’s casino. The house in GTA’s casino still has fields where the house wins.
Caculating the win chance - we all know evens (1-1) means at 50% win chance, we arrive there by 1/(1+1)=50%, same way a 5-1 is 1/(5+1)=16.67%. To see if the field is good or bad we just add them all up, good is under 100% and bad is over 100%.
How players fooled inside track: 1: Only play on good fields, achived by backing out of the monitor and refreshing it.
2: Doing the 200 chip bet glitch, only betting 200 and tricking the game to treat it as a max bet, removing almost all risk.
3: Combining both.
Nr. 2 is clearly a un-intentional feature, but Nr. 1 really is too easy and only works in the first place because the inside track as a “casino” game is fundamentally flawed.
R*’s countermeasures:
1: Prevent bets from being made after refreshing to many times, in my experience this have been 8, but I have heard others say as low as 3, it might be on a timer. Fix: Restart the game, if that dosn’t work then wait. What not to do: Get more chips and keep playing. I did this and lost 10 races in a row betting on nr. 1, in good fields. Best case senario for R* of me loosing that many time in a row had a chance of 1*(0.8333)10= 16.14%, if all horses were 5-1 and fields had a 100% win chance
Now I know not all were 5-1 horses, I played on evens too and all fields were sub 100% win chance, so the ods of loosing that many time in a row were so low, I might as well have been struck by lightning. Meaning they just turned my chance of winning off.
2: Kick players out of the game after 3 wins in a row. Fix: Don’t play on nr. 1 all the time, like I explained earlier, if the field is good, the return rate is statistically identical on all horses.
Highroller tabels:
Now they are pretty much the same as in any other casino, but the way players could circumvent the risk of loosing was to turn themself into Tom Cruise from Live. Die. Repeat.
This was done by taking advantage of the completly stupidly made server save system. Players can change style to ping the servers and update their savepoint, and if they lost, they could just close the application and reload at their conviently timed save point. Meaning yeah you get the superpower of backwards time travel.
R*’s countermeasures: Added hidden savepoints mid-game. This makes it very hard to play more than one hand at a time risk free, since saves are implemented on a per hand basis.
R* general countermeasures in the Casino:
People who have been glitching or making alot of bank in the casino have been know to be chip-wiped, from cashing in millions of chips at a time. Fix: Don’t cash in large amounts at once, break it up into smaller amounts.
General countermeasures R* has been using before:
  1. Temporary bans
  2. Money wipe
  3. Account reset
  4. Perma ban
Now if you are afraid of being wiped, because you have been naughty like everyone else, it might be smart to buy something for the cash you have acquired, remember cars can be resold later etc.
Why I posted this:
I’m writing this because from a marketing- and consumer- point of view R* has been total pricks and gotten away with it.
I find it interesting that they can continue to do so. This is also a clear picture of the future for R*, if they can get away with it, more like it will come. A bad thing for gamings future.
In typical R* fashion the save point changes occured mid day server-side unannounced, I experienced it, and tested it thourougly, I’m sure of it. But this is the way R* manage the situation, it’s their show and you the player HAVE to grind.
They arn’t stateing clearly what their intentions are in terms of how to deal with the way players are using the casino, hence you making it this far into this post.
Deep down we all know, they want to create chaos and sell shark cards to frustrated players....
Yeah don’t buy that crap, this is textbook predatory tactics they are using.
I hope the wildwest of online gamings predatory tactics will end soon, but yet again R* has made it clear, the time is not now. R* is still king and the gamers are at its mercy.
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