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[WM] Wishing You Well. (Quest Write Ups for Midmouth's Myco-Mess, Of Dice and Deceit, Moving Moorings, The Sending, The Burning Sands, Blasphemous Rumours, Monster Mash, Trouble in Wedding Town, and The Ruined City)

Wishing You Well. (Quest Write Ups for Midmouth's Myco-Mess, Of Dice and Deceit, Moving Moorings, The Sending, The Burning Sands, Blasphemous Rumours, Monster Mash, Trouble in Wedding Town, and The Ruined City)
It has been awhile since I have wrote, I know. At first, I wrote to the Curator, as she is the one that we report to. Yet, her disdain for my writing has caused me to put off this task. Why bother if I would only face her derision? I thought this way until wise guildmates urged me to change my views. The Curator may not appreciate my words, but I do not mind writing them. And… there are others besides the Curator who would like to hear my thoughts, and adventures. So, to the Ashcoat family, I wish you well, and enclosed below are my adventures so far.
Midmouth's Myco-Mess
DM: Jacob S.
Players: Thomas S. (Nikola), M.E. H. (Galileo Ashcoat), Ethan J. (Naeron), Peyton L. (Genevieve), Derek M. (Ice Sculpture), Nessa T. (Dill Picks)
Dear Zemai, I am aware of the fact that you enjoy festivals, and I believe you would enjoy the tale of the first quest I went on for the Mavros Guild.
It was a rather simple task, go to a town and handle a small problem during a festival. The town was called Midmouth, and they were celebrating a ritual for some goddess, although to be clear, I could not tell you which one. The lack of religious studies from being sent off at a young age may have caused an issue in this regard, I admit. After meeting with the organizers of the festival, they instructed us to take time and enjoy ourselves before delving into the sewers at night.
We followed their instructions to the best of our abilities, meeting a fortune teller. We stood around, learning about our fates and destiny, although I suppose some of my guildmates suspected it was. Well, the word is not appropriate to write in a formal letter to an Ashcoat. I, however, liked my fortune. The Lovers, it has a ring to it. Even if it may be silly, it gave me a flash of hope.
With another guildmate, I then went to a game of target practice. I suppose you would be interested in this series of events, Zemai. You said that I would make an excellent brother, had I ever been at the estate. And not to brag, but I do make a good big brother, in a way. I won a doll for a guildmate. Then, I used magic to change it into a better form. And then I snuck it into his bag. As a gift.
After a long day, we went into sewers to meet these disgusting diseased rats, handling them quickly. We found the source of the issues. They were Myconids, yet somehow were sapient, speaking to us in Common. I believed that instead of resorting to bloodshed, we could come to an arrangement, a deal of sorts. We snuck these Myconids to the Guild Hall’s basement, and that was the end of this quest, to be continued another day.
Of Dice and Deceit
DM: Kennon C.
Players: Ethan M. (Noizu), Alea H. (Hazel), Hunter M. (Oliver), M.E. H. (Galileo Ashcoat)
I suppose of all people, you, Darwin, deserve an explanation of what went on in Kostroma. After all, I feared I may have caused your predicament. After careful reflection, I know this is not the case. Regardless, I owe you my apologies and my story. Knowing you as well as I do, I know you will find this story humorous.
My time in the Alchemist’s Guild has graciously given me the experience of being in Kostroma. However, not in this city. Krogstadt, as I recall correctly. An icy town just on a bay, gondolas all around. Of course, I changed my form, before the quest begun, into a plain man to avoid suspicion when possible. Our task required us to meet a rather… suspicious character owning a run-down casino. He explained that he intercepted a request for security at another casino, and that we were to do two jobs. Of course, we agreed to this. Double the payment sounded like an amazing idea, although… We would find out that things were not that simple.
He requested that we gather dirt while working to take down his competition. And as I recall correctly, he did not seem to care whether said dirt were true, but only that we give him something to work with. We then went to our second job, enforcing the rules of the casino and the owner. Over our time working, however, we decided that the owner was someone we did not want to screw over. He seemed to genuinely care about his employees, his business, his livelihood. Like a more notable version of the Curator. A close family. And yet, because we decided to play both sides, we ended up hurting him. During our time in the city, we were followed by an interesting pair distantly related to him, although we never found their intentions. And in the end, we fed false information back to our hirer, still getting payment from both. With some, it did not sit right. For me? Well. I took it. A deal is a deal, and a businessman would understand. There were questions left unanswered, as we delved into matters not our own. But for once, I was satisfied with the knowledge I received, against the Ashcoat ideals.
Moving Moorings
DM: Jacob S.
Players: Thomas S. (Nikola), Austin G. (Orville), M.E. H. (Galileo Ashcoat), Declen P. (Oz), Brandon Q. (Ziggy), CJ J. (Naoise)
I suppose that eventually, someone complained enough to make this job necessary, forcing us to move the Myconids from their home in the Guild basement to a mountain a good distance away into a mountain’s cave. With the creatures acutely allergic to the sun, we travelled at night, maintaining a cover of darkness until nearly early morning, where we had to use a variety of methods to prevent harm to our clients.
After an uneventful walk, we found a cave, with quite the elaborate ruins, an intricate door blocking off the inner workings of the cave. One of the guildmates on this quest used an impressive amount of strength given his small body to break down the door. I suppose the ghouls in the cave did not like that, and they sprang forward to attack. In a strange circumstance, the shadows that are ever-present about me summoned a purple flame of great destruction, immolating their undead corpses to ash. Exploring further, we quite foolishly walked into a grand room, the doors behind us shutting, preventing any retreat. These hideous creatures, Bodaks attacking as my guildmates panicked. These monsters almost killed us all, with an aura of decay and pain. At one point, I fell unconscious, perhaps nearly dying completely, yet somehow, my guildmates were able to pull through, healing the downed party members after this battle. Stuck in the shoulder of one of the Bodaks was this cruel, malicious dagger, perhaps a source of great evil in the world. As you would expect, we took it back, trying to sell it without much success.
The Sending
DM: Jacob S.
Players: Ethan M. (Noizu), Nessa T. (Dill Picks), M.E. H. (Galileo Ashcoat), Kennon C. (Zed), CJ J. (Naoise), Brandon Q. (Ziggy)
Apparently, I seem to get on an above average amount of quests relating to festivals or ceremonies. This time, we visited a small town near the ocean that was preparing for a ceremony called “The Sending”. However, this ceremony was delayed due to the attacks of some strange monster, only appearing at night. The Clerics in our party feared it may be divine retribution of some sort, although we quickly dismissed that notion. The beast at night was a type of basilisk, proving incredibly dangerous as it turned its victims to stone with a bite. Unfortunately, we would forget this information until in the midst of battle, of course at night.
One of the Guildmates found a small child who survived the attack, bringing him back to his parent. Quite heartwarming in a way, I will admit. After that day of search, rescue, and reconnaissance, we slept in a conjured tower, awaiting another attack.
And the one on watch at the mid of the night awoke us to the sight of this serpent, rampaging yet again as it claimed more lives. Quickly, we sprung into action. Yet this foe proved challenging, turning Dill into stone. You’d like Dill, Zemai. And I believe Zed almost drowned…
I… almost died again. Yes, that is true. No matter though, someone soon slayed the snake, and another Cleric brought Dill back from petrification.
The Burning Sands
DM: Jacob S.
Players: Ethan J. (Naeron), Will B. (Flake), Nathan G. (Teepimeek), M.E. H. (Galileo Ashcoat), Josh D. (Beryl), Thomas S. (Nikola)
Our prowess of our guild soon stretched to Ashkiri, and our services were once again requested, this time to find a missing caravan deep in the desert. This quest brough back up unpleasant memories of what the Curator would say to me before she shipped me off to the Alchemist’s Guild. “The Desert is Deadly, anyone lost has perished.” That matter-of-fact tone rang true on this quest, as we would later discover in Qad Takun.
After some rather frivolous shopping, we made our way into the dunes, getting lost on the second day in a great sandstorm, something I did not miss from Arkheion. With us stumbling randomly in the dark dust, we soon encountered an ominous orb, vaguely conjuring a feeling of recognition in my mind as an evil creature rose to protect it. Perhaps most frighteningly, it could stop magic, the ever-present shadows about me put into a stasis as the monster stared deep into my very soul. Yet, luckily for us, there were archers who would pierce its hide with arrows until it finally fell. The horror did not end there, however, Nikola, another guildmate, had his arm wither away upon contact of this orb. We managed to destroy this insidious device with another strange weapon, yet that thought lingered in our minds… What was that orb doing here?
Blasphemous Rumours
DM: Thomas S.
Players: Lauren S. (Gani), Casimir B. (Dr. Faust), Nic R. (Gleich), Sarah M. (Ender), M.E. H. (Galileo Ashcoat).
With the fall winds soon approaching, I found myself on another quest, travelling to Deerreach along with guildmates I was not too familiar with. Our missions always had a way to fix that, however, as even the quickest travel times gave us the opportunity to learn about each other.
Deerreach was a rather interesting city, and I am shocked I never visited it in my travels as a part of the Alchemist’s Guild. The most notable aspect was the mage’s college, yet it was not like any ordinary school I have seen. Corruption lay in every corner, and we were to be complicit to not cause a panic. What was the problem? Students coming back with strange alterations to themselves or disappearing outright. We were to be silent about this aspect, and despite my innermost objections, we were.
Instead, we thought ourselves as detectives, seeking out the source of the eldritch influence on this city. Some split to ask professors, others went to one of the temples nearby, while I and another guildmate went to the medical center to meet a victim. Upon meeting her, I realized I was out of my league. Yet, the knowledge proved tantalizing, as the Curator trained me in her limited time with me. “Knowledge above all else.”
A creature of absolute insanity approached me, gifting me temporary knowledge of the entire city’s layout. It was projected by the victim, and apparently, she learned to do this from a tutor. What sort of tutor dealt with aberrations such as these? I had to find out, not only for the job, but for my own sake, to learn about these shadows…
Our party reconvened, sharing crucial information, and with that, I knew where to go. We split once more, finding the source of these tutoring sessions after a rather… odd encounter with the clergy. I will not go into detail… The tutors were a pair of Chuuls, working for a long slumbering goddess I prepared to meet. Luckily, my guildmate stopped me, despite my annoyance at the time.
He and I convinced these Chuuls to stop working for a possible uncaring goddess, and to make their teachings official somehow. Somehow, this worked, giving a peaceful solution to what may have required bloodshed.
No. We did not inform the Headmaster of everything. He did not deserve to know.
Monster Mash
DM: Thomas S.
Players: Jacob S. (6B), Nessa T. (Dill), Nathan G. (Teepimeek), Declen P. (Oz), M.E. H. (Galileo Ashcoat), Derek M. (Ice Sculpture)
Apparently, nothing normal can occur in the town of Deerreach, now monsters roamed about that required slaying. So, we sharpened our knives, prepared our spells, and prayed to the gods above this would be a normal fieldtrip. It was not.
Once again, we meet with perhaps the shadiest person to exist (yes even beating out the shadow sorcerer me), vaguely hinting at the fact these prowling creatures could have been created by a former professor. As usual, people were either dead or missing. As usual, we were to not cause a panic. As usual, we could not warn anyone.
Of course! Things cannot be this simple! Just kill some beasts, find the ‘Mad’ professor who did this. We instead met a strange herpetologist who kept these things as pets. Of course, he created them! He wanted us to instead weaken these creatures and promised loot. Like the mercenaries we were, we agreed to help him. I agreed because having someone like that against you is a fool’s play.
Yet the first monster liquified a girl in front of our very eyes, dragging her into the well to consume later. No amount of rage we took out on this thing would ease our fury. The herpetologist soon captured the weakened beast with a spell, instructing us that there would be more later to beat.
The next beast just ate sheep, thankfully. The fight was not difficult, and the former professor added a second, then third creature to his collection. The horrors were not over though, this hellish nightmare continued as we discovered the madman’s ultimate project, a snake… made of snakes. There is a reason I am drinking while writing this letter. Let me just take a moment to thank the Shadows for allowing me to shift the forms of foes and friends alike, as I changed one into a giant bipedal feathered reptile, and another to a giant crocodile. With that, they quickly nearly dispatched this failed experiment. The professor captured this one as well while I fought swarms of more snakes. Thank the Shadows for fireball…
Do not show this letter to the Curator, lest she tries to recruit someone as insane as her.
I still trust the insane ex-professor more than the Headmaster.
Trouble in Wedding Town
DM: Jacob S.
Players: CJ J. (Naoise), M.E. H. (Galileo Ashcoat), Ethan J. (Kass), Hunter M. (Oliver), Alea H. (Hazel), Dylan H. (Dustorin)
At least this quest was to be happy, a marriage in Ashkiri. We were to be bodyguards as this was a politically controversial arrangement, and that is all that we were told. Yet the secretary seemed to know more than she let on, and the general atmosphere pointed to unease and unrest. In other news, water is wet. No one hires the guild for a simple quest.
The journey was long, as to be expected to a trip to Ashkiri. More specifically, Saar. I knew of this place, in fact, I believe it was not too far from Arkheion. Relatively speaking, of course. Once we arrived, we had time before the wedding begun. Some of our guildmates took initiative, scouting out reasons for our employment. I, however, relaxed, naïvely believing that this would be a normal day, with a normal wedding. When the moment of paranoia reached my mind, I took to the skies, learning of the city’s layout.
At the wedding, we all stood in different positions, the archer perched above, the druid and I in the seats, and others scattered about. Unfortunately, we would only know something is wrong until darkness moved across the area, a rather unfortunate look for me. The Cleric somehow already with the bride and groom… as we all rushed the scene.
The bride was poisoned, and we thought her dead. The darkness cleared and it was quite possibly the worst position all of us could be in: framed. No amount of convincing seemed to work, and the guards approached us with harmful intent. The Shadows reached out, gripping two of my guildmates with its talons and turning them into giant eagles. And as this happened, I instructed them to fly. We managed to escape with everyone, including the bride’s presumable corpse.
However, one cannot kill love this easily. She lived. We then explained the situation as she confessed her family was inflicted with a curse. One long, awkward walk later, we found our carriage driver.
So. If Saar falls into disarray or crumbles into dust soon, we may have had a hand in it.
The Ruined City
DM: Jacob S.
Players: Kat R. (Cynic), Ethan J. (Kass), CJ J. (Naoise), Thomas S. (Nikola), Declen P. (Oz), M.E. H. (Galileo Ashcoat)
Archelogy: a surprisingly dangerous field. At least this time we somewhat knew what we were getting into. Travelling to Kostroma, some of my guildmates were caught off guard by the cold, requiring new dress. Others took advantage of the long trip, Nikola, er, Doctor Ivanovich, crafting a surplus of magic items. I, instead, took the time to relax, study, and learn more about the Shadows that plague me so. I was not very successful… yet.
Soon, we were led to ruins by a pair of archaeologists. We told them to stay behind us as we encountered undead warforged. How is that possible, you might ask? We are not quite sure either, but they were unfortunately… sisters to a guildmate. We scoured for items that might belong to this guildmate now, coming back with several magic items.
Moving forward, we were attacked by dragon-like creatures, the archer making short work of both. The creatures seemed to gather around a cathedral, and yet again, we encountered one of those forsaken red orbs, with another, more frightening monster guarding it.
This battle would test our abilities to their fullest. I stood back and boosted my guildmates. To two of them, I blessed with speed, the Shadows enhancing their movements. Yet that was not even enough, our resources slowly flickering away like the flame on a short wick of the candle. As a last resort, once again, the Shadows came through. They siphoned energy from some parts of my magic reserves, gifting energy to others before it clicked what they wanted. And suddenly, the speed stopped, the guildmates falling into lethargy. I thought we were dead, my concentration breaking in a moment like this would prove fatal. Until somehow, two kings rise from the darkness. Lizard kings, but kings, nevertheless. And they finally defeated this monster.
Thank you, Shadows.
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[EotE] Highway Gambling

Entirely different game this time! For those who've read some of my earlier posts, this one isn't going to be first-person in-character simply because Darren is an unusual case where I have a very clear 'voice' for him.
Anyway! This is from an Edge of the Empire game wherein we're playing hunt saboteurs. Got a price on your head and want to find a way to slip away or get it off? We're your team. We are not, however, stone badasses who expect to square off head-to-head with hunter teams and win. We are:
You will note the lack of hardcore kneebreakers. At this point in time we are on Nar Shaddaa, attempting to get a bounty pulled from a card-shark. Our information is that someone lost a starship to him and got very, very sore about it, put a price on his head. There's more to it, but that we didn't find out until later...
So! Rule...four, I believe, is to get paid as many times as possible. Accordingly, our overall plan was to get the bounty removed by robbing him of all his money, then waiting for him to pull the bounty from escrow and eat the penalties for that, then rob him of THAT, then get paid for the overall job.
Step one, recon. We already had some information on the target's favored dive-slash-casino, and so I went in early to scope the place out so we could make more detailed plans. I saw an opportunity and went for it, and after a few demonstrations with the bar's proprietor I ended up getting Ileyta hired on as a sabacc dealer.
After all, we already knew this particular mark wasn't all too good at cards, and had a hard time knowing when to walk away from the table.
So the next day our pilot and mechanic make their way to the bar along with the astromech, who ends up having to wait in the atrium because of typical Star Wars anti-droid policies. This proves to be rather workable, as Rookie is able to find a data interface, and proceeds to wear the bar's computers as a hat for the rest of the night. Duke, meanwhile, is left behind to watch the ship as his player wasn't around for the game.
Thus began a 'four-player' game, with the mark and his friend supposedly not working together to fleece Alea and Sarahi, who are both supposedly not working together to fleece them in return. Things would have been fairly even except for the tiebreaker being the fact that Ileyta was the dealer, and the dealer was complicit in attempting to fuck these two out of every credit they could lay their hands on. This goes on for a number of hands, the stakes slowly drifting upwards, money drifting back and forth across the table but generally towards Alea and away from -- well, everyone else. Meanwhile, these two are being plied with heavier and heavier drinks, a very sensually-distracting dealer, and more distractions and subtle attempts to nudge them into higher stakes than you can shake a credstick at.
Finally, the two have to 'take a break,' by which I mean 'oh god we're out of money and need to pull the bounty to get more money.' It's tine for the coup-de-grace. One-on-one, winner takes all for everything left, including a very, very nice blaster the mark tosses into the pot out of sheer desperation.
Remember when I said this guy didn't know when to walk away?
More drinks. More 'distractions' from the dealer. Rookie hacked the sound system and started playing subsonics designed to negatively impact the mark's specific species. Alea stops playing it straight and starts to cheat. The dealer helps her cheat. We stacked that deck every unfair way a deck can possibly be stacked, in and out of the cards themselves.
After he'd lost everything, he ended up crying on the shoulder of someone else who'd been knocked out of the game earlier after 'losing everything.'
Sarahi. Who walked off with the poor bastard's com codes at the end of the night.
Of course that wasn't the end of things, but that's a story for another day...
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