Karamba - 10 Freispiele ohne Einzahlung +bonus 100% +100 ...

100 Casino Chips to IB!!!

I've saved so much since I started the game and i'm still missing 100 chips to get IB in this week's event!!! 😓😭 what can I do???
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This €100 casino chip I found in Rouen (France) does anyone know where it belongs?

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This €100 casino chip I found in Rouen (France) does anyone know where it belongs?

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So... I just finished Dead Money

I just finished the Dead Money DLC for New Vegas. Before entering the Sierra Madre I put all of my items in a safe near Father Elijah’s room. When I got back from the Sierra Madre, I was excited to get all of my weapons back. So you better believe the first thing I checked when I got back was the safe. I was surprised to see not just all of my items missing, but a “Complimentary Voucher” and 100 casino chips. Needless to say my disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.
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New chip glitch no disconnect

Г /
Or try obese giraffes vid
Step 5 changes as you can see in the video
Original "Patched method":
Founder: u/sadman689
Works for ps4 and xbox but these are the intructions for xbox
Steps: 1.Go to horse racing track single event
2.click place bet
3.pick horse
  1. Hover on place bet(right side of button not left)
  2. Press the up on d pad and A at the same time on right side of place bet. After press A directly after that and hold tilk the end od race.
  3. If your horse wins then you paid 100 casino chips for the max bet reward.
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[Guide] Completing Dallies

Should you skip dallies every other day when the heroic scroll is not free? Well, it depends on what your goals are.

Skip Every Other Day

For Value - if you are concerned about keeping pace to finish events and don’t want to spend resources outside of events. You can avoid spending gems in resource replacement costs by skipping dailies when the HS is not free.
At 125 gems per HS and 60 gems for 2 chips times 15 days that’s 2775 gems in a month. But you would’ve gotten 1800 additional gems when completing those dallies so actual difference is 2775-1800= 975 gems. 975 gems worth of resources at market value. This isn’t saving gems, it’s just choosing not to spend resources because, to you, they are worth more than they gain when used for dailies.
For Events - if your concern is conserving resources to only use inside of events. Compared to a fodder player, with just the gems he gets from doing dallies, can replace ALL of the casino chips he spent and buy 7.2 HS replacements. So you will actually only have 7.8 HS more per month than those players.
Assuming all players will only use 100 HS during the summoning event if they cannot complete the event. You will need 450 more scrolls in inventory before you can complete a summoning event that other players cannot. At 7.8 per month that takes 58 months. So five years from now your plans will come to fruition. Of course you lose out on five years worth of fodder. This is the worst reason to skip dallies, you will gain nothing every month for 5 years because you aren’t doing anything.
450 scrolls used during a summoning event plus spins during casino events will get you 32.5 heroes. Plus event rewards!

Complete Every Day

For Gems - if your goal is gaining gems then do the daily every day. You will slow your ability to complete some events because you aren’t replacing those resources, of course. But you will earn plenty of gems. HS and casino chips are easily gotten without using gems from events, tavern quests, and for gold in Aspen. You can sell those free HS and chips back for gems. If you’re f2p and always tight on gems you can delay progress in parts of the game (like fodder) to accumulate the gems you need in other areas (like the blacksmith event).
You will have 1800 more gems every month plus everything the fodder player gets that is listed below for 0 gems!
For Fodder - if you need fodder, then doing dailies is a cost effective way to get it. Well, what is that cost? In a nutshell 1000 gems for a 5*.
This plan is the opposite of skipping so this costs 975 gems per month to replace your resources. At this cost you will complete all events at the same pace as the skippers.
HS get 4.08 5* heroes per 100 pulls. 0.35 heroes per 100 casino spins. 0.34 heroes from altar store for altaring all of the three stars you don’t need for fodder. And vip players get 1 5* for every 100 summons as well. That’s 5.77 heroes per 100. Casino chips i will value at 375,000 gold. This is the maximum possible but we are using full market price as replacement cost so I’m using full wheel value. If someone wants to give me a weighted average of the three tiers plus a respin for lowest tier I’ll plug that in right here. So 15 summons and 30 spins get you this per month:


Likely players will choose a hybrid when skipping or completing. If you skip then you’re not spending gems and are accumulating resources. And while you won’t be completing any events earlier than other players anytime soon you are saving gems and are saving resources for events.
Doing dailies gets you 1800 gems and 1 five star a month!!! In 30 months you will have to pay the piper, though. You’ll get 26 heroes during this span but your opponent will catch up and get 32.5 heroes from the extra 5* chance during HS events plus spins during casino events. Plus all the event rewards. Your only compensation will be the 54,000 gems you have.
The fodder approach let’s you stave off your opponent for 58 months. You’ll have earned 50 fodders to his 32.5 at the same net cost to each player. As well as 200M in additional gold. All while completing every event he does for 58 months. Of course when he finishes the HS event he gets those rewards as well...but that’s in five years.
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In Rain Man (1988) during the scene at the casino, the dealer shorts the chip payout by $100, showing that it was a dirty casino. Raymond later "incorrectly" guess the number on the spinning wheel, showing that the casino is manipulating games because Raymond is never wrong about the correct number.

In Rain Man (1988) during the scene at the casino, the dealer shorts the chip payout by $100, showing that it was a dirty casino. Raymond later submitted by Bernie275 to MovieDetails [link] [comments]

Dailies, simplistic view for earlygame

Hi! TL;DR at the very end
So I am a bit nervous about being bashed to pieces, but I really wanted to try to make a quick mock-up on what impact of doing dailies every day vs only on odd days. It is a very simplified model and if someone wants to improve it/give tips feel free. I want constructive criticism. There are assumptions, if you disagree that's fine. When and why you do your dailies are up to you and I think at different stages this model falls apart. Assumption are based on earlier parts of the game when resource income is sparse. Anyway hope you enjoy.
I've thought a bit about doing the dailies on a non-free heroic scroll day or skipping those days. So I thought I would do a simple overview of the benefits when comparing the two. In this post I will assume some things and focus on the gem cost/gain from the three different aspects. Resources used in calculations are Prophet Orbs, Heroic Scrolls, Casino Chips due to their exact gem value.
First assumptions (eveything in gems, market place price):
So in both cases we buy Scrolls 100 (every odd day) times:
Days * Scroll = 100 * 150 gems = 15000 gems
In both cases we assume that the Casino Chips are the ones from the dailies:
Days * 2 * A Chip = 100 * 2 * 1 Chip = 200 Chips.
In the case we use the two daily chips we will not save the 200 Chips, instead we gain 0 Chips. Let's look at the current state of gems and saved resources:
Daily every time: X =Days * Daily - Days * Scroll = Days *(Daily - Scroll) = 100days *(120 gems -150 gems ) = -3000 gems
Daily only when free: Y= -Days*Scroll = -100 days *150 gems = -15000 gems
Difference X-Y = -3000 gems - (-15000 gems ) = 12000 gems
So It looks like it is way more valuable to use the daily scrolls. But remember, the person who doesn't do the dailies when it isn't free has saved: 100 Scrolls and 200 Casino chips. Now why Is this important? Firstly the scrolls. Unless you are a bit spender or really far into the aspen, this might not apply to you. But for the rest of us plebs this means that we can complete the 100 Scroll reward in the Heroic Summoning event. What is the reward for this:
Gem value of these two:
20* Scroll + 6* Prophet orb = 20150 gems + 6500 gems = 3000 gems +3000 gems = 6000 gems
But we also saved 200 Casino Chips. Why is this important you may ask? Well for most Foolish, we can't get the top tier rewards or might not want to go for a hero we don't need. We usually go for 100 or 300 scrolls. Since we only saved 200 Casino Chips let's assume we do 100 rolls in two different events ( Originally did 200 reward but just not realized doing 2x 100 rewards is better.). The reward for this is:
5Prophet Orbs * 2 Events = 5 500 gems 2 = 10500 gems = 5000 gems
So for the person saving the Scrolls and Casino Chips, the gem gain during the events was:
6000 gems + 5000 gems = 11000 gems
We now add this to Y:
(2) Y + 11000 gems = -15000 gems +11000 gems = -4000 gems
The difference between X and Y now becomes:
X-Y = -3000 gems - 4000 gems = 1000 gems
In our first assumption we assumed that the period was over 100 days of non-free Heroic Scroll. So we have to divide the difference between X and Y with 100 days.
(X -Y) gems / 100 days = 1000 gems / 100 days = 10 gem/day
We can see that always doing the dailies nets us a profit of 10 gem per day.
In this post I have only looked at the face value of gems for each resource that is worth mentioning. Things that I have not taken into consideration are: Spirit for completing dailies, this is level dependant and the conversion to gems is busted, but this would net most people 50k Spirit per day (around 600k gold if you buy at the market). The amount of 5s you get, since the rate of 5 are doubled during during Heroic Summon you should statistically get twice as many 5s (but with 100 scrolls don't count on more then one 5 difference). I have also ignored the fact that you actually only need to buy 90 scrolls in the case second case (Y) since you get 5 Scrolls at 25 and another 5 Scrolls at 50.
Well so you say I can still complete the Heroic Summoning event even if I use my Scrolls to complete the dailies. Let's look at the cost:
100Scrolls = 100150 = 15000 gems
As before, the gain from Heroic summon event for 100 scrolls are:
Gem value of these two:
gain G = 20* Scroll + 6* Prophet orb = 20150 gems + 6500 gems = 3000 gems +3000 gems = 6000 gems
From before we had X being the income of doing dalies every day. We have to add the gain and subtract the cost:
X + G - 100*Scroll = -3000 Gems + 6000 Gems - 15000 Gems = -12000 gems = X_1
We know from (2) that Y = - 4000 gems, calculating the difference X-Y gives:
X_1 gems - Y gems= -12000 gems - (-4000 gems) = - 8000 gems
The assumption is based on 100 days. To account for this, we must divide by 100 days:
(X_1 - Y) gems / 100 days = - 8000 gems / 100 days = -80 gems / day
From this we see that we are losing 80 gems per day if we want to complete every daily and also want to complete 100 heroic summons. Now you're thinking well we used 100 scroll outside the event so we gained more 5* then only using scrolls during events, as before I wouldn't bet on 1 or 2 more. Here we are still missing out on doing two casino events with 100 spin each. Which accounts for 12 Prophet orbs:
10 * 500 gems = 6000 gems
The cost of 200 gems is:
200 chips * 30 gems = 6000 gems
We can see that the cost and gain are equal and the X_1 value will therefor not change, this also includes that the difference between X_2 and Y, (X_2 = X1); are the same as X_1 and Y. Therefore the gem loss is still 80 gems per day. The actual difference becomes smaller because of the excludes prices such as Green Artifact and Super Casino Chips.
Some of you will complain about me ignoring 5* summons, Spirit, Secondary rewards such as Super Casino Chips and Green Artifacts. For me they are hard to determine a gem value from, if you are very late into the game and the resources like Spirit are very valuable to you, while gem and gold are minor inconveniences you should probably still do the daily. Yes I have excluded the face that you can buy casinochips for gold, if you can buy 200 Casino Chips for gold, we would get:
X_2 gems = (X_1 - Y) gems + 6000 gems = -8000 gems + 6000 gems = -2000 gems
X_2 gems / 100 days = -2000 gems / 100 days = -20 gems/day
Which would result in a loss of 20 gems per day if you are always completing your dailies compared to only doing them when they are free.
Note: I might have made a misstake or ten, please correct me If you find anything too Baade.
Note2: Progress towards PO event is ignored.
Note3:edit1 As user usefafaqweqwe pointed out, I did not include the outcome in second and third statements. This means the outcome of 100 Heroic Scrolls, and 100 Heroic Scrolls + 200 Casino Chips respectively.
Note4:edit2 If you're VIP2+ using the Casino Chips during the event is more profitable because instead of doing 100 spins each Event you only do 10for8 = 80 spins, saving you 40 Casino Chips.
TL;DR: For people completing small amounts of Events, 100 Heroic Scrolls and 100 Casino Chips, it can be benefitial to avoid spending Heroic Scroll and Chips on days when the Heroic Scroll isn't free. The assumption is thus based on 100 days. Only face direct gem values are looked upon - spirit, items, SCC etc. are ignored. HS,PO,CC are calculated. Below comparing doing dailies every day compared to saving Scrolls on non-free days.
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Jackpot Capital Casino $25 Free Chip and 100 Free Spins Bonus

Jackpot Capital Casino $25 Free Chip and 100 Free Spins Bonus

Jackpot Capital Casino Free Bonuses & Review
Open your account at Jackpot Capital Casino and take advantage of $25 FREE no deposit needed! In addition to this free chip bonus (code: SEXY25), you will get a chance for a $1,000 welcome bonus and 100 free spins on Real Time Gaming slot machines. Players from USA, EU, Canada, New Zealand and Australia - welcome!
>> Collect Exclusive Free Chips <<

About Jackpot Capital Casino [REVIEW]

Jackpot Capital is a US-friendly online casino that takes pride in having a good reputation in the industry. It is powered by Realtime Gaming and players can rely on a decent variety of casino games, sharp graphics and top-notch designs.
The casino also offers multiple bonuses and promotions, which is yet another reason why more and more players join in and have a great time playing the games. They are vailable in Fun Mode and upon setting up your account, you will be instantly credited fun balance.
Players will find the casino has all characteristics of a high-quality online casino and the number of players who join, speaks volumes to the fantastic features customers are able to take advantage of.
The solid credentials the casino has are further boosted by the courteous customer support, the rapid payouts and last but not least, the incredible return to player (RTP) percentage.
It is the favorite online gambling spot of a large number of US-based players who enjoy the benefits of one of the best online casinos in the US gambling market. The casino is dedicated to providing not only US players, but all customers with an exceptional selection of games, promotions and banking solutions.


The casino runs on the RealTime Gaming (RTG) software platform. The latter is known as a reputable provider of online gaming solutions on a global scale and it is among the few developers available on the US market.
All games, developed by RealTime Gaming ensure a safe gambling environment, fantastic graphics and a significant variety of themes. Players' financial and personal information is absolutely safe as the best encryption techniques are adopted.
Most Realtime Gaming casinos used to be unavailable in instant play mode, which was seen by players as a serious disadvantage. Now, it seems this hurdle has been eliminated as the virtual casino is now available in instant play mode as well. If you download the software, you will be provided with the best game quality and interruptions caused by a slow Internet connection will also be kept to the minimum.
The casino is constantly expanding its portfolio and it currently offers approximately 200 games in all game categories. No matter which RTG-powered game you choose, you will enjoy good speed and user-friendly design.
As usual, games featuring a progressive jackpot are among the most widely preferred ones.
Don't hesitate to indulge in an exciting and profitable game of roulette, craps, blackjack, baccarat. The slots section is worthy of checking out as well.
The cutting edge technology, used by Realtime Gaming will surely deliver realistic gambling experience.
>> Collect Exclusive Free Chips <<

Play Jackpot Capital Casino Games

Realtime Gaming is popular for having developed a plethora of top-notch casino games. The portfolio here confirms that statement as you will be able to find an incredible variety of table games that can be played in single and multi-hand variations, poker, slots, video poker, scratch cards.
You will find the available games divided into several categories. If you want to take a look at all the games, you can just click on the “All” tab. The latest additions to the online casino's portfolio are found in the “New” section. Currently, no live dealer games are available.


The casino features a number of games that make it possible for you to win millions by making a modest wager. The more players that take part in a certain game, the bigger the jackpot becomes, as a small amount of the bet is set aside for the progressive jackpot pool.
Megasaur, Spirit of the Inca, Let It Ride, Caribbean Stud Poker, Caribbean Hold'em Poker are some the available titles. The Spirit of the Inca has the so-called boiling point jackpot feature, which adds further excitement to your gameplay.


The Slots section offers a decent number of titles and you have the chance to choose between the classic 3-reel slots and the latest 5- or 6-reel slots packed with bonus symbols and appealing awards. If you find a slot that features an exciting theme and matches your bankroll criteria, you can add it to your favorite games and therefore find it in the “Favourites” section later.
Don't miss all-time favorites such as Achilles, Naughty or Nice, Bubble Bubble, Texas Tycoon, Triple Twister, Paydirt, Regal Riches, Aztec Treasure, Golden Lotus, Hen House, Spirit of the Inca, Pirate Isle, Orc vs. Elf, the ancient Rome-themed, Caesars Empire, etc.
Some of the slots have the so-called Win-Win feature that basically eliminates the chance of leaving the game empty-handed.


You will find a select few games in the Specialty section, such as Craps, Treasure Tree, American and European Roulette.


The Table Games section is a bit more abundant than the Specialty one although players are still provided with a limited choice of games as compared to what some other casinos offer. If you are looking for several game variations of each table game, you might want to check out some other online casinos.
However, if safety matters to you and you consider the casino's available games enough to possibly win a bit and enjoy yourself, you are more than welcome to place your real-money wager and indulge in Pontoon, Baccarat, Pai Gow, Match Up, Perfect Pairs, Classic Blackjack, European Blackjack, Super 21, Face Up, Three Card Rummy and a popular option believed to have originated on the island of Aruba, Caribbean Stud Poker.

Video Poker

While some other casinos focus on delivering an extensive range of slots or table games, it appears that this operator has mainly concentrated on video poker, as you will find a large selection of variations in Instant Play mode.
Apart from the traditional Jacks or Better, Aces & Eights, Joker Poker, Deuces Wild, you will also find an extremely popular option, Double Double Bonus Poker, along with Double Double Jackpot Poker, Loose Deuces, All American Poker. All video poker variations can be played in a range of denominations.
>> Collect Exclusive Free Chips <<

Supported Devices

If you want to have access to your favorite games from any location, you don't have to download and install an app; you only need load the website via your mobile browser. The games are compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices. Although you will be able to see the game variety in its entirety, you might not be able to load all the games you see.
Players can rely on superb graphics, fast deposits and withdrawals and efficient customer support as well. In addition, mobile users are entitled to receive certain bonuses and collect Comp Points, explained in the next section.

Jackpot Capital Casino Bonuses and Promotions

You'll be hard-pressed to find a more generous online casino than this one. The wagering requirements are not impossible to meet and the bonuses themselves are really appealing. In order to keep players entertained, the casino frequently changes the active promotions. Make sure you log into your account on a regular basis, to find out the casino's current promotions.
The casino regularly offers a Welcome Bonus, and typically more than one.
You can also take advantage of the latest “My Coupons” functionality that gives you the chance to prolong your gambling session. You have to regularly check what kind of coupons you are eligible for and redeem them within the set deadline.
Loyal players are awarded even more generous bonuses. Every time you place a wager, you accumulate comp points, no matter if you win or lose.
If you play your favorite games via a mobile device, you can qualify for a mobile bonus. Again, be sure to check with the casino to determine any specific qualifiers or wagering requirements.
In order to be allowed to cash out a bonus, you will most likely have to meet a rollover requirement. Some games do not count towards fulfilling the wagering requirement, though.
>> Collect Exclusive Free Chips <<

Jackpot Capital Casino Payment Methods

This virtual casino supports the following payment processors as deposit methods: American Express/ MasterCard, VISA credit/ debit cards, Neteller, Skrill, ecoPayz, Paysafecard. Although their availability varies from country to country, you will definitely have at least one convenient payment method at your disposal.
It is important to know that the casino accepts USD only. Deposits in any other currency will be converted into USD according to the current exchange rate.
If you opt for deposits via credit/ debit cards, you are required to enter your details and submit documentation proving that the debit/ credit card is actually yours.
Neteller, Skrill, ecoPayz are three of the most convenient and the most widely used e-wallets. Deposits are instantly transferred to your casino account. However, before you make a deposit, you should fund your e-wallet via VISA, MasterCard, AmEx or JCB.
Paysafecard is a prepaid card, but it is not available to US residents.
As far as withdrawals are concerned, the casino offers Overnight Express function (available for Canadian customers). There is a minimum and maximum transaction per week requirement, and transactions are subject to a fee.
For your convenience, you can also take advantage of the Debit Card Reloaded function. Minimum and maximums apply here as well, as do fees.
If you choose EcoPayz, Skrill or Neteller, you will not be required to pay a fee for the transaction.
CardPay enables you to receive your winnings directly to a credit/ debit card you have previously registered.
If you wish so, you can receive your winnings directly to your credit/ debit card by initiating an International Bank Transfer. However, it may take up to 15 business days to have your funds deposited to your casino account.

Jackpot Capital Casino Customer Support

Players can count on exceptional customer service round the clock. The live chat option is considered the most convenient method of communication by players, who are helped by a customer care agent in real-time and their issue is promptly solved.
You can also use the toll-free line: 1 800 571 7009 or the regular number 1 678 349 0095.
If you have a lengthy question, you can send an email to [email protected] or get in touch with the support team via Skype.
No matter which of the aforementioned options you choose, rest assured you will get an answer within 48 hours.
The customer care team is available in English, but if you speak any other language, they will do their best to accommodate your request in the language you prefer.
>> Collect Exclusive Free Chips <<

Jackpot Capital Casino Licensing

The online casino is operated by Greavestrend Ltd and the company itself holds a license issued by the Government of Cyprus.
It seems the casino has found a successful formula for attracting more and more players. First of all, it is licensed by a reputable jurisdiction, plus, it is powered by a respected software provider. Last but not least, the gambling environment it ensures is absolutely safe. On the downside, the majority of players say the casino should accept more currencies.
Minors, as well as players who reside in jurisdictions where online gambling is prohibited by law, are not allowed to create an account.
Jackpot Capital reserves the right to close accounts created from the Washington state, Kentucky, New Jersey, New York, Missouri, Louisiana, Maryland.
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$100 Free Chip + 25 Spins on Witchy Wins at Uptown Pokies Casino

$100 Free Chip + 25 Spins on Witchy Wins at Uptown Pokies Casino submitted by Interrupted_Cover to GrandCasino [link] [comments]

Malco's Service. GTA 5 PC Boosting, Pre-Modded Accounts, Money & Level Services, & Casino Chips. 100% Safe and tested services. Modding for over 5 years. Most chill & relevant Modder. No Cap

💸 Malco's Service 💸

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My Contact Info

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GTA 5 UPDATE: Released August 11, 2020, version 1.51
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Payment Method
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My Experience Modding:

All Call of Duty's, PS3, PS4.
GTA 5 PC modding for over 3 years.
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Beach Gambling

I find myself all dressed up in a tux on a warm night walking in sand in California towards the water where a "Black Jack Tournament" with Tiki lights is taking place ... everyone is dressed up ... Hundreds of people and all the tables are full... as I walk along trying to find table and notice a woman in red long dress waving at me, oh she is married.. but a long time friend as I'm happy to see her... and sit at 1st base next to her, as her husband was on her other side..
It appears the buy in was $500 max ... which I only had $400 cash and about 12 black ($100) casino chips from Nevada .. and they would not honor such chips...
As I did want some cash to get home.. ($150) I bought $250 worth of chips... as I've had experience in such tournaments.. it did not take me long to be considered at least a baby shark ... as 1st base player can set the tone of the table, and we were having fun... as I started playing my style... ?? ... as I like to bet for outsiders, as I try to maintain my stack of coins... when I just having fun (time limit)
.. so I set aside bets for some guy that was standing with that WAT look on his face, as he seemed a little down ... as I told this 'girl in red' to give such chips to him, when my chips run out...
My .02¢
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[Business] - Blue Chip Casino deals hundreds of layoffs, Merrillville-based White Lodging adds 100 cuts

[Business] - Blue Chip Casino deals hundreds of layoffs, Merrillville-based White Lodging adds 100 cuts submitted by AutoNewsAdmin to CHICAGOTRIBauto [link] [comments]

[Business] - Blue Chip Casino deals hundreds of layoffs, Merrillville-based White Lodging adds 100 cuts | Chicago Tribune

[Business] - Blue Chip Casino deals hundreds of layoffs, Merrillville-based White Lodging adds 100 cuts | Chicago Tribune submitted by AutoNewspaperAdmin to AutoNewspaper [link] [comments]


In order to compensate for the frequency of certain events, rewards this upcoming event will be as follows:
Tavern 24 4* quests-50 casino chips 12 5* quests-100 casino chips 4 6* quests-150 casino chips 2 7* quests-250 casino chips
Shelter 1 faction 5* hero-10 casino chips 4 faction 4* heroes- 5 casino chips
Fusion 5* fusion-20 casino chips 6* fusion-40 casino chips.
We have listened to our players and responded to your needs.
submitted by ShaleSurf to IdleHeroes [link] [comments]

Is Asmodel worth 5000 gems?

I did the math and by the end of the event I'll be 100 casino chips off. Should I spend the 5000 gems I have to get Asmodel? I am a free to play player and the 5000 gems took me alittle over a month to get.
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Can somebody explain me how events work?

How do events work? I'm only 2 weeks old in ths game and so far this week is Casino week so I can only gathered 100+ casino chips.
When will arena event? (am I right?) happen? I only have 130+ battle tickets. how much do I need to complete an arena event?
And what are the other resources I must save? so that I can get strong with this game.
respect pls. and thanks from the PHILIPPINES!
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Played with a real couple of flogs today

So doing the "need to get a handicap" thing and signed up to play a round in a comp today.
Guy 1, brand new Taylor Mades woods & irons, bragging about his $400AUD putter, looked at my balls and said "they make good range balls". He teed off, went about 180m and did a fist pump. the clothing he was wearing bright pink, red, green & blue pants, bright pink shirt. Complained about everything wrong with his gear.
Guy 2, brand new clubs, 5 foot 2, had a walk on him like he was king dick of all golf. Used a $100 casino chip as his marker. First tee, had a little giggle when I took my driver out and said "its as old as me".
He wasn't laughing when I walked past his ball on 12 of the 18 holes to hit my 2nd shot. I thought I played shit house but beat both of them.
At the end of the round shook hands, I headed to the bar and both cracked it and went home.
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Horse casino glitch (make sure you hold “A” the whole race). If you win, it will glitch the game to make it think you placed the max bet even thought it only takes 100 chips. Do this to make millions over a few hours!

Horse casino glitch (make sure you hold “A” the whole race). If you win, it will glitch the game to make it think you placed the max bet even thought it only takes 100 chips. Do this to make millions over a few hours! submitted by z_bez to GTA [link] [comments]

[Jeremiah Oshan] Each Las Vegas Lights player is getting $100 in casino chips for each win where they score three goals. This seems a.) borderline illegal b.) has me wondering if USL doesn't have a standard clause where players get bonuses for each win? Know MLS players get that.

[Jeremiah Oshan] Each Las Vegas Lights player is getting $100 in casino chips for each win where they score three goals. This seems a.) borderline illegal b.) has me wondering if USL doesn't have a standard clause where players get bonuses for each win? Know MLS players get that. submitted by StaticUnion to MLS [link] [comments]

11 days in, advice on casino event please.

So I'm 11 days in, and have a team full of 4 stars (f2p.) Not having a 5-star is killing me haha. I'm really starting to lag behind the ppl with stronger teams. I've saved 100 casino chips so far. What should I do?
a) Use 20 rolls to get a prophet orb and good artifact, which will help a little.
b) Burn all 100 rolls to get a few more prophet orbs, and another good damage artifact.
c) Save them all for the next casino event when I can be guaranteed a 5-star from the reward.
And btw, what are the chances of getting a 5-star from the casino?
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[Jeremiah Oshan] Each Las Vegas Lights player is getting $100 in casino chips for each win where they score three goals. This seems a.) borderline illegal b.) has me wondering if USL doesn't have a standard clause where players get bonuses for each win? Know MLS players get that.

[Jeremiah Oshan] Each Las Vegas Lights player is getting $100 in casino chips for each win where they score three goals. This seems a.) borderline illegal b.) has me wondering if USL doesn't have a standard clause where players get bonuses for each win? Know MLS players get that. submitted by StaticUnion to USLPRO [link] [comments]

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