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MOVIE ANALYSIS: Casino Royale. December 12, 2006 By Kathleen Bolton. It doesn’t seem right to be doing a movie analysis without the intrepid Therese tossing her trenchant observations into the fray, but I’ve just seen the latest offering in the ultimate boxed franchise movie, James Bond, and I wanted to share my thoughts while they’re still fresh. Casino Royale could have been a royale In depth casino royale analysis 1. CASINO ROYALE OPENING SEQUENCE IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS By: Caxie Dagupen 2. TITLES In the titles we can see that the background and the subjects (e.g patterns) are very bold with the colour schemes and complex, which contrasts with Bond’s black and white figures and plain white text. Arnold, D. and Dodd, N. Casino Royale: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2006 - Sony Classical - London Camera Angles 2 Sound Camera Angles 1 Lighting This is an established shot. Its purpose it to give the audience a bit of background information on a setting or event. A close up shot is used on the gun and phone to show detail on a particular character. During this opening Casino Royale Opening Analysis 1. Media Studies Homework, Lauren Nash 12SA Casino Royale Opening Analysis The opening sequence of Casino Royale can tell us a lot about the narrative of the film. The opening set up is very mysterious which builds up tension for the audience. From the opening we also notice that the film will involve a theme of getting justice as James Bond’s first line is The opening title sequence of Casino Royale begins with the classic gun shot toward a gun barrel with the blood then cascading down the scre... Where is it set? How do you know? The opening sequence starts with an exterior establishing shot of an office block and text appears telling us the film is set in Prague. Soon we are inside the building with a full camera shot showing the desk, chairs and single source of light Casino Royale Opening Scene Analysis An establishing shot fades up to a low angle shot of a big mansion like building, perhaps full of offices. A car pulls up in front of the building; the camera changes to a medium close up of a man stepping out of the car, with a low angle shot looking up at him. He is wearing a suit and hat, suggesting he has a superior status. He slams the door and walks Casino Royale Opening Scene Analysis. This is the opening scene from James Bond film 'Casino Royale'. I have chosen to analyse this as it is a great example of the kind of film that I am trying to make the opening scene for. It also incorporates flashbacks to break up the action in a similar way to those which i have planned to use in my film. The scene is shot in black and white which In this textual analysis, the film Casino Royale will be analyzed, specifically the chase scene that takes place. The chase scene involves two secret agents chasing after a deadly bomb maker. This scene shows many well utilized strategies in cinematography. Many different obstacles come into play for the characters, and the director successfully creates a very intense and fast-paced scene. To

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