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In gambling lingo a Whale is someone who gambles a huge amount of money. A casino whale is quite simply a casino customer who gambles large amounts of money and is therefor counted as a casino whale, being a large fish in comparison to others Pallet definition and meaning. Oct 8, 2019 . Pallet refers to a tool used by the dealers in a game of baccarat. The tool is almost always made of wood, and it consists of a handle and a thin surface that is long enough for baccarat dealers to reach the cards across the table. In other casino games, tables are generally a lot smaller, so if a dealer is centered at the table on the opposing side Casino Whale: What Does it Mean to Be a Whale in Gambling? In casino terms, whale gambling is identical to high roller gambling. As with high rollers, there's no fixed definition of what's a gambling whale but only surrounding supposition and terminology. You become a gambling whale by consistently betting high, for a course of months/years. Whale According to legend, the whale was often mistaken for an island. Ships that anchored to its side were dragged down to destruction by a sudden plunge of the immense creature. In this way, in heraldry, the whale came to be used as a symbol of the Devil, and the whale’s open mouth the open gates of hell. Perhaps this is the reason why the Whale (gambling) synonyms, Whale (gambling) pronunciation, Whale (gambling) translation, English dictionary definition of Whale (gambling). n. Slang 1. One who spends freely and extravagantly, as for luxuries or entertainment. 2. One who gambles rashly or for high stakes. 3. An organization,... Animals in Heraldry: Symbolism and Meaning (Part Two) Continuing on the theme of animals in heraldry, here are some examples of representations where we use animal symbolism to identify significant characteristics of the arms bearer. The bat – animals in heraldry. This was an intimidating heraldic symbol used to inspire fear in enemies. In 30 มิ.ย. 2019 - สำรวจบอร์ด "whale logo" ของ BT Humor ซึ่งมีผู้ติดตาม 131 คนบน Pinterest ดูไอเดียเพิ่มเติมเกี่ยวกับ วาฬ, โลโก้, ปลากัด What does the expression "white whale" mean? Its comes Captain Ahab's massive obsession with hunting down and killing the great white whale Moby Dick. He obsessed to the point were he rather die than give up. As such it used for anything someone e...

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