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[JOB} Queerpunk Rainbow I : Set The Dark On Fire <2020-06-08 01:00 (UTC)>

{2020-06-08 01:00 (UTC)}
Player count: 3-5
Duration: 6-8 hours
Communication: Discord, and Roll20 (IC)
Edition: SR5 + Hub House-rules + Table Rules
In Game Location: The Metroplex
Game theme: Queerpunk
Threat Level: Dangerous
Prerequisites: Understand the rules relating to the mechanics of your character. If you are still learning how the rules work, please inform me when writing your application. To play on my table you are expected to be 18 years or older, and have read the core handbook. Must be willing to use voice chat.
IC Teaser:
Denji Hirota nodded awake, half dozed at the sound of his driver’s voice announcing they were finally out of traffic and across the bridge into Bellevue. The exhausted salaryman gazed out the window. The company had been very specific he wasn’t to use official company resources at any point during the operation. Sure, they had provided him with a sizable amount of nuyen in the form of certified cred, but he couldn’t use any of his normal accounts or communications that meant that for this trip he had to rely on an unlicensed cabi with a metahuman driver….
The long drive over from South Tacoma had been a touch uncomfortable at first… The last several years working in the business district had so inundated Denji’s life with automated services that he had grown unaccustomed to dealing with flesh & blood workers. Even still, the young ork driving Denji’s gypsie cab was friendly enough, and not unattractive either..
Come to think of it, the driver reminded Denji quite a bit of his first husband. Particularly now as he bobbed his head to the music playing in his cyberears, as the midnight day-glo coming off the glimmering towers of Bellevue filtered down through the rain casting prismatic rays on the ork’s muscled flesh. Against his better judgement, the 30 something salaryman caught the ork’s gaze in the rear-view mirror, striking up a conversation and flirting with him the rest of the way into Bellevue.
The remaining thirty minutes of the drive light up as the bored cabby driver curses at the traffic and shares stories of the district's vibrant nightlife. His stories of fist-fights with go-gangers and long nights at powerline afterparties stirring up the echoes of an ill-spent youth somehow now over a decade old in Denji’s past. Only now did it occur to Denji the last time he had conversed regularly with a member of the working class who wasn’t his subordinate was when he was when he was still single working nights cleaning laundry at a hotel to pay for his sisters school while still working full time leading a work-crew at his parent company of ETA.
So much did the conversation lighten the otherwise anxious salaryman’s mood that he felt a pang of sudden disappointment when the cab arrived outside the casino-side motel he had made arrangements to meet his fixer the following morning. There, standing on the rain-slicked curb, dreading the possibility of a night spent alone, Denji made a decision, working his wedding ring into his palm, Denji turned back to the car just before it had a chance to pull away, tapping one the window and asking his driver if he’d like to get a drink…
The following job post appears on the runnerhub bulletin board in the middle of the week. Drawing only moderate attention from the fixer community, that is until it a reliable member of the networking side of the shadow community vets the Johnson as a reputable contact working for a local A, and more importantly suggests that the contract is likely to pay AAA level money for a non-corporate target.
[Job]: Investigation/White-Mail
Tags: [Verified Johnson] [Certified Cred Payment]
Konbanwa. I am hesitant to provide further details on this medium as I cannot assure that the targets of this operation may monitor the job posts on this datahaven. It is suffice to say I have reason to suspect that blackmail is being used to turn a specific individual against my organization, and I require a team of deniable assets to reverse this situation.
  • Mr. Johnson
Response Information:
IC Response:
  • An IC Reply And/Or a short IC “slice of life” narration
  • It's OK if the above is minimalist
  • An included hyperlink to your sheet/google drive
OOC Response:
  • Characters Role
  • Familiarity with said role ranked 1/10
  • If you have a hard cap, and if so what it is.
  • Your Discord handle if I don't have it already
  • Number Of Runs
  • Last Run Date
  • A list of factions attitudes
  • Rambling cheeky OOC information dumps
  • Dice roller bots in this thread
Please note that “Dangerous” is my way of obsfucating run threat level. This is done as a measure to improve game immersion.
Thank you for reading through this and I appreciate your interest in my run. I know my requested criteria for application can come across as persnickety.
What’s with the Title?
Queerpunk Cyber-Rainbow is my attempt at an anthology series of runs including LGBTQ themes and trope that I’ll be running up to and during Pride week this year. The details are as follows;
  • On the topic the topic of the use of the word “Queer” I am using the reapproperiated slur and academic here term to refer to individuals who identify as LGBTQ+, their culture, and art.
  • These runs are designed not to make a specific statement or message about the queer identity but instead are designed as a general celebration of roleplaying games as a 21st century queer storytelling tradition
  • While the many of my runs on the hub already contain queer themes, characters or plot points. The point of these runs in particular is to draw theses elements to the forefront, and to attempt to adapt the tropes and tone of various pieces of queer literature/film/media, ect into the format of speculative fiction role-playing.
  • The secondary goal of this run is to pay homage in style or tropes to some of my favorite LGBTQ+ media, as such the secondary title of each run points piece of media that I personally recommend.
  • To the above ends, while I am often a fan of using the lenses of speculative fiction like urban fantasy and cyberpunk as a way of discussing real life issues using coding/metaphores. The majority of these stories are intentionally designed to avoid these tropes and instead focus on including explicit queer characters and situations in the cyberpunk setting of shadowrun.
  • While these runs are designed with queer audience in mind, straight/cis members of the hub are invited to apply.
If you have any questions about this run or my post, please contact me via discord @Clara#8787
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a candid conversation with the decade's most flamboyant billionaire
on deal making, self-promotion, world affairs and how much is enough
Donald Trump sits alone. He hasn't slept in 48 hours.
At six A.M., perched high, in the bronze-coated jewel of his empire, Trump Tower; he is bent over a mammoth Brazilian-rosewood desk, scrutinizing spread sheets.
No insomnia, no growing worries.
"Pressure," lie surmises, sipping an iced Coke, "doesn't upset my sleep,'' a standard four hours nightly.
"I like throwing balls into the air— and I dream like a baby."
Three hours later, blond hair marshaled, he announces, with standard chutzpah, his seven-and-a-half billion dollar bid to gobble down the nation's premiere airline, American. On the strength of his $120-a-share bid, the stock vaults from $16 to $99.The 43-year-old billionaire, who owns huge blocks of American Airlines stock ,smiles broadly.
A week later, with the market lumbling190 points, he withdraws his offer, perhaps temporarily. Despite some reports that insinuated his American raid was only cardboard, a poly to rattle up his stock, Trump stares into space:
"Nope, I want it."
Yup, If it's the best, and it's for sale, Donald Trump's stomach begins to growl.
He captured troubled Saudi financier Adnan Khashoggi's onyx-and-gold-plated yacht for a mere $29,000,000—now it's worth $100,000,000. Then he bought the Eastern shuttle for $365,000,000 and transformed it overnight into the Trump Shuttle, complete with comfortable cabins and stewardesses rustling in virgin wool and pearls.
A year earlier, he had bought the Plaza Hotel for $400,000,000 and is now lovingly restoring her without a name change. Her make-over will be surprised by the Czech mistress of Trump's kingdom, Ivana, a former Olympic skier and fashion model.
At home, Ivana presides over a 100-room Trump Tower triplex, recently expanded from 50 rooms ("Better closet space, "she jokes). Trump proud of the salmon-marbled atrium of Trump Tower, where no expense was spared, says, "I bought the whole damn mountain! You've never seen that color before. Ivana suggested it because it makes people look better."
The couple also has a 47-room country house on ten acres in Greenwich, Connecticut, and the well-publicized 118-room Mar-a-Lago Marjorie Merriweather Post estate in Palm Beach, their commute time shortened by the 727 jet and the French-made military Puma helicopter.
The Trump Princess, or the Khashoggi" boat", as Trump now calls it, has gotten cramped, so a Dutch shipyard is confecting not a Princess but a full-fledged Queen costing more than $175,000,000.
Such ostentation, despite a catalog of charities and good deeds done for sick kids, has predictably yielded a rich crop of snipers. Spy magazine, the New York-based humor monthly, cheerfully carries a scabrous vendetta against the Trumps, comparing them to Dickension monsters. Time did s cover story on the decay of Atlantic City and chided Trump for helping create a crime-plagued urban blight divided between welfare cases and high rollers. On the upper West Side, Manhattanites attack him for his proclaimed desire to build an enormous complex, Trump City, complete with a 150-story skyscraper; Phil Donahue charges that Trump’s casinos pillage the gullible; an aide close to outgoing mayor Ed Koch calls Trump ”the most arrogant s.o.b who has ever stepped onto the earth.
Ah, well, To be young, blond and a billionaire.
It doesn’t seem to matter. The most daunting entrepreneur since the Astors, Vanderbilts and Whitneys, Donald John Trump has made his ”art of the deal” work—not just for making money but for crushing adversaries, too.
Case in point: Merv Griffin. Ten months after Griffin bought Trump’s Resorts International Inc for $365,000,000, for which Trump had paid $101,000,000 the year before, Griffin found himself holding a busted balloon. Not only had he inherited the hotel-casino’s $925,000,000 debt but he embarrassingly had to report first-half losses of $46,600,000. There’s now talk of a possible bankruptcy for Merv and a possible lawsuit against Trump.
Looking beyond his one-billion-dollar Taj Mahal opening in Atlantic City next month, Trump has plenty to consider. There are tumors of his building casinos in Nevada and his buying Tiffany’s, NBC, the New York Daily News or the Waldorf Hotel (“I’ve got to have the Waldorf,” he coos jokingly into the phone. ”I can’t sleep without it”).And the Presidency ?No, that takes an election, and it is clear that Trump is not that patient. Too much to do!
“There has always been a display of wealth and always will be, until the depression comes, which it always does. And let me tell you, a display is a good thing. It shows people that you can be successful.”
“We Americans are laughed at around the world for defending wealthy nations for nothing, nations that would be wiped out in about fifteen minutes if it weren’t for us. Our “allies” are making billions screwing us.”
“I’ve always thought the ultimate job for me would have been running MGM in the Thirties and Forties. There was incredible glamour and style that’s gone now. And that’s when you could control situations.”
The billion-dollar baby was born in the exclusive Jamaica Estates in Queens, New York, on June 14,1946, to a mere millionaire, real-estate developer Fred Trump, who had racked up his $20,000,000 fortune building low-to-middle-priced homes and apartments in Brooklyn and Queens.
Among the five little Trumps, only Donald seemed to have a passion for mortar and bricks, riding around construction sites with his father—“who ruled all of us with a steel will”—and showing younger brother Robert, now a low-profile V.P. in the Trump organization, who was boss in their 23-room house.
At the age of eight, little Donald borrowed Robert’s cherished toy blocks, glued them together into one giant skyscraper and never returned them, thereafter exercising his fantasies about changing Manhattan’s skyline.
His father, who harped on the importance of ”knowing how to make a buck,” regarded mop-haired Donald as “rough and wild,” shipped him off to the New York Military Academy in Cornwall-on-Hudson and, some say, forever instilled in him a gnawing sense of inadequacy that fueled the boy’s ambition. There followed two years at Fordham and two years at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Finance, then a few years diddling in middle-income housing until, at the age of 28, Trump delivered the punch that launched him. Taking a hard look at Manhattan’s troubled fortunes, he fastened onto the bankruptcy of the Penn Central Railroad as his ticket into the big time and nimbly plucked options on Penn’s Hudson River Railroad yards, now the site of New York’s Convention Center, and its 59-year-old Commodore Hotel, now the Grand Hyatt.
The coup was in his persuading bankers to lent him $80,000,000 and in talking politicians into awarding him a $120,000,000 tax abatement.
Persuasion, hype and chutzpah thereafter defined the Trump style, welded to a scrupulous management technique.
In 1979,at the age of 33,he snapped up the Fifth Avenue site of the old Bonwit Teller for $20,000,000,won a $140,000,000 tax abatement and three years later finished Trump Tower, a 68-story dazzler that includes a six-story atrium and today draws 100,000 visitors daily, with residents such as Johnny Carson and Steven Spielberg.
Amassing a fortune his father never dreamed possible—a cash hoard of $900,000,000,a geyser of $50,000,000 a week from his hotel-casinos, assets thought to total 3.7 billion dollars—Trump soon became as captivated by mystique-making as by money-making.
As the snooty ads running around New York proclaimed,”Everything does seem to be very Trump these days.” There are his residential buildings, Trump Parc and Trump Plaza and the soon-to-be-finished Trump Palace; Trump Castle in Atlantic City and the soon-to-be-finished Taj Mahal; his book “Trump: The Art of the Deal,” written with Tony Schwartz, which held on to the number-one spot on the New York Times best-seller list longer than any business book since “Iocacca”;his high-rise board game named—you guessed it—Trump(reported to be flop);his upcoming TV game show—you guessed it again—“Trump Card”; and the bike race named Tour de Trump, which, as he points out, sure beats its old name—Tour de Jersey. And—well—you get the picture.
“Vision is my best asset,” he says without a shred of modesty, ”I know what sells and I know what people want.”
Along the way, Trump even found time to attend the 1976 Montreal Olympics, marry his match, Ivana Zelnicek (who has vowed never to look a day over 29),and produce his own little Trumps—Donald Jr,12,Ivanka,eight,and Eric, six.
Notwithstanding the good fortune that seems to have attended Trump’s business moves, he and his family have not escaped life’s darker side. While sisters Maryane, a Federal judge in New Jersey, and Elizabeth, an administrative assistant for Chase Manhattan, have found their niches, Trump’s older brother, Fred, hated the real-estate business, became an airline pilot, took to drink and died an alcoholic in 1981 at 43.
Trump was also recently shaken when, last October, three key executives died in a helicopter crash; the boss reportedly narrowly missed death, deciding at the last minute that he was too busy to travel. ”I never realized,” says Trump today, ”how deaths outside the family could have such a profound effect on me. It’s a tragic waste.” As for himself, he’s fatalistic: ”I work, I don’t worry and I protect myself as well as anybody can. But ultimately we all end up going to hopefully greener pastures.”
To check out his present-day pastures, we sent New York Daily News celebrity interviewer and syndicated columnist Glenn Plaskin to talk with him. This interview had long been in the works, including two earlier starts. But Plaskin finally got Trump to sit down with him over a period of nearly 16 weeks. His report:
“For our first session at Trump Tower, after being visually frisked by a troop of basketball-player-tall bodyguards, I entered the inner sanctum. There was Donald Trump, as he would be for most of our sessions, slumped behind the cinnamon-colored desk, slung comically low in his chair, clipping his fingernails.
“I think best this way,” he’d deadpan.
“As the weeks went by, I found I liked poking through the hooded dare-me eyes with rapid-fire changes of topic, watching for surprise. Often he parried with rehearsed answers, but we spent enough time together that we entered genuinely fresh territory. When I asked for his stand on abortion, he frowned, pouted and asked ne to turn the recorder off. He didn’t really have an option—what the hell was mine? It was a very human moment.
“Supervising his office like an exceedingly well-run vaudeville show, executive assistant Norma Foerderer would wander in with another gold-framed magazine cover to put up on his wall—or with a seven-pound cheesecake or a stuffed skunk. Trump would take calls during our interview—never for more than a few minutes—that invariably ended with, ”Ok, baby, you’re the greatest.” Then secretary Rhona Graff would walk in, bearing little yellow slips of paper announcing calls waiting: down-on-his-luck financier Adnan Khashoggi, asking to have lunch; a hotel executive, dickering to sell yet another big hotel……By the time Duchess Fergie called about borrowing his brand-new accident-proof helicopter, and Don Johnson to borrow his city-size yacht, I was dizzy.
“To get away from it all, we began our first session hovering above the East River in the cobalt Darth Vader helicopter. Donald Trump was strapped into taupe leather, good-naturedly hyping his empire below.”
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Words and frequencies across all lyrics

Bit of a pointless post but something I was curious about. Combining all the lyrics from DCFC songs Ben has written, here are all the words used and the frequency of them.
834 the 587 and 479 you 432 i 369 a 356 to 264 in 235 of 180 that 175 your 148 it 146 all 144 me 141 so 140 on 135 my 132 we 125 be 123 but 121 for 119 as 116 when 114 was 113 with 110 is 107 this 100 are 85 no 84 they 82 it's 77 there 77 from 76 our 76 like 72 there's 69 know 68 will 66 what 64 just 61 you're 61 love 61 at 60 can't 59 don't 57 if 56 never 56 gold 54 were 54 rush 54 down 52 time 52 through 50 nothing 49 i'm 48 away 47 out 47 not 46 have 46 could 44 oh 43 where 43 way 42 into 41 'cause 40 heart 39 same 39 one 38 then 38 only 37 how 37 every 36 see 36 i'll 35 would 34 some 32 more 31 up 31 find 30 been 30 back 29 their 28 won't 28 why 28 here 28 do 27 who 27 or 27 can 26 now 26 by 26 an 25 stay 25 new 25 got 25 go 24 sun 24 something 24 she 24 little 24 feel 24 around 23 you'll 23 sunlight 23 open 23 night 23 i've 23 always 22 used 22 home 22 had 21 you've 21 us 21 than 21 said 21 didn't 20 wanderer 20 too 20 let 20 left 20 keep 20 he 20 days 19 they're 19 long 19 both 19 about 18 think 18 them 18 sound 18 say 18 make 18 lines 18 life 18 hold 18 eyes 18 end 18 change 18 boys 17 want 17 these 17 off 17 loved 17 his 17 cause 17 before 16 someone 16 skin 16 past 16 need 16 gotta 16 am 15 we'll 15 waiting 15 take 15 spend 15 remain 15 ooh 15 head 15 far 15 fall 15 doors 14 true 14 that's 14 tell 14 place 14 people 14 mind 14 inside 14 hear 14 alone 13 underneath 13 turn 13 things 13 sea 13 old 13 move 13 morning 13 man 13 live 13 last 13 i'd 13 get 13 fool 13 did 13 behind 13 air 13 again 12 words 12 unlocked 12 trying 12 took 12 told 12 thought 12 much 12 many 12 friends 12 ever 12 come 12 along 11 thing 11 still 11 slowly 11 sky 11 should 11 seems 11 remember 11 look 11 light 11 her 11 haunted 11 hard 11 free 11 everything 11 digging 11 black 11 bed 10 years 10 year 10 well 10 those 10 such 10 street 10 slow 10 room 10 monday 10 modern 10 knew 10 hope 10 getting 10 face 10 even 10 empty 10 drive 10 dream 10 day 10 dark 10 came 10 best 10 age 9 wonder 9 we're 9 under 9 turned 9 town 9 thinking 9 someday 9 side 9 safe 9 possess 9 once 9 ocean 9 near 9 moved 9 meet 9 lying 9 kept 9 help 9 hands 9 fire 9 finally 9 door 9 distance 9 disappeared 9 city 9 begin 9 beautiful 9 anymore 8 windows 8 while 8 truth 8 tried 8 tonight 8 speak 8 soul 8 right 8 please 8 pity 8 mouth 8 mirror 8 mean 8 leaving 8 lead 8 kind 8 hole 8 gonna 8 glass 8 give 8 floor 8 fading 8 fade 8 everyone 8 ending 8 cannot 8 burning 8 burn 8 break 7 young 7 you'd 7 worse 7 within 7 wish 7 wind 7 wha 7 walls 7 walking 7 until 7 tears 7 standing 7 speed 7 sometimes 7 sleep 7 quite 7 own 7 over 7 oo 7 name 7 motion 7 mine 7 may 7 making 7 lonely 7 leave 7 ho 7 hand 7 ground 7 gives 7 filled 7 fear 7 dreamt 7 different 7 debris 7 cool 7 body 7 better 7 being 7 ask 7 arms 7 anything 7 alright 7 alive 7 'til 6 yet 6 upon 6 two 6 try 6 today 6 times 6 thread 6 talking 6 takes 6 synapse 6 sycamore 6 summer 6 stop 6 start 6 stars 6 spoke 6 soon 6 sleeping 6 single 6 play 6 paper 6 nothing's 6 names 6 myself 6 mess 6 memories 6 made 6 looking 6 lights 6 its 6 higher 6 hearts 6 he's 6 has 6 half 6 grows 6 gone 6 girls 6 ghosts 6 full 6 found 6 first 6 felt 6 feeling 6 fast 6 ends 6 else 6 el 6 either 6 each 6 dorado 6 document 6 couldn't 6 clothes 6 closer 6 clear 6 call 6 california 6 built 6 bring 6 brain 6 belly 6 believe 6 bah 6 bad 6 baa 6 awake 6 another 6 against 5 yourself 5 yes 5 work 5 window 5 went 5 watching 5 watch 5 wasn't 5 wanted 5 wait 5 turns 5 together 5 three 5 thin 5 tangled 5 talk 5 taken 5 swim 5 summer's 5 stage 5 song 5 somewhere 5 shoulders 5 shoes 5 set 5 seem 5 screaming 5 scene 5 saw 5 save 5 sad 5 roll 5 revolved 5 read 5 rain 5 put 5 pretend 5 pass 5 parallel 5 nue 5 must 5 moving 5 mistakes 5 mistake 5 meets 5 lovers 5 lost 5 lose 5 listen 5 lips 5 line 5 late 5 kid 5 ing 5 hotel 5 hides 5 held 5 heaven 5 grow 5 gotten 5 goodbye 5 gave 5 gates 5 frame 5 followed 5 follow 5 faster 5 fair 5 faces 5 expect 5 enough 5 engine 5 dying 5 drunk 5 dress 5 dancing 5 cut 5 cruel 5 cracks 5 concrete 5 compromise 5 close 5 cars 5 buildings 5 broken 5 binds 5 between 5 beside 5 bend 5 below 5 began 5 because 5 beast 5 any 5 angeles 5 above 4 yeah 4 wrong 4 worth 4 without 4 winter 4 who's 4 white 4 which 4 wheel 4 wedding 4 water 4 wanna 4 walked 4 waited 4 view 4 vast 4 twisting 4 travels 4 thinner 4 teeth 4 steel 4 started 4 squeaking 4 space 4 softly 4 smoke 4 skyline 4 simply 4 silence 4 sent 4 sense 4 s 4 run 4 rooms 4 road 4 return 4 rest 4 reach 4 plays 4 perfect 4 outside 4 other 4 occurred 4 northern 4 nights 4 news 4 mountain 4 miles 4 met 4 machine 4 los 4 looked 4 less 4 leaves 4 learned 4 lay 4 known 4 keeps 4 ivory 4 information 4 ice 4 hurricane 4 houses 4 house 4 holding 4 him 4 hills 4 highway 4 guns 4 guess 4 gets 4 forget 4 forever 4 flows 4 flames 4 fingers 4 filling 4 father 4 farther 4 fact 4 everybody 4 escape 4 embrace 4 earth 4 dreams 4 doubt 4 done 4 dear 4 darkened 4 crawling 4 condescending 4 comfort 4 clouds 4 closed 4 climbed 4 climb 4 clean 4 child 4 car 4 cameras 4 calling 4 brothers 4 boy 4 bound 4 bones 4 blinding 4 blame 4 beneath 4 awoke 4 autumn 4 after 3 youth 3 yours 3 world 3 working 3 worked 3 word 3 wine 3 wife 3 what's 3 weeks 3 we'd 3 wave 3 watched 3 warm 3 wander 3 vultures 3 very 3 vacancy 3 understand 3 type 3 twin 3 trust 3 top 3 tired 3 tiny 3 though 3 thinks 3 tether 3 television 3 taste 3 tall 3 sweet 3 swallowed 3 surround 3 supposed 3 strong 3 streets 3 stranger 3 storm 3 stood 3 stays 3 stayed 3 station 3 static 3 stare 3 stand 3 stable 3 spread 3 spent 3 speaks 3 snow 3 smaller 3 slip 3 slept 3 skies 3 size 3 sink 3 singing 3 signs 3 sights 3 shroud 3 shared 3 series 3 self 3 second 3 seat 3 seasons 3 searching 3 school 3 saved 3 satisfied 3 runs 3 running 3 rubble 3 river 3 rhythm 3 remains 3 remainder 3 regret 3 reflection 3 recall 3 really 3 re 3 rather 3 rainy 3 promises 3 possibilities 3 plates 3 plastic 3 planned 3 plan 3 plain 3 places 3 placed 3 part 3 others 3 ones 3 nowhere 3 noise 3 neighborhood 3 music 3 mother 3 monument 3 mistress 3 meant 3 matter 3 maps 3 makes 3 lover 3 lookin' 3 longer 3 lie 3 learn 3 lake 3 lack 3 kissed 3 kids 3 keeping 3 isn't 3 island 3 inaccurately 3 illuminate 3 hunger 3 hung 3 hours 3 horizon 3 hell 3 hang 3 grid 3 grey 3 grass 3 good 3 gon' 3 glued 3 front 3 four 3 fly 3 fish 3 feet 3 familiar 3 falls 3 failure 3 failing 3 explain 3 eventually 3 endless 3 embarks 3 echoes 3 easy 3 east 3 early 3 drown 3 double 3 doing 3 discover 3 died 3 die 3 diamond 3 design 3 defeated 3 defeat 3 deep 3 decide 3 death 3 countless 3 counting 3 count 3 comes 3 collide 3 cold 3 cloud 3 claim 3 cigarette 3 children 3 changes 3 ceiling 3 care 3 burst 3 brown 3 bright 3 breathe 3 bought 3 bottle 3 born 3 bodies 3 blurs 3 bird 3 become 3 became 3 beach 3 bar 3 band 3 astound 3 asleep 3 apartment 3 anywhere 3 ain't 3 ago 3 across 3 'no's 2 york 2 wreckage 2 worry 2 winter's 2 win 2 wild 2 wide 2 whose 2 whole 2 whiskey 2 weight 2 weathered 2 we've 2 waving 2 wash 2 wants 2 waking 2 wake 2 waitresses 2 vows 2 voice 2 vine 2 views 2 veins 2 upstate 2 untrustable 2 unobstructed 2 unfold 2 underground 2 unconscious 2 twos 2 twenty 2 tv 2 turning 2 truths 2 tripped 2 towards 2 touching 2 touch 2 tongue 2 tones 2 tires 2 tire 2 till 2 tied 2 ticking 2 thrown 2 threw 2 threes 2 thousands 2 thousand 2 they've 2 there'd 2 ten 2 technicolor 2 tear 2 taking 2 synchronized 2 symphony 2 sworn 2 swift 2 swept 2 sweat 2 sure 2 superhero 2 suit 2 strobe 2 strange 2 stranded 2 straight 2 store 2 stopped 2 stones 2 stomach 2 step 2 states 2 state 2 starts 2 starting 2 stands 2 stake 2 stairs 2 stacked 2 st 2 sputters 2 spring 2 splinter 2 spit 2 sphere 2 speaking 2 spat 2 spark 2 son 2 something's 2 someone's 2 soaring 2 smugded 2 smiling 2 smile 2 smell 2 slipping 2 slightest 2 slide 2 skid 2 six 2 sitting 2 sit 2 sings 2 silver 2 signed 2 sign 2 sifting 2 shrugged 2 show 2 shouldn't 2 shore 2 shift 2 shed 2 share 2 shards 2 shallow 2 shake 2 shadows 2 settling 2 setting 2 sets 2 separate 2 sees 2 seen 2 seemed 2 security 2 secrets 2 season 2 scream 2 scraping 2 scenes 2 sand 2 safety 2 rows 2 routine 2 role 2 roads 2 rhythms 2 resolve 2 repeat 2 renewed 2 remained 2 refrain 2 refine 2 red 2 record 2 recognize 2 reason 2 real 2 reading 2 reaction 2 reaching 2 ravine 2 railroad 2 radio 2 quietly 2 quiet 2 question 2 queen 2 pushing 2 push 2 pursuit 2 pulling 2 pulled 2 pull 2 prove 2 potential 2 portable 2 poor 2 point 2 piles 2 pile 2 picked 2 photographs 2 photobooth 2 photo 2 phone 2 peter's 2 perspective 2 peace 2 pavement 2 patterns 2 passing 2 passenger 2 parlor 2 pane 2 pages 2 packed 2 pack 2 pace 2 oxygen 2 overloads 2 overcoat 2 outrun 2 optimist 2 notes 2 network 2 nervous 2 needs 2 neck 2 morse 2 moment 2 misleading 2 mile 2 metal 2 message 2 mention 2 men 2 memory 2 melody 2 markers 2 map 2 magazines 2 losing 2 lonesome 2 living 2 let's 2 led 2 lawn 2 laughed 2 language 2 knows 2 knots 2 knock 2 killing 2 keys 2 jury 2 judge 2 jar 2 isolation 2 iron 2 invitation 2 intermittent 2 intentions 2 instincts 2 ingested 2 infinite 2 image 2 idealistic 2 hour 2 honest 2 homes 2 holds 2 hint 2 hill 2 hedgerows 2 heard 2 headlights 2 he'd 2 hardly 2 hardest 2 hair 2 guiding 2 guide 2 growing 2 grouped 2 greys 2 grave 2 granted 2 going 2 goes 2 god 2 glasses 2 giving 2 given 2 girl 2 gilded 2 ghost 2 further 2 furniture 2 funny 2 frost 2 friend 2 freeways 2 forward 2 foreign 2 foolish 2 fluorescent 2 flights 2 flight 2 flickering 2 flicker 2 five 2 fits 2 fit 2 fine 2 final 2 film 2 fill 2 figured 2 field 2 fiction 2 few 2 fences 2 fell 2 fearful 2 favorite 2 fault 2 faucet 2 family 2 false 2 falling 2 faithful 2 eye 2 except 2 evergreen 2 evening 2 entered 2 engulfed 2 easily 2 ears 2 ear 2 dusty 2 drowned 2 drove 2 drop 2 droop 2 driving 2 drinks 2 drinking 2 drilled 2 dressed 2 dollar 2 doesn't 2 does 2 dive 2 distracted 2 disorderly 2 disappointment 2 disappear 2 directions 2 details 2 desert 2 depths 2 deepest 2 decided 2 december 2 dealers 2 dead 2 daylight 2 date's 2 darling 2 darkest 2 darker 2 damn 2 cycle 2 curtain 2 cursed 2 currency 2 cup 2 crystal 2 cry 2 crowns 2 cross 2 crippling 2 crimes 2 crashing 2 country 2 conversations 2 construction 2 constant 2 coney 2 complications 2 completely 2 command 2 colors 2 color 2 coldest 2 code 2 coat 2 coast 2 clarity 2 circles 2 cigarettes 2 choice 2 chemicals 2 cheap 2 chattered 2 chase 2 chance 2 catholic 2 cathedral 2 cath 2 catches 2 carried 2 cans 2 candle 2 camera 2 cake 2 busy 2 bus 2 build 2 brownstone 2 brow 2 broke 2 bridges 2 bridge 2 bricks 2 bow 2 bounce 2 bottom 2 bored 2 book 2 blues 2 blue 2 bleed 2 beverly 2 bent 2 belong 2 believed 2 beginning 2 becomes 2 beauty 2 beat 2 bastard 2 ball 2 bags 2 baggage 2 backwards 2 backbone 2 aware 2 atmosphere 2 atlas 2 atlantic 2 assume 2 askew 2 arrived 2 applause 2 apologies 2 apart 2 anyone 2 anticipation's 2 answer 2 amputating 2 already 2 almost 2 alleys 2 alcohol 2 advancing 2 advances 2 admit 2 address 2 accident 1 zone 1 zeros 1 zentropic 1 z 1 youthful 1 youngest 1 yearning 1 yearn 1 yard 1 wrote 1 wrongs 1 written 1 writing 1 write 1 wrinkles 1 wrinkled 1 wretched 1 wrecking 1 wrap 1 wounds 1 worthwhile 1 worst 1 worn 1 works 1 workadays 1 wore 1 wool 1 wood 1 woken 1 woke 1 withered 1 wished 1 wires 1 wintery 1 winners 1 window's 1 winded 1 willow 1 whom 1 whispers 1 whenever 1 wheezed 1 wheels 1 wet 1 weights 1 weightless 1 weigh 1 week 1 weave 1 weather 1 weary 1 wearing 1 wealthy 1 weak 1 ways 1 waves 1 water's 1 wasting 1 wasted 1 waste 1 washes 1 warn 1 warming 1 war 1 wall 1 walk 1 waits 1 vowels 1 volume 1 voices 1 vision 1 violent 1 villain 1 vile 1 vicious 1 vessels 1 vessel 1 versus 1 verse 1 vengeful 1 vending 1 veiled 1 vase 1 varies 1 variables 1 van 1 valleys 1 valley 1 vacant 1 uv 1 using 1 urge 1 urban 1 upwards 1 upstream 1 upside 1 upcoming 1 unwired 1 unseen 1 unresponsive 1 unknown 1 uninspired 1 unfounded 1 undone 1 underwhelming 1 understood 1 understated 1 unconditionally 1 umbrate 1 twists 1 twine 1 twilight 1 twice 1 tvs 1 turnstile 1 tunnels 1 tunneled 1 tunnel 1 truly 1 trudged 1 trouble 1 trend 1 tree 1 treble 1 treasures 1 treacherous 1 travel 1 trapped 1 transistor 1 trains 1 train 1 trailed 1 tragic 1 traffic 1 trades 1 traded 1 track 1 tracing 1 towers 1 tower 1 towed 1 tourists 1 tourist 1 tour 1 touched 1 toss 1 tortured 1 tomorrow 1 tombs 1 tokyo 1 toes 1 toe 1 timony 1 timely 1 til 1 tight 1 tide 1 tidal 1 thus 1 thursday 1 thumb 1 thses 1 throwing 1 throat 1 thoughts 1 thirty 1 thirteen 1 thinning 1 thicker 1 thickening 1 they'll 1 they'd 1 theme 1 thanksgiving 1 th 1 terrified 1 tenderly 1 temptation 1 temporary 1 tempo 1 tells 1 telling 1 telescope 1 teen 1 teachers 1 teach 1 taught 1 tattered 1 tasting 1 tastes 1 target 1 tapped 1 tape 1 tank 1 tangles 1 tan's 1 tamed 1 tame 1 tallest 1 taillights 1 tabloid 1 tables 1 swore 1 swings 1 swinging 1 swinger 1 swiftest 1 sweep 1 sweaters 1 swear 1 sway 1 survive 1 surprised 1 surprise 1 surfaced 1 surface 1 super 1 sunk 1 sung 1 sunday 1 summers 1 sum 1 suited 1 sugary 1 suffered 1 sufferance 1 suddenly 1 suburbs 1 suburban 1 subcompact 1 styrofoam 1 stutter 1 stung 1 stumbling 1 stumbled 1 stumble 1 studies 1 stuck 1 strung 1 strumming 1 struggle 1 stripped 1 strings 1 stretch 1 strength 1 streaks 1 streaking 1 strands 1 strain 1 story 1 stormed 1 stopping 1 stocking 1 sting 1 stick 1 stenches 1 steered 1 steeple 1 stature 1 stated 1 starves 1 stared 1 stamped 1 stained 1 stain 1 staggering 1 squid 1 squeezed 1 squeeze 1 squeaky 1 squares 1 springtime 1 springs 1 split 1 splicing 1 spinsters 1 spine 1 spilt 1 spending 1 speeding 1 speech 1 sped 1 spectrum's 1 speck 1 span 1 souvenirs 1 southern 1 south 1 soused 1 sour 1 sounds 1 soundly 1 sounded 1 sorry 1 sorrow 1 songs 1 solutions 1 solution 1 soles 1 solely 1 soldier 1 sold 1 soil 1 soft 1 soaking 1 snub 1 snowing 1 sneaky 1 sneaking 1 smoking 1 smiles 1 smells 1 small 1 slurring 1 slur 1 slot 1 slopes 1 slips 1 slippery 1 slick 1 slew 1 sleeves 1 sledding 1 slate 1 slander 1 slammin' 1 slacks 1 skyscrapers 1 skip 1 skinny 1 skills 1 sites 1 sip's 1 sins 1 singe 1 sing 1 since 1 simpler 1 similarity 1 silverstones 1 silken 1 silhouette 1 silenced 1 signals 1 sighted 1 sight 1 sides 1 sick 1 shutters 1 shut 1 shuffling 1 shrouded 1 shrine 1 shower 1 shovels 1 shop 1 shooting 1 shivers 1 shirt 1 shining 1 shines 1 shine 1 shifts 1 shield 1 shelf 1 sheets 1 sheen 1 shebang 1 shaved 1 shasta 1 shaking 1 shakedown 1 shades 1 shackles 1 sewing 1 seven 1 servers 1 seriously 1 sentence 1 sending 1 send 1 sell 1 selfless 1 seek 1 seeds 1 secret's 1 seas 1 seams 1 scripted 1 scrimped 1 screams 1 schemes 1 scent 1 scarves 1 scarf 1 scale 1 scaffolding 1 says 1 satellites 1 sat 1 sarcastic 1 sarah 1 sappiest 1 sang 1 san 1 saltwater 1 salivating 1 saddens 1 sacred 1 rusted 1 rushed 1 runway 1 rules 1 rule 1 rubber 1 royal 1 row 1 round 1 rotten 1 roman 1 roller 1 rocks 1 rock 1 robot 1 rises 1 ring 1 rights 1 righteous 1 ridge 1 ride 1 revisions 1 returns 1 returning 1 retreat 1 restrictions 1 restlessness 1 restless 1 response 1 resort 1 resolutions 1 resigned 1 resignation 1 reside 1 rescue 1 requiem 1 repressed 1 reports 1 reporting 1 replaced 1 repetition 1 repeats 1 repeating 1 rented 1 reminder 1 remind 1 remembering 1 relief 1 relax 1 reject 1 regardless 1 regal 1 refused 1 refined 1 reeling 1 reeks 1 reeked 1 reduces 1 redemptions 1 records 1 recollect 1 receptors 1 recently 1 receipts 1 receded 1 rearrange 1 realize 1 ready 1 react 1 rays 1 rationed 1 rate's 1 rank 1 ranges 1 random 1 raising 1 raise 1 rail 1 raggedy 1 radios 1 racket 1 quitting 1 quit 1 quips 1 quell 1 queens 1 quarry 1 quarreling 1 pushes 1 purpose 1 purity 1 punks 1 punk 1 pumping 1 pulp 1 proves 1 protect 1 propping 1 proposing 1 proof 1 promise 1 procession 1 problems 1 pristine 1 priest 1 pride 1 prices 1 prevail 1 pretty 1 pretentious 1 pretending 1 pre 1 prayers 1 prayer 1 praising 1 postcards 1 postcard 1 possoibilities 1 possible 1 possibility's 1 position 1 pose 1 porch 1 population's 1 pools 1 politics 1 pointed 1 poets 1 pockets 1 pocket 1 plymouth 1 plumes 1 plots 1 plot 1 plenty 1 pleasantries 1 pleas 1 plea 1 playing 1 playful 1 plate 1 plaster 1 plans 1 plaguing 1 plague 1 pixels 1 piss 1 pink 1 pinhole 1 pinch 1 pillow 1 pillars 1 pigtails 1 pier 1 pieces 1 pictures 1 picture 1 picks 1 picket 1 phrases 1 photos 1 phones'll 1 pews 1 person 1 permission 1 permanence 1 perforated 1 perfectly 1 perfection 1 pension 1 penance 1 pen 1 peered 1 peeled 1 peel 1 peak 1 payroll 1 payment 1 payin' 1 paycheck 1 patrons 1 patio 1 patiently 1 passes 1 passed 1 partyline 1 party 1 parts 1 parks 1 parking 1 parked 1 paris 1 parents' 1 parents 1 parent 1 parapet 1 par 1 panic 1 pangs 1 palms 1 palisades 1 pale 1 painted 1 paint 1 paid 1 page 1 packing 1 pacers 1 overturns 1 overturned 1 overrated 1 overpass 1 overloaded 1 overjoyed 1 overflow 1 overcome 1 outstretched 1 outdo 1 outdated 1 ottoman 1 organ 1 orderly 1 opinions 1 opened 1 oozed 1 onto 1 onset 1 one's 1 oncoming 1 olympia 1 older 1 offense 1 occur 1 occupy 1 obscure 1 objectively 1 nurse 1 numbs 1 numbers 1 note 1 non 1 noises 1 nice 1 next 1 newsstand 1 nerve 1 neighbors 1 needle 1 needed 1 nearby 1 navy 1 natural 1 named 1 mute 1 murals 1 moviescript 1 movement 1 mourning 1 motor 1 mothers 1 mother's 1 most 1 mopped 1 moonlight 1 moon 1 moods 1 monuments 1 months 1 money 1 model 1 mock 1 moat 1 mittens 1 misspellings 1 mississippi 1 mission 1 missing 1 missed 1 misguided 1 mirrored 1 mirages 1 minor 1 mined 1 minds 1 minces 1 millions 1 might 1 midnight 1 midday 1 microchip 1 messes 1 messenger 1 messaged 1 mend 1 memory's 1 melt 1 mellow 1 medians 1 medals 1 measly 1 meaningless 1 meaning 1 maze 1 mattress 1 math 1 mates 1 match 1 masterfully 1 master 1 mary 1 mark 1 marching 1 march 1 manuscript 1 manhattan 1 mangled 1 malls 1 makeshift 1 major 1 main 1 mail 1 magistrate's 1 magazine 1 machines 1 ma 1 m 1 lustrous 1 lust 1 lushing 1 lungs 1 lump 1 luck 1 loyal 1 lowered 1 loves 1 lovely 1 love's 1 lousy 1 loud 1 lot 1 losses 1 loosened 1 loose 1 longest 1 lodged 1 locusts 1 lock 1 loan 1 lives 1 lived 1 lipstick 1 likes 1 lighting 1 lighthouses 1 lighthouse 1 lifts 1 lifetime 1 lies 1 levitate 1 letting 1 letters 1 letter 1 lesson 1 lenses 1 lens 1 lengthwise 1 length 1 lend 1 legal 1 least 1 lean 1 leaks 1 lcd 1 lazy 1 layered 1 laughing 1 laugh 1 lattice 1 latitude 1 lathe 1 later 1 lanes 1 landlocked 1 lamp 1 lame 1 lain 1 laid 1 lady 1 ladder 1 labor 1 knuckles 1 knew' 1 knees 1 knee 1 kiss 1 kings 1 king 1 kinda 1 killed 1 kill 1 kicks 1 kicker 1 kick 1 keyed 1 key 1 kaleidoscope 1 justified 1 junctions 1 jump 1 judgement 1 joylessly 1 join 1 johns 1 jet 1 jealousy 1 jealous 1 jamc 1 jailhouse 1 jacket 1 itself 1 it'll 1 isolations 1 isle 1 islands 1 irreverence 1 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1 age's 1 afraid 1 advantage 1 addictions 1 actors' 1 ached 1 account 1 accidents 1 abuse 1 absorbing 1 absence 1 abscence 1 able 1 abhor 1 abandon 1 'round
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สมัครAK47BET เป็นครั้งแรกในซีรีส์ของโป๊กเกอร์การบุญ (CSOP)เหตุของปีใหม่ที่จะเกิดขึ้นในลาสเวกัสช่วงวัน

สมัครAK47BET เป็นครั้งแรกในซีรีส์ของโป๊กเกอร์การบุญ (CSOP)เหตุของปีใหม่ที่จะเกิดขึ้นในลาสเวกัสช่วงวัน
สมัครAK47BET ได้ร่วมมือกับโรบินสันมูลนิธิไทเลอร์ - หน่วยงานไม่สืบเสาะหาผลกำไรของวงดนตรีเอ็งรมมี่ได้รับรางวัลชนะImagine มังกรอุทิศตนเพื่อช่วยเหลือเด็กต่อสู้กับโรคมะเร็งในวัยเด็ก - เป็นเจ้าภาพ“ฆ่าโรคมะเร็งกับโป๊กเกอร์”เรื่อง
เนื้อหากิจกรรมการบุญ สถานะการณ์“ Slay Cancer with Poker” จะเริ่มด้วยการต้อนรับบาร์แบบเปิดและก็กับแกล้มในเวลา 15.30 น. ตรงเวลาแปซิฟิค เริ่มตั้งแต่เวลา 5:00 น. PST, การประลองโป๊กเกอร์การบุญบายอิน $ 300 จะจัดขึ้นที่View Nightclubที่ Palms Casino Resort ทัวร์นาเมนต์ที่มี $ 100 rebuys และก็ $ 100 add-on จะได้รับโบนัสเงินสด $ 1,000 ให้กับผู้เล่นที่มีการสร้างใหม่มากที่สุดและก็เป็นหัวหน้าชิปเมื่อหมดการสมัครสมาชิก นอกจากนั้นจะมีรางวัลรางวัลการประมูลเงียบและก็การจับฉลากเงินสด 50/50
ผู้ได้รับชัยชนะจะเดินไปด้วย $ 10,000 ที่นั่งเข้าไปในเวิลด์ซีรีส์ 2020 ของโป๊กเกอร์ (WSOP) กิจกรรมหลัก
ในบรรดาผู้กำหนดที่จะร่วมเป็น“Truth Be Told” ดาวMekhi Phiferและก็สยองขวัญไอคอนเทอรีเคนฮอท ดาราตลกJoe Stapletonจะเป็นผู้จัดทัวร์ท่องเที่ยวทุ่งนาเมนต์การบุญโป๊กเกอร์ขณะที่ผู้เล่นโป๊กเกอร์อย่าง WSOP ผู้ชนะสร้อยข้อมือChris“ Fox” Wallaceแล้วก็ CSOP ผู้จัดตั้งMatt Stoutจะเข้าร่วม
รายได้สุทธิจากกิจกรรมทั้งสิ้นจะมีประโยชน์ต่อมูลนิธิไทเลอร์โรบินสันซึ่งได้ระดมทุนมากยิ่งกว่า 10 ล้านดอลลาร์เพื่อส่งเสริมครอบครัวที่ต่อสู้กับโรคมะเร็งในวัยเด็ก กว่า 1,000 ครอบครัวได้รับผลดีจากการช่วยสนับสนุนของมูลนิธิฯ
ยิ่งไปกว่านี้PokerNewsจะมอบที่นั่งให้กับกิจกรรม CSOP "Slay Cancer with Poker" เพียงแต่ฟังตอนใหม่ของ Podcast PokerNewsสำหรับช่องทางของคุณที่จะชนะ
ถาม - ตอบ w / CSOP ผู้จัดตั้ง Matt Stout Matt Stout ผู้จัดตั้งแล้วก็ผู้ดำเนินการ CSOP พึ่งสนทนากับPokerNewsเกี่ยวกับกิจกรรมการบุญที่กำลังจะออกเดินทางมาถึง PokerNews: จังหวะสำหรับการปฏิบัติงานกับ TRF เป็นยังไง
ล่ำ: TRF บริจาคตั๋วและก็พบปะสนทนากับ Imagine Dragons ในงาน Three Square Food Bank รายปีของพวกเรา ฉันเอื้อมมือออกไปขอบคุณมากพวกเขาสำหรับเพื่อการช่วยเหลือที่ใจดีของพวกเขาแล้วก็มันทำให้เกิดการพูดคุยกันเกี่ยวกับพวกเขาที่ดำเนินกิจกรรม CSOP ของพวกเขาเอง ท้ายที่สุดพวกเราก็พร้อมที่จะร่วมมือแล้วก็ช่วยเหลือครอบครัวของเด็กๆสำหรับเพื่อการต่อสู้กับโรคมะเร็ง
"ฉันเอื้อมมือออกไปขอบพระคุณพวกเขาในการช่วยเหลือที่ใจดีของพวกเขาแล้วก็มันนำมาซึ่งการคุยเกี่ยวกับพวกเขาที่ดำเนินกิจกรรม CSOP ของพวกเขาเอง"
อ้วน:พวกเรายังไม่อาจจะรับรองความพร้อมเพรียงของ Imagine Dragons ได้ แต่ว่าจะมีแขกคนดังมาร่วมงานด้วยแน่ๆ เพราะเหตุไรจะต้องเป็นปาล์ม มันเกิดขึ้นได้ยังไง สมัครAK47BET
Stout: The Palms มองดีเลิศภายหลังสร้างใหม่ปัจจุบันและก็พวกเราจะเข้าร่วมสามข้างบนของ Fantasy Tower at Palms สำหรับงาน St. Jude รายปีในวันที่ 4 เดือนเมษายนในช่วงเวลานี้ดูเหมือนกับว่าตัวเลือกที่น่าดึงดูดสำหรับกิจกรรม CSOP เพิ่มอีก ขอบคุณมากส่วนลดการบุญที่มีมากมายก่ายกอง
แฟนคลับโป๊กเกอร์สามารถมุ่งหวังอะไรจาก CSOP ในปี 2020 อ้วน:เมื่อเร็วๆนี้ฉันย้ายเข้ามาอยู่ในที่ทำการของ Sofa King Creative ด้วย Brian Kip รองประธานคนใหม่ของ CSOP ซึ่งเป็นหุ้นส่วนผู้จัดการของ SKGC ด้วย พวกเราเจอกับผู้ให้รวมทั้งคนรับผลตอบแทนใหม่เยอะมากและก็รู้สึกตื่นเต้นอย่างยิ่งที่ได้รับแบบจำลองของ CSOP และก็ทำอีกครั้งเพื่อหารายได้สำหรับปัจจัยที่ยิ่งใหญ่มากเพิ่มขึ้น
submitted by jiawloveton to u/jiawloveton [link] [comments]

[OC] Bought and Sold. Chapter 12, arc2

The crew is starting to dig in and experiment with their own designs. And other things happen...
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The Beginning | Wiki
14 days after arrival
They were only partially in dataspace, just taking time to look at some of their spoils. They’d found a unique problem with the Gerlen weapons. The guys were handling the guns in real life as they looked deeper into the designs with Mason’s guidance.
The group of them were sitting in the main space, the living room of the large building where they had set up the makers they had personally brought with them. They’d had a simple table large enough for the whole crew and then some made with enough chairs for everyone. The weapons were laid out on that table.
“I’m thinkin’ that’s why they had to grab the gun barrels,” Daniel guessed.
“Did they?” Mike asked, he hadn’t seen the Gerlen use their guns.
“Yeah, those suckers had to get a grip on them handles on the front there,” Daniel explained. “I’m surprised the ship didn’t have some stupid lock too.”
“It does,” Mason replied. “But it’s all messed up. As long as you have and organic pattern to read, it unlocks.”
“Hah, lucky us.”
The first thing they found with the weapons they had taken from the Gerlen was that these ones were locked. There had been a genetic lock within the grips of the weapons, preventing them from being held and used by a person of another race.
“Can we fix that?” Mike asked.
Mason was sitting in with the brothers that morning, Otto was sitting across from them working at some files Mason had put a priority on, but wasn’t involved in the conversation.
“Sure, we can swap some parts,” Mason replied. “The gene lock is easy to fix for us, but that’s only because we’re lucky to have the makers. We’d be screwed if we tried to pick ‘em up and use ‘em.”
“Heh!” Daniel laughed, “Ya, guess yer’ right!”
Tank entered through the front door and walked up on the group. “It is the scheduled time,” he informed the brothers. “Shall we begin our patrol?”
“Sure,” replied Daniel.
Mike nodded and stood. “You think you can get those trigger locks sorted?”
“Probably,” Mason replied. “Since Stacey is well… better than me at the drone stuff, I can work on this.”
“Awesome,” Mike replied. “Cya soon.”
Matchka, Daniel, Mike, Tank and Rob were up for the patrol. The group wasn’t doing any heavy exploring. They weren’t pushing to anymore clone banks. Yet. They had agreed to take it easy and sweep around the estate for wandering Gerlen while the drone problem was worked on. They’d wipe out any stray problems, but advance carefully to avoid being surprised.
Truthfully, the crew was pretty nervous after the front of the large transport hover had been melted into slag. That plasma ball would have easily defeated any smaller D-field harnesses that the crew currently used. If they continued being over-confident, it would only bite them again, only luck had kept anyone from dying from that encounter.
That being said, it was two days until the so called armored variants of Gerlen might appear. And they had yet to see any of the stealth variants. There was a need to both be careful, but also a need to make good use of time.
They’d found the best sensor package they could fit on Mason’s little drone. The assault clones had scared them. They didn’t know what the stealth ones could do.
After the patrol left, Otto came walking out of the large building, whistling tonelessly as he approached the usual gathering spot of the sunning stones. The white room would have worked just as well. Since the drones had only needed to make it smaller, they’d been able to repurpose most of the components of the room, making for a quick rebuild.
But the sunning stones felt more open and more comfortable. So they’d built a small extension and dataspace router and placed it next to the stones so they could work just as easily there.
He found Aurula and Cynthia already working at something in dataspace. He sat down with them and ‘knocked’ by sending a ping to Aurula, asking if it was okay to join. He received an affirmative response after a moment. He sat down across from where the two of them were seated on adjacent stones. Cynthia seated on hers, Aurula sitting in front of a broad but low stone. She was actually leaning against it with a wing up above the stone.
He’d learned that Aurula preferred a bit warmer environment than the Humans did. So she went to greater lengths to enjoy the warmth the stones could put off.
Cynthia had been having the hardest time getting a handle on her data package. Which had surprised Otto, Matchka and Aurula. Cynthia had the best image control and creation of everyone, but was the worst at code manipulation.
He found them… taking it easy.
Cynthia started up her own conversation before he or Aurula had the chance to say anything.
“Hey-y Otto-o,” said Cynthia, drawing the statement with a slight whine to her tone. “Have any advice for this?”
She’d built herself a humanoid construct. She’d gone with a fantasy theme and had built a male elf, tall and lithe. He had an angular face, long pointed ears and flowing hair in a complex double braid. He was wearing a gilded tunic and trousers with high boots, but was currently standing rod straight.
“Advice for what now?” Otto asked.
“This,” she replied flatly and the figure… morphed as it attempted to take a pose. The form melted like wax. It flowed away from the original form and flowed into a fancy kung-fu pose with pointed hands, Otto figured it was something like a ‘mantis form’.
Cynthia was the best at image control. She could create, resize, squash or stretch or move objects better than anyone else. None of that included actually animating a fully realized image beyond static effects like a burning fire.
“Oh, yeah, that’s rough,” he admitted. “You haven’t been able to animate them?”
“Well, that was one of the worst attempts to be clear,” Aurula defended.
“Yeah, but not that much worse,” Cynthia added. “I was wondering if you have any tricks?”
“Hmm,” Otto hummed. “Well, did you try bones?”
“Bones?” asked Cynthia.
“Bones?” mimicked Aurula, by accident. Aurula brought both hands up to cover her beak. Although rare, whenever Aurula repeated what someone had said, she always became rather embarrassed. He’d have to ask her about that sometime.
“Well, I’ve only ever seen the most basic stuff about animating figures like this in videos of other people showing off their work,” Otto began explaining. “What I think animators will do is create a set of bones to act as a framework for the model. Any animations will act on the bones specifically and the features and details are, uh... programed to react to the movement of the bones.”
“Oh!” Cynthia responded. “Oh that makes so much sense! Why didn’t I think of that?”
“You’ve never looked at animation?”
“No! I’ve only ever drawn pictures, but, uh…”
Cynthia’s mouth twisted in a bitter smile. “No one really supported my drawing before. Dad was always tellin’ me to stop. There weren’t a lot of uh, people around to show off to.”
“What about your mother?” Aurula asked.
Cynthia’s face turned dark. “Not gonna talk about that.” her arms reached down to her belly, although that body was just a dataspace construct. “I’m gonna do better anyways.”
While it wasn’t necessary to do so, and dataspace didn’t work that way, Otto had realized he habitually limited his perception as if he was looking through his physical eyes. This was a habit all of the Humans shared. Cynthia had ‘looked’ away from him and Aurula. So when Aurula opened her beak to say something Otto held up his hand in a clear sign to stop and she held her words. Cynthia never saw it.
“So, the bones,” Otto said warmly.
“Cynthia snapped out of it instantly. “Yeah! The bones. That gives me something to work with…” she suddenly turned meek. “Is it okay if I play with this for awhile?”
Otto frowned in thought. “Well, do what you can do right? Just don’t spend the whole time working on the fun stuff though.” She still had to finish the installation and set-up for her basic operator package, but he wasn’t wholly sure there weren’t other things that needed learning.
A message came across the communications from Stacey. “Otto, Aurula, can you come verify this for me?” she sent. “I’m not sure I have the pilot control right.”
Cynthia looked between them. “Well, I’ll keep working on what I need to work on,” she said with reluctance. “I think I should be okay for a bit.”
“I will be back soon,” Aurula told her.
“Okay, but you don’t have to push yourself,” Otto said to Cynthia with a smile. “We’re all still learning what we can do.”
The two of them dropped out of dataspace. Once fully back in the real world Otto sat up off his rock and approached the stone Aurula was sitting on.
“Need a hand up?” He asked, extending his left hand for her to grab.
Aurula froze solid for a moment as she give Otto one of her side looks, one deep black eye looking up at him. Tentatively she reached up and paused, giving him a good look at her softly scaled forearm and hand. She finally placed her taloned hand into his. This was new, she seemed oddly nervous. He wondered if and when he’d last offered her a hand like this before.
Once her hand was settled into his, he gripped firmly and helped lift as she smoothly came to her feet.
“Well, shall we see what Stacey is up to?” Otto asked.
“Ye-yes, of course.” Aurula replied, politely waving at him to go first.
Otto smiled and turned to walk. Aurula waited a moment and then followed behind, folding her hands in front of her and watching the Human closely.
When Otto had first met her, he’d easily noticed certain similarities she held to an Earth cockatiel. A small smiling beak, the cheek spots, although hers were black instead of a cockatiel’s signature orange cheeks. Her spots were also higher and further back on her head.
And of course the crest, made of the same blue feathers as the rest of her body, but for the white tips. He had seen her primary crest rise many times in pleasure or surprise. But the secondary crest, the feathers laying on her head behind the black spots, he hadn’t seen again.
He spent quite a bit of time around her really, but he hadn’t seen her full ‘tiara’ since that first meeting.
If only because he was looking away, he missed his chance to see it again.
Estate garage
Stacey was sitting on an office chair they had made for the garage console that served as the control for the two drone bays. Stacey had a couple designs queued up to look at. It had been a bit of work getting everything cleaned that they wanted to use.
The common designs that had been in use had been some if the most stable, but that corruption had been revealed in the poor movement and the hanging of drone logic that often caused them to stop firing during combat.
She had two custom variants of the small hover drone set aside in the dataspace, but was currently looking through the heavy combat drone she’d found the other day.
The arrival of Otto and Aurula was announced with a soft ping. The ping was relatively new, Otto had scared Stacey a couple times with the ease at which he would appear in the dataspace she was working. As an apology he’d come up with the friendly ping as a form of knocking.
Stacey turned her awareness toward them.”Hi guys, i finished the little hover drones,” she began, all business. “And I need the controls on the large one checked.”
Aurula was distracted by something else though. “Guys?” she asked.
“Oh! Sorry, it’s just a blanket term,” Stacey explained, “I’m not actually saying you’re a man.”
“Ah, a figure of speech,” Aurula replied. She reached out and drew the large drone model to herself, creating a copy to work with. She pulled out the control set and began looking through it.
At the same time Otto was combing through the logic on the two smaller hover drones. Stacey had made a defensive version and a sensor version. For the firepower she was depending on the large model hover and the members of the crew and whatever weapons they possessed.
For the defensive model Stacey had swapped the weapons out of the base model, put in a D-field generator instead and had enough room to upgrade the power source.
The sensor model of course had an improved sensor package that was better at reading biological signs. It also had the normal paired weapons. She had also found a higher performance anti grav drive.
“I wonder if the offensive drone would be better if it we had a smaller version,” Otto suggested. “They’ve been pretty easy to hit, if they aren’t going to have D-fields, more agility would probably help. We could managed that just as easily by making it smaller rather than giving it a more expensive drive."
“Well, they have the defensive drone to hide around,” Stacey countered. “The easiest way to shrink them is to reduce the power supply, but then they won’t be able to keep up when capturing the ship. And then I would have to downgrade the sensor and they couldn’t see much.”
“Hmm, the defensive drone can keep them under cover most of the time, true,” Otto acknowledged. “That doesn’t mean that will always be the case. But we could also make a mini drone without a weapon and just a sensor. We don’t want to call attention to it anyways.”
“I’m not against three different versions,” Stacey admitted. “I can whip something up pretty quick and a smaller sensor drone would probably be better for scouting without being spotted. There is still the power problem.”
Otto raised the false blue hand to his chin in thought. He then reached up and pulled the larger combat drone model up. It had the rounded anti-grav drive on the bottom, looking like a set of domes projecting from the bottom of the platform and a larger directly on the rear. The front of it had been extended out with a half windshield raised up in front of the new cockpit. The style of seat was that of a sportbike with a set of handles to hold onto.
The beam dome had been raised and the extra hull space had allowed for the larger generator and battery. Stacey had pushed those back and elongated the hull to make more room to make room for the pilot. The whole machine had a rounded and sleek look not so different from most of the Silianisca designs.
Otto spun the model around tapping on broad sections of the hull around the sides and back under the beam dome.
“Why don’t we place mini docking bays for the small drones on your combat hover?” Otto suggested. “They really don’t need to be buzzing around all the time anyways, and that hover has more than enough power generation to top them up if needed. We can also make a larger mount on the rear for the bigger shield drone.”
“Oh yeah! I can do that easily!” Stacey said with sudden excitement. “Yeah, I can put in about six small docks along with the one larger dock. I can totally make different little drones depending on what we want too!”
“Still, the combat hover is a lot more expensive materials wise than the regular types,” Otto noted. “It uses some rarer materials for the high end generator and battery. We might have enough for two with what we have on hand.”
“I’ve been looking into that a bit,” Stacey replied. “We do occasionally get some of the rare metals from the maintenance drones, but SPIRE says there is a matter converter in the central block along with the central stepdown generator core.”
“Hmm, that’s the second time the central block has come up in planning” Otto replied. “Guess it's time to start thinking about the Tower. Besides, it’s not like we have to capture the whole ship piecemeal.”
“...Sooner would indeed... be better,” SPIRE said, suddenly joining the conversation.
“Oh hey SPIRE, how did the self diagnostic go?”
“...I’ve cleaned the... visible corruption,” SPIRE said slowly. “...When you are finished with those scans... I will need you to do the final check.”
“SPIRE?” Otto said. “Are you okay?”
“...Of course…”
“Uhh…” Otto started and immediately trailed off.
Stacey and Otto looked each other in the eyes. “Don’t worry about this,” Stacey told him. “It sounds like you really need to go.”
“Yes,” Aurula agreed. “I am fine to inspect the control package.”
“Okay, I’m coming down to the basement SPIRE,” said Otto.
“... Very well…”
Otto dropped out of the dataspace he was sharing with Stacey and Aurula in the garage and headed back to the large residence for his harness. There was much he could do with the access disk and his own head, but it was important to have the extra support.
He went to the wall hangars they’d put just inside the door and picked his own harness down. He slung it over his shoulder and reached down to pull the straps between his legs. He snapped them in and reached up to pull the jack off the heavy collar and plugged it into his neck. The clasps pulled the harness in tight as he adjusted various… parts for comfort. He’d been pinched once before.
After that was settled he returned to the garage and headed down the steps behind the console Stacey was working on. It always threw him a bit coming down these stairs. The wall above the stairs was on the left, but going down the left opened up into the maintenance drone bay for the estate where they had put SPIRE and the right hand became the solid wall.
He walked up to the cradle and sat at the chair and console they’d build off to the right.
“Hey SPIRE, I’m here,” Otto spoke up. “Can you tell me what’s going on? You’re suffering some slowdown I think.”
“... Slowdown?” SPIRE responded after a moment. “... My perception may be… compromised…”
Otto dropped into dataspace but instead of his own castle, he was floating in space before a sphere. The diameter of the sphere was a football field and a half, but was otherwise identical to the realspace sphere that held SPIRE.
He took off and orbited the sphere a couple times looking for ‘visible’ signs of corruption.
“You’re gonna have to give me some directions SPIRE,” Otto spoke up “The problem isn’t visible from the outside, I’m going to need some access and a guide to areas that can affect your sense of time and self perception.”
He felt a ripple in the space as a shockwave passed through him. Just down and to his left a panel extended out from the sphere. It moved slowly, more so than his last visit. It shook and would intermittently stop. “... Access granted…” Spire finally replied. It took a few more moments for the panel to open right up. It was huge, There were four quadrants per hemisphere, and each quadrant had only four panels to it. That meant the surface consisted of only 32 panels in total. It was quite a bit bigger than him.
Otto floated over and looked underneath, there was an octagonal access tube in the center of the section, surrounded by blocks of glowing data and conduits that flashed with information flying around. Otto had been impressed the first and second times he’d seen this. This third time he was no less interested. He glided into the tube to explore into the dataspace construct.
Once inside SPIRE’s ‘space’ he could feel a subtle but pervasive pressure. Otto felt like he was deep underwater and had to steel himself against the feeling of the very space trying to push him back. He felt the pressure recede slightly as the support package in his collar ramped up, boosting his processing power.
“...How is… it?” SPIRE asked. The ‘air’ vibrated with the SI’s voice.
“Nothing yet,” Otto replied drifting down the corridor surrounded by walls of offset black boxes with glowing borders. Conduits would stick out at random points and run along to the corridor until they suddenly disappeared again. Only along the corners of the eight sided corridor were there permanent conduits running the length of the wall. One of those conduits was pulsing towards the inside of the structure, it's colour a bright green. This was the signpost SPIRE had given him to follow.
Every so often he would come to junction with various paths opening up into dedicated sections. Each of those paths could take off one of eight directions and would span a whole side, opening up into their own eight sided corridors. Another conduit would be set into the corner along those transitions and split off down the corridor as well. The pressure was rising faster than he remember last. Otto suspected he was coming close. He found a path leading straight ‘up’ from his orientation along which the green signpost went up into. He flew up and stopped almost right away.
“Well, I found it,” Otto spoke up. A grey oozing membrane had filled the whole corridor preventing further access.
“... This is an obscured part of… the infection,” SPIRE responded. “I do… not see any problems… in that portion.”
Otto frowned. It had always bothered him that SPIRE seemed to think only a small order of magnitude faster than the organics around it. So many times it felt like SPIRE should have been able to… to just do more. The man had a suspicion the SI had been limited by the Silianisca. If the infection hit the portion of the code that controlled or limited SPIRE’s ‘speed’ then Otto had a chance to learn something interesting.
If he could understand what he was looking at anyways. ‘Fixing’ thus far had often consisted of controlled damage. If he was careful in his application of cleaning, then he could extrapolate based on nearby components how to fix what he was looking at and SPIRE was able to fill in missing pieces.
This was dangerous. Otto knew it. But he was already doing what he could to learn how SPIRE worked and do the best he could to repair any problems found.
He clapped his hands and then spread them out, complex crystals of code forming at his palms and socketing into sides of an expanding crystal floating between his hands. After a few moments it was done, and the rainbow coloured spiky crystal flew out and struck the center of the membrane. A six point set of points facing Otto spit out a small six sided cylinder of data as the membrane ate the construct.
He grabbed the base of the cylinder and held it in front of his face. The six sides expanded out revealing a portion of the membrane being held in a lattice of glowing lines. The side of the cylinder facing him flashed a set of diagnostics telling him what variant of data corruption this was.
“It's a type 4,” Otto said. “Which could be good news.”
The designations were just what Otto had come up with. The various types tended to cause similar problems, but had slightly different methods and needed a different anti-type. Type 1 devoured and deleted, leaving empty data, like endless pages of blank paper. Type 2 converted, changing data into something else, typically corrupted junk that would attempt to misfire half formed programs. Type 3 copied, multiplying the section of data it had sprouted from like cancer cells. Type 4 overwhelmed, filling a section with junk data, slowing everything to a crawl. Sometimes there was nothing else under the type 4. Sometimes it was hiding one of the other types.
“That is… good but… I do not believe… I can support you at this… time.” SPIRE struggled to speak. “There is… interference.”
“That’s okay, save your capacity for yourself for the moment,” Otto reassured. He knew that if SPIRE couldn’t see it, the SI couldn’t effect repairs from it’s own side.
Out of the palm of his right hand formed another crystal which he placed into the center of the lattice trapped sample in his hand. It started to pulse and bubble and the cylinder closed up. He tossed the cylinder into the membrane, although this time a glowing line of information remained connected to his hand.
“Cleaning begun,” Otto reported.
The cylinder sunk into the membrane and began expanding outwards, it passed through the membrane and everything on the inside of the cylinder wall shrivelled up into ash and scattered like dust. Otto continued to process the cleaner and it expanded into the junk data forcing it's way down the corridor. He floated forwards as the area cleared, the walls around him started to reveal themselves. He knew he couldn’t see it but the cleaner would seep through the cracks in the walls around him and continue until the end of the corruption was found. He’d need SPIRE to allow him to sift through the data constructs to check for any remaining signs however. Otto simply wasn’t skilled enough to separate and inspect the code by himself. That he could already do as much as he could had impressed the SI greatly.
He pushed himself down the hallway, following the now rapidly advancing border as the junk data was wiped away.
“How are you doing there SPIRE?”
“I believe I am… seeing some improvement.”
“You sound like it too.”
The barrier continued to push ahead, leaving Otto behind, although staying tethered to the hand he was holding up. Another path opened up to his left, the pulsing green conduit leading into it. He turned the corner and instantly recoiled.
[Quick Command: Defense, regenerating barrier]
A blue, translucent six sided panel appeared in front of Otto and identical panels started popping into existence expanding out from the first in the next instant.
A segmented worm slammed into the barrier and tried to chew it’s way through with a maw that opened up to inky darkness. The scaled shell of it’s body glittered with white light. Anything directly in front of it's mouth quickly disintegrated. Otto had chosen well with the regenerating barrier. But the worm was winning
“SPIRE! Can you lend me some capacity?”
“Easily… done.”
He felt the pressure of the space give way as his own presence gained weight. The barrier began to fill in faster and Otto issued another command.
[Command. Full build, Tesla Orb, designate target path, building....]
The worm had struggled and flailed as is chewed at the barrier, running it’s mouth back and forth looking for a way past but not finding one.
Previously it had taken time to fully build this same attack program that had finished the Spectrum agent. This time with Otto’s own slight equipment upgrades and the significant direct support from SPIRE the program built in an instant. Otto had learned how to properly use a touch of command language and had used that to set his quick combat programs. He understood it as a Sapient Intelligence’ language of concepts and he only spoke it like a baby, limited to base words. Even so it executed the command and the program was formed before Otto would have been able to speak a single syllable of english. It worked as quickly as he could form his thoughts.
The almost clear orb that formed above his head crackled with lightning arcing between a second solid black orb inside it and the outer layer. Three connected rings surrounded the orb, joined to each other at each primary axis point and anchored to the orb by a spike that pierced into the center. An arc of power lanced out from the orb.
It blasted directly through one of the panels and stuck the body of the worm. The space shook as the worm vented it's distress with unformed waves of pressure. It writhed in panic as the arc passed all the way down to the tail of the worm and it began to disintegrate from the inside out, patches of damage quickly showing through.
“Well that surprised me,” Otto sighed as the thing broke up into particles of junk data.
“Now that you… have eliminated it, I see the traces of a worm,” SPIRE spoke. “It was blocking self perception, I can begin… self repair.”
“Oh, that’s good, you gonna be okay?”
“Mostly… yes. I expect a small amount of drift… however.”
“Drift?” Otto asked with worry.
“Yes, nothing serious has been damaged, I will... be able to restore damaged sections to full capacity, but the construction of the code may change slightly,” SPIRE explained. “I will need you to examine... some code blocks in person to assure proper function.”
“How dangerous is the drift?”
“It is within… acceptable parameters. I cannot remove the… drift until I can sync with the original template.”
“Any place you want me to start?” Otto said, frowning. Double checking code was a painful task, he wasn’t looking forward to it. On the other hand, he was interested in what he could potentially learn.
“Of course, if you could trace... the path of the worm, that would likely be best.”
Otto had been looking down the corridor as they spoke, resuming the function of the cleaner expanding through the section. He could see sections of this new corridor eroded away where the worm had burrowed through. He began following it back, highlighting damaged sections as he went.
“Okay, let’s see what I can find.”
End Chapter
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Difference Between Artificial Tree and RealTree

Difference Between Artificial Tree and RealTree
When choosing large artificial trees, one size (tree) does not fit all (environments). That’s why they are proud to offer small, mid-size, and large artificial outdoor trees and indoor flowering plants. The industry has come a long way since the inception of the artificial Christmas tree over a century and a half ago. Today, hundreds of species of small and large plastic trees and plants are available for purchase; from colorful Wisteria and Cherry Blossoms Trees to the tropical Date Palms and majestic Oak Trees, all of which are available in different shapes, sizes, colors or foliage densities.
Artificial Tree V/S Real Tree
We all love live trees. No one can replace or debate the beauty and environmental benefits of live trees. However, living trees require suitable environments, costly maintenance, and future replacement costs when placed in an indoor environment. Our botanical beauties may look like the real thing, but they’re practically maintenance-free. They require no traditional plant upkeep of any kind, other than an occasional cleaning. Our large fake trees are specifically designed to bring you years of lasting splendor while freeing you from the cost and inconvenience of:
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When it comes to artificial indoor trees, nobody does it better than this company. Our renowned Preserved Palms are astoundingly realistic because they craft them from real palm tree parts. By employing a proprietary process that ingeniously replaces water with organic preservatives, they bring new life to the palm fronds and bark of every tree we build. Their vast catalog of fabricated indoor trees runs the full spectrum from realism to fantasy, including everything from expansive Sugar Maples to magnificent Magnolias, to rustic Mediterranean Olive Trees. They’ve created Oak and Banyan Trees that span 30 feet tall, and Bamboo and Palm Trees that reach 70 feet tall. The only limit for artificial trees? Your imagination.
What are IFR Trees?
The faux trees and plants renaissance in America began in the 1920s when speakeasies and nightclubs began to utilize artificial materials within their elaborate design themes. They frequently utilized these to duplicate equatorial products like palms and flowers. From Hollywood to New York City, movie stars and mobsters alike could be found dancing to large orchestras under the arching fronds of artificial palm trees. In 1942, the industry came to an abrupt halt when the ‘synthetic palm tree decorations’ at the Cocoanut Grove nightclub in Boston, Massachusetts caught fire, killing 492 people. During the past 70 years, researchers and historians have identified dozens of safety violations that contributed to that fire.
Industry Changes for Artificial Trees
It was a turning point in the artificial decoration industry, and manufacturers were asked to begin using non-flammable materials. By the mid-1970s, new fire safety regulations were in place. They prevent commercial properties from placing specific non-IFR decorative elements indoors. In 1989, The Mirage Resort and Casino opened in Las Vegas, Nevada. The excellent features of this brand are new, proprietary, IFR, Preserved Palm Trees and a new chapter in the indoor artificial tree industry began. The company set a new criterion for elegance and safety, both of which remain to this day.
How Are IFR Trees Made?
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IFR Trees
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CNN President Jeff Zucker and his Relationship to Trump: Ratings are King

In another thread, in another sub, a redditor called out CNN for constantly covering Trump (including broadcasting his entire 2020 campaign rally in Phoenix on Tuesday) and asked "didn't they learn their lesson last year?"
To answer that question, I ended up putting together a pretty lengthy little post examining the reasoning behind their constant Trump coverage and CNN's relentless quest for ratings. It ended up being a crash course in the long personal and professional history between Donald Trump and Jeff Zucker, President of CNN.
It is constructed mostly out of excerpts from profiles/articles about Zucker and Trump and CNN coverage.
After finishing the post, I felt that perhaps more people might appreciate it so I'm sharing it here with y'all.
I hope you find it interesting.
Let me know if there is anything worth mentioning/correcting/expanding/exploring.
I'm certain it isn't perfectly put together, but I attempted to make it understandable and flow well so that it was actually readable. I also tried to make it so if you just read the bold parts you'll still get the gist.
If this breaks the subreddit rules or anything, please let me know what I can do to fix it.
Anyway, please enjoy!
TL;DR: "It may not be good for America, but it's damn good for CBS!" - Les Moonves, the Chairman, President, and CEO of CBS. Or, in other words, Ratings are King.
Bottom Line: Zucker treats the fate of the country like it's disposable entertainment, and Donald Trump does the same, and that is why nothing works.
(srsly CNN, didn’t you fuckers learn last year?)
Unfortunately, CNN and the rest of cable news learned a very specific lesson from the election coverage last year: that Trump is good for ratings.
CNN, in particular, took this lesson to heart.
However, it was a lesson that President of CNN Worldwide Jeff Zucker was already well versed in... as he helped create the Donald Trump that we know today.
Let's take a closer look at CNN and their coverage of Trump:
“It’s a not-unfair knock on CNN to say that they went all in on Trump and helped him enormously,” Ken Lerer, co-founder of the Huffington Post and BuzzFeed, said in a recent onstage interview at City University of New York’s journalism school. “I think it was a strategy, a programming strategy.” (source: Washington Post, 10/2/16)
"[CNN and Jeff Zucker, President of CNN Worldwide since 2013, had] found a story to ride, “the biggest story we could ever imagine,” he says. And as it turns out, the only thing better than having Donald Trump on your network is having him attack it. Trump’s war against CNN has amounted to a form of product placement — “earned media,” you could say — giving its anchors and correspondents starring roles in the ongoing political drama[...] It has also been good for business. Last year, CNN’s average daytime audience was up more than 50 percent, and its prime-time audience 70 percent. The network earned nearly $1 billion [in 2016]; it was the most profitable year in CNN’s history. Ratings are up again this year, which is expected to be more profitable still. And CNN’s newfound relevance may not be fully monetized until a few years from now, when its parent company, Turner Broadcasting System, renegotiates subscription fees with a variety of cable providers.l. [...] CNN's digital operation has become a revenue generator in its own right, bringing in $300 million in 2016. (source: New York Times, 4/4/17)
[...] The media-measurement firm mediaQuant calculated that [during the 2016 election cycle] Trump received the equivalent of $5.8 billion in free media — known as “earned media,” as opposed to paid advertising — over the course of the election, $2.9 billion more than Hillary Clinton. [...] A data scientist calculated that CNN mentioned Trump’s name nearly eight times more frequently than that of the [Republican Primaries] second-place finisher, Ted Cruz. (source: NYT, 4/4/17)
CNN was hardly the only news organization to provide saturation coverage of the Trump campaign. [...] But CNN was the first major news organization to give Trump’s campaign prolonged and sustained attention. [Trump] was a regular guest in the network’s studios from the earliest days of the primaries, often at Zucker’s suggestion. (according to Joe Scarborough, Trump referred to Zucker as his “personal booker.”) When Trump preferred not to appear in person, he frequently called in [to CNN shows]. Nor did CNN ever miss an opportunity to broadcast a Trump rally or speech, building the suspense with live footage of an empty lectern. (source: NYT, 4/4/17)
[In the summer of 2015, days away from Trump's official announcement of his candidacy], Trump complained to CNN that his interviews on the network were always followed by conversations among panelists who all seemed to hate him. The network asked Trump to suggest the names of some people who would defend him. One of those whom he mentioned was Jeffrey Lord. [...] Lord made his CNN debut in July 2015 [the same month Trump announced his presidential campaign]. Two weeks later, CNN offered Lord a job as the network’s first pro-Trump contributor. [...] [As of early April], he is one of 12 Trump partisans on CNN’s payroll and perhaps the network’s most reliable, if mild-mannered, provocateur. (source: NYT, 4/4/17)
As Zucker sees it, his pro-Trump panelists are not just spokespeople for a worldview; they are “characters in a drama,” members of CNN’s extended ensemble cast. “Everybody says, ‘Oh, I can’t believe you have Jeffrey Lord or Kayleigh McEnany,’ but you know what?” Zucker told me with some satisfaction. “They know who Jeffrey Lord and Kayleigh McEnany are.” (source: GQ, 4/7/17)
(On August 5th, 2017, Kayleigh McEnany left CNN to become the host of a pro-Trump news show on Donald Trump's Facebook page. On August 7, the RNC announced that McEnany would be appointed as its national spokesperson for television and radio. (source: Wikipedia) I think it is safe to assume her prominent positioning on CNN raised her profile and will enable her to draw in even more viewers for Trump's personal propaganda channel and for her RNC appearances.)
(On August 10th, 2017, Jeffrey Lord fired from CNN for tweeting "Sieg Heil!" at a liberal activist. (source: CNN, 8/10/17) Trump responded at his rally in Phoenix on Tuesday, “They fired Jeffrey Lord. Poor Jeffrey,” Trump said, shaking his head gently and sounding exasperated, his arms outstretched and palms raised, as if in prayer. “Jeffrey Lord. I guess he was getting a little bit fed up, and he was probably fighting back a little too hard.”) (source: WaPo, 8/22/17)
Had Trump lost the election, CNN would probably have returned to its previously scheduled struggle for survival. Instead, it has become more central to the national conversation than at any point in the network’s history since the first gulf war.** And the man who is presiding over this historic moment at CNN [Jeff Zucker] happens to be the same one who was in some part responsible for Donald Trump’s political career. (source: NYT, 4/4/17)
Let's take a closer look at CNN President Jeff Zucker's and Donald Trump's related history:
It’s hard to imagine that either Trump or Zucker would be where he is today without the other. Trump’s foray into reality TV gave Zucker a prime-time hit when he badly needed one at NBC; now, Trump’s foray into politics has given Zucker a big story when he badly needed one at CNN. It’s a symbiotic relationship that could only thrive in the world of television, where the borders between news and entertainment, and even fantasy and reality, have grown increasingly murky. (source: NYT, 4/4/17)
It was Jeff Zucker who, [in 2004] as President of NBC, broadcast “The Apprentice” at a time when Donald Trump was little more than an overextended real estate promoter with a failing casino business. [It was The Apprentice], more than anything, [that] reversed Trump’s fortunes, recasting a local tabloid villain as the people’s prime-time billionaire. And it was Zucker who, as President of CNN, broadcast the procession of made-for-TV events — the always news-making interviews; the rallies; debates; the “major policy addresses” that never really were — that helped turn Trump into the Republican front-runner at a time when few others took his candidacy seriously. (source: NYT, 4/4/17)
[Soon after the premier of The Apprentice], Zucker was introducing Trump to advertisers as the man who saved NBC. But Zucker saved Trump, too. He had been through four bankruptcies at this point, with a fifth and sixth around the corner. And yet, in just a few years’ time, Trump would have his own star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame and would be dreaming of leveraging his new celebrity into a bid for the White House. (source: NYT, 4/4/17)
[When] Zucker’s name came up for the [President of] CNN job in 2012 [...] One of those who lobbied on his behalf was Trump. (source: NYT, 4/4/17)
It's not hard to see the profound effect that Zucker has had on Trump, and vice versa. Both men love ratings. Both men love attention. Both men love the art of spectacle, even when it's not backed by substance. Zucker treats the fate of the country like it's disposable entertainment, and Donald Trump does the same, and that is why nothing works. (source: GQ, 4/7/17)
Let's take a closer look at Jeff Zucker's and Donald Trump's relationship:
“I like Donald,” Jeff Zucker told me, before quickly correcting himself. “I guess I shouldn’t call him that. I like President Trump. He’s affable. He’s funny.” (source: GQ, 4/7/17)
Zucker half-jokingly tried to persuade Trump to let him televise his wedding to Melania at Mar-a-Lago in 2005. He failed, but attended as a guest. (source: NYT, 4/4/17)
[In Spring of 2016], as Trump was steaming toward the Republican nomination, Zucker ran into him in the men’s room in the network’s Washington bureau. Trump was powdering his face before an interview. “You think any of this would have happened without ‘The Apprentice?”, Trump asked, as Zucker moved past him. “Nope,” Zucker answered. (source: NYT, 4/4/17)
After securing the nomination, though, Trump made the calculation that he would be better off simply turning against certain media outlets. [...] Jared Kushner told Zucker, who attended Kushner’s wedding to Ivanka Trump in 2009, over the phone that in the future, Trump would be doing interviews with only friendly outlets. Zucker said that he thought this was a mistake. He suggested that Kushner speak to one of his [CNN's] contributors, former Obama campaign official David Axelrod, whose Obama research showed that CNN’s viewers represent a key voting bloc. “You can’t win without us,” Zucker said. (source: NYT, 4/4/17)
[A few days after the general election] Jeff Zucker called Trump from his son’s Saturday-afternoon Little League game to congratulate him. “I thought I needed CNN to win,” the president-elect said. “Imagine how much you would have won by if you had been on CNN,” Zucker replied. They spoke for half an hour. “That was the first minute, and the next 29 was an incredibly good and warm and nice conversation,” Zucker recalled. (source: GQ, 4/7/17)
Later that month, Zucker was invited to Trump Tower for a meeting that Trump called with TV news anchors and executives. It was pitched as a kind of rapprochement, but Trump instead used the occasion to berate his guests. He called out CNN in particular, accusing it of dishonest reporting. “He was attacking CNN, but in a little more of a playful way, because he knew me,” Zucker says. “He was being an ass but in a playful way.” The other members of the media — who would come under heavy criticism for agreeing to subject themselves to this semipublic scolding, and in an off-the-record setting — dispersed when the meeting was over. Jeff Zucker stayed behind for a photoshoot for CNN's cofee table book on the election; he went upstairs to Trump’s offices and hung around for the shoot. “He was incredibly chummy with me, incredibly friendly,” Zucker says. "It was the old Donald-and-Jeff relationship — the relationship of two people who have known each other for 15 years, who had a long relationship, who always had a cordial relationship. (source: GQ, 4/7/17)
That night, Trump would be delivering his first address to Congress. [...] Zucker told me he was worried that CNN wasn’t giving the event the attention it deserved. [...] “I think we are underplaying how big a day this is from Trump. [He] gets another shot to start again.” (source: NYT, 4/4/17)
That night, Trump would be delivering his first address to Congress. [...] Zucker told me he was worried that CNN wasn’t giving the event the attention it deserved. [...] “I think we are underplaying how big a day this is from Trump,” an email from Zucker concluded. “[Trump] gets another shot to start again.” (source: NYT, 4/4/17)
Their relationship has seemingly soured since December, when they had what Zucker describes as "not a good conversation." (source: NYT, 2/16/17)
However, it appears Jeff Zucker's relationship with the money and ratings that Trump brings him and CNN hasn't changed.
It's not hard to see the profound effect that Zucker has had on Trump, and vice versa. Both men love ratings. Both men love attention. Both men love the art of spectacle, even when it's not backed by substance. Zucker treats the fate of the country like it's disposable entertainment, and Donald Trump does the same, and that is why nothing works. (source: GQ, 4/7/17)
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The Trump Files,” by Mother Jones | a series of telling episodes, strange but true stories, or curious scenes from the life of Donald Trump. [this article is the last entry of the series. At the bottom of the page, it lists all the links to previous articles, totaling 108, not including this one.]
Here's the list if you're curious:
Trump Files #1: The Time Andrew Dice Clay Thanked Donald for the Hookers
Trump Files #2: When Donald Tried to Stop Charlie Sheen’s Marriage to Brooke Mueller
Trump Files #3: The Brief Life of the “Trump Chateau for the Indigent”
Trump Files #4: Donald Thinks Asbestos Fears Are a Mob Conspiracy (Asbestos just “got a bad rap,” Trump insists.)
Trump Files #5: Donald’s Nuclear Negotiating Fantasy
Trump Files #6: Donald Wants a Powerball for Spies
Trump Files #7: Donald Gets An Allowance
Trump Files #8: The Time He Went Bananas on a Water Cooler [this one is hilarious]
Trump Files #9: The Great Geico Boycott
Trump Files #10: Donald Trump, Tax-Hike Crusader
Trump Files #11: Watch Donald Trump Say He Would Have Done Better as a Black Man
Trump Files #12: Donald Can’t Multiply 17 and 6
Trump Files #13: Watch Donald Sing the “Green Acres” Theme Song in Overalls
Trump Files #14: The Time Donald Trump Pulled Over His Limo to Stop a Beating [he didn't help out the victim or reported the incidence to the police, he simply left.]
Trump Files #15: When Donald Wanted to Help the Clintons Buy Their House
Trump Files #16: He Once Forced a Small Business to Pay Him Royalties for Using the Word “Trump”
Trump Files #17: He Dumped Wine on an “Unattractive Reporter”
Trump Files #18: Behold the Hideous Statue He Wanted to Erect In Manhattan
Trump Files #19: When Donald Was “Principal for a Day” and Confronted by a Fifth-Grader
Trump Files #20: In 2012, Trump Begged GOP Presidential Candidates to Be Civil
Trump Files #21: When Donald Couldn’t Tell the Difference Between Gorbachev and an Impersonator
Trump Files #22: His Football Team Treated Its Cheerleaders “Like Hookers”
Trump Files #23: Donald Tried to Shut Down a Bike Race Named “Rump”
Trump Files #24: When Donald Called Out Pat Buchanan for Bigotry
Trump Files #25: Donald’s Most Ridiculous Appearance on Howard Stern’s Show (The mogul got into a nasty 3o-minute fight with a gossip columnist.)
Trump Files #26: How Donald Tricked New York Into Giving Him His First Huge Deal
Trump Files #27: Donald Told Congress the Reagan Tax Cuts Were Terrible
Trump Files #28: When Donald Destroyed Historic Art to Build Trump Tower
Trump Files #29: Donald Wanted to Build an Insane Castle on Madison Avenue
Trump Files #30: Donald’s Near-Death Experience (That He Invented)
Trump Files #31: When Donald Struck Oil on the Upper West Side
Trump Files #32: When Donald Massacred Trees in the Trump Tower Lobby
Trump Files #33: When Donald Demanded Other People Pay for His Overpriced Quarterback
Trump Files #34: The Time Donald Sued Someone Who Made Fun of Him for $500 Million
Trump Files #35: Donald Tried to Make His Ghostwriter Pay for His Book Party
Trump Files #36: Watch Donald Shave a Man’s Head on Television
Trump Files #37: How Donald Helped Make It Harder to Get Football Tickets
Trump Files #38: Donald Was Curious About His Baby Daughter’s Breasts
Trump Files #39: When Democrats Courted Donald
Trump Files #40: Watch the Trump Vodka Ad Designed for a Russian Audience
Trump Files #41: Donald’s Cologne Smelled of Jamba Juice and Strip Clubs
Trump Files #42: Donald Sued Other People Named Trump for Using Their Own Name
Trump Files #43: Donald Thinks Asbestos Would Have Saved the Twin Towers
Trump Files #44: Why Donald Threw a Fit Over His “Trump Tree” in Central Park
Trump Files #45: Watch Trump Endorse Slim Shady for President
Trump Files #46: The Easiest 13 Cents He Ever Made [by cashing a free 13 cent check that a reporter sent out to find out how cheap some of the city’s richest figures were]
Trump Files #47: The Time Donald Burned a Widow’s Mortgage
Trump Files #48: Donald’s Recurring Sex Dreams
Trump Files #49: Trump’s Epic Insult Fight With Ed Koch
Trump Files #50: Donald Has Some Advice for Citizen Kane
Trump Files #51: Donald Once Turned Down a Million-Dollar Bet on “Trump: The Game”
Trump Files #52: When Donald Tried to Shake Down Mike Tyson for $2 Million
Trump Files #53: Donald and Melania’s Creepy, Sex-Filled Interview With Howard Stern
Trump Files #54: Donald’s Mega-Yacht Wasn’t Big Enough For Him
Trump Files #55: When Donald Got in a Fight With Martha Stewart
Trump Files #56: Donald Reenacts an Iconic Scene From Top Gun
Trump Files #57: How Donald Tried to Hide His Legal Troubles to Get His Casino Approved
Trump Files #58: Donald’s Wall Street Tower Is Filled With Crooks
Trump Files #59: When Donald Took Revenge by Cutting Off Health Coverage for a Sick Infant
Trump Files #60: Donald Couldn’t Name Any of His “Handpicked” Trump U Professors
Trump Files #61: Watch a Clip of the Awful TV Show Trump Wanted to Make About Himself
Trump Files #62: Donald Perfectly Explains Why He Doesn’t Have a Presidential Temperament (“The important thing is the getting…not the having.”) [he gets bored easily]
Trump Files #63: Donald’s Petty Revenge on Connie Chung
Trump Files #64: Why Donald Called His 4-Year-Old Son a “Loser” [because his son trusted him. One of Trump's motto is NEVER trust anyone, ever. A short YouTube video clip is embedded in the article.]
Trump Files #65: The Time Donald Called Some of His Golf Club Members “Spoiled Rich Jewish Guys”
Trump Files #66: “Always Be Around Unsuccessful People,” Donald Recommends, ("because everybody will respect you."
Trump Files #67: Donald Said His Life Was “Shit.” Here’s Why.
Trump Files #68: Donald Filmed a Music Video. It Didn’t Go Well.
Trump Files #69: Donald Claimed “More Indian Blood” Than the Native Americans Competing With His Casinos
Trump Files #70: Donald Has Been Inflating His Net Worth for 40 Years
Trump Files #71: Donald Weighs In on “Ghetto Supastar”
Trump Files #72: The Deadly Powerboat Race Donald Hosted in Atlantic City
Trump Files #73: When Donald Fat-Shamed Miss Universe
Trump Files #74: Yet Another Time Donald Sued Over the Word “Trump”
If there’s one thing Donald Trump is determined to protect, it’s his name. From a brand of business cards to two real estate developers with the same last name, Trump has never held back from suing over the word “trump.”
Trump Files #75: Donald Thinks Exercising Might Kill You
Trump Files #76: Donald’s Big Book of Hitler Speeches
Trump Files #77: When Donald Ran Afoul of Ancient Scottish Heraldry Law
Trump Files #78: Donald Accuses a Whiskey Company of Election Fraud
Trump Files #79: When Donald’s Anti-Japanese Comments Came Back to Haunt Him
Trump Files #80: The Shady Way Fred Trump Tried to Save His Son’s Casino
Trump Files #81: Donald’s Creepy Poolside Parties in Florida
Trump Files #82: Donald Gives a Lesson in How Not to Ski With Your Kids
Trump Files #83: Listen to Donald Brag About His Affairs—While Pretending to Be Someone Else
Trump Files #84: How Donald Made a Fortune by Dumping His Debt on Other People “I wasn’t representing anybody but myself.” [What Trump did was particularly outrageous]
Trump Files #85: The Saga of Donald’s Short-Lived Weight-Loss Program
Trump Files #86: When Donald Bought a Nightclub From an Infamous Mobster
Trump Files #87: Donald Sues Himself—And Wins!
Trump Files #88: Donald’s War on His Scottish Neighbors
Trump Files #89: When Donald Had to Prove He Was Not the Son of an Orangutan
Trump Files #90: Donald Made Charity Pledges In His Dead Brother’s Name, Then Apparently Never Delivered
Trump Files #91: There Once Was a Horse Named DJ Trump [Trump made a deal to a horse from a racehorse owner. Trump did not pay and started to demand more conditions for buying the horse. In the end, one of Trump's executives bought the horse after it contracted a virus which resulted in amputation]
Trump Files #92: How Donald’s Lawyers Dealt With His Constant Lying [always bring someone as a potential witness]
Trump Files #93: Donald Flipped Out When an Analyst (Correctly) Predicted His Casino’s Failure
Trump Files #94: Cosmo Once Asked Donald to Pose Nude for $50,000
Trump Files #95: Donald Attacks a Reporter Who Questioned His Claim to Own the Empire State Building
Trump Files #96: When He Had the Hots for Princess Diana and Then Denied It
Trump Files #97: Famous Tic Tac Gobbler Donald Trump Had This Breath Advice for Larry King [to demonstrate his shock tactic to throw his opponent off balance]
Trump Files #98: How Donald Drove Palm Beach Nuts With an [gargantuan] American Flag [on a very tall flagpole] [this story has a lot of twists and turns -- not in a good way]
Trump Files #99: Trump Finds the Silver Lining in an Ebola Outbreak [how Trump would handle medical emergencies]
Trump Files #100: How Donald Screwed Over New York City on His Tax Bill
Trump Files #101: Donald’s Words to a Grieving Mother (Even the death of a child couldn’t keep Donald Trump from talking about hitting on the boy’s mother.)
Trump Files #102: Trump’s Long History of Getting Sued by His Own Lawyers
Trump Files #103: Watch Donald Get Booed Mercilessly at Wrigley Field
Trump Files #104: Trump Wanted a TV Show of Him Ogling Women
Trump Files #105: Guess Who Gave Donald His Big Awards (Hint: Three of the board members had the last name “Trump.”)
Trump Files #106: When a Sleazy Hot-Tub Salesman Tried to Take Donald Trump’s Name
Trump Files #107: The Time Donald Trump Got Called Out for Failing to Hire Minorities
Trump Files #108: Donald Accuses “Miss Nude Southern USA” of Trademark Infringement
This one is not listed: The Trump Files: When Donald Won an Election…of Sexy Billionaires
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Superior King room at the Palms Las Vegas (3/14/12) The Palms Las Vegas Corner Wraparound Suite Room 27202 Penthouse Villa Newly Renovated Palms Resort & Casino After $690 Million Renovation ... Tour of Ivory Tower Room at the Palms Tour the Palms Fantasy Suites - YouTube Tour of Fantasy Tower Room at The Palms Hotel and Resort ... Palms Casino Resort Las Vegas - Resort King Room **Newly ... Palms Casino Resort Room Tour 2019 - YouTube

Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas Picture: fantasy tower room - Check out Tripadvisor members' 50,075 candid photos and videos of Palms Casino Resort Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas Picture: View from top of the fantasy tower - Check out Tripadvisor members' 68,977 candid photos and videos. Palms Casino Fantasy Tower on BEV not GE/GM (Google Maps). Explore Palms Casino Fantasy Tower on BEV not GE/GM in Las Vegas, NV as it appears on Google Maps as well as pictures, stories and other notable nearby locations on Fantasy Strip View King. Floor-to-ceiling views, walk-in shower and a 65″ TV—the perfect room you’ll hardly stay in. read more. Fantasy Two Queen. Floor-to-ceiling views, walk-in shower and a 65″ TV—the perfect room you’ll hardly stay in. read more. Suites. View All Suites. Fantasy Salon Corner Suite. Spa day. Every day. read more. Fantasy Executive Suite. Live large. read more ... Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas Picture: fantasy tower room - Check out Tripadvisor members' 50,067 candid photos and videos. Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas Picture: Superior Room in Fantasy Tower - Check out Tripadvisor members' 50,035 candid photos and videos. Palms Fantasy Tower: Name of Complex: Palms Resort: Other Names: The Palms Resort - Tower II, The Palms Resort - Playboy Tower: Structure Type: Building: Status: Completed: Country: United States: City: Las Vegas: Street Address & Map 4321 West Flamingo Road: Postal Code: 89103: Building Function hotel / casino: Structural Material: concrete Construction Start : 2004: Completion: 2006 ... Palms Casino Resort: Fantasy tower, fantasy vacation - See 3,710 traveler reviews, 1,699 candid photos, and great deals for Palms Casino Resort at Tripadvisor. Fantasy tower, fantasy vacation: Palms Casino Resort - See 3,710 traveller reviews, 1,699 photos, and cheap deals for Palms Casino Resort at Tripadvisor. Palms Casino Resort: Stayed in the Fantasy Tower Suites! - See 3,710 traveler reviews, 1,699 candid photos, and great deals for Palms Casino Resort at Tripadvisor.

[index] [19430] [9577] [9712] [21305] [20370] [15355] [24422] [32609] [30727] [29004]

Superior King room at the Palms Las Vegas (3/14/12)

Palms Casino Resort Room Tour. This is the Fantasy corner king room at the Palms Casino resort in Las Vegas. This is a beautiful hotel with jaw dropping view... Palms Casino Resort Las Vegas - Grand Suite Fantasy Tower - Duration: 5:27. The Vegas Paradise 6,396 views. 5:27 . Las Vegas Journeys - Episode 62 "Winning at The D on Fremont Street" - Duration ... Jon Gray, Assistant to George Maloof, gives a tour of the different Fantasy Suites located at the Palms Casino Resort. From bowling to basketball, the suites... Penthouse Suite Tour at the Palms - Ivory Tower - Duration: 4:58. codyj2693 4,463 views. 4:58 . Arriving to Las Vegas and to our Hotel The Excalibur - Duration: 9:51. sbourtis 58,822 views. 9:51 ... A tour of the new Resort King Room at Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, from November 2018. This newly remodeled 460 sq ft room is updated with the new gold ... Palms Resort & Casino in Las Vegas just about finished their $690 million dollar renovation. Lets do a walk thru and see what's new. This was filmed in April... Quick tour of a room in the Fantasy Tower at The Palms Hotel and Resort. The tv is really nice, it's a large 4k. The bed is probably one of the most comforta... Here is a quick view of a Hotel room in the Ivory Towers at The Palms Hotel and Casino. The room is wonderful as I've come to expect from The Palms. The king size bed is like sleeping on a cloud ...