State Defends Referendum on Casinos - The New York Times

NOW THAT FLORIDA faces its own casino-gambling referendum in November, many have made the pilgrimage to Atlantic City in search of the truth about gambling's impact on a community. Locals like In contrast, the 1974 gambling referendum was defeated by a total vote of 1,202,638 to 790,777. Atlantic City voters overwhelmingly supported the casino question and they also voted in favor of a To revive the city, the voters of New Jersey decided in 1976 in a referendum for legalized gambling in Atlantic City - two years after they had voted in a referendum earlier against it. Finally on May 26, in 1978 the first legal casino in the eastern United States opened. Others followed shortly afterwards along the beach promenade. After a certain time, the legalization of gambling actually In 1976, New Jersey voters passed a referendum to legalize gambling, with the promise that this industry would revitalize Atlantic City and bring full-time jobs to the area, jobs the TRENTON. May 3—The State Assembly passed today a resolution to place a referendum on the November ballot asking voters whether they want casino gambling in Atlantic City. The new referendum provides for private ownership under state control, limits the casino gambling to Atlantic City and dedicates the proceeds to aid the elderly and the infirm. Delaware Charitable Gambling Referendum (1984) Delaware Slot Machines Referendum (1976) Florida. Florida Amendment 13, Ban on Wagering on Dog Races Amendment (2018) Florida Amendment 3, Voter Approval of Casino Gambling Initiative (2018) Florida Casino Authorization, Amendment 2 (1986) Florida Casino Gambling, Amendment 9 (1978) Since 1976, casino gaming has been limited to Atlantic City and this area is now floundering. Proponents of the referendum feel gaming in the northern portion of the state will bring in revenues as well as help with competition from neighboring states. If voters approve, two casinos will be allowed in this region. In 1976 New Jersey voters passed a referendum to legalize gambling Several from EC 201/202 at North Carolina State University Development: Casino gaming was approved by statewide referendum in 1976, with casinos restricted to Atlantic City. There is no legislative limit on the number of licenses or machines permitted. The legislative intent was to use gambling as a unique tool for urban revitalization of Atlantic City, and to generate revenue to establish new or expanded programs to benefit senior citizens and

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