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Kava Coins – Cryptocurrency for Social Casino Games

Kava’s CasinoLife is a social casino gaming platform for VR, Mobile and Web. CasinoLife features a new Stellar powered token called KAVA Coins (Symbol: KAVA) as its premium currency for players to purchase premium game content. CasinoLife’s first game titled “CasinoLife Poker” is highly rated on Apple, Google and Facebook App Stores. CasinoLife Poker rewards players with KAVA Coins for engaging with the game and building their social network.

Please see FunFair Technologies' forum /funfairtech

FunFair provides blockchain-powered solutions to the online gaming industry. Using the latest Ethereum technology, FunFair delivers low cost, high quality, transparent casino experiences which can open up the global gaming market.

The rise of the online casino industry in India

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Supraorbs -A decentralized gaming solution for the online casino Industry.

Supraorbs -A decentralized gaming solution for the online casino Industry.
Supraorbs is an innovative and unique solution on a decentralized application for betting and casino game lovers across the borders. Online casino gaming is conducted virtually on the blockchain network, including virtual slot machines, casino games, and live betting in sports. In the very beginning, an online gambling venue opened to the general public was ticketing for the Liechtenstein International Lottery that took place in October 1994. Previous casino options, most likely slot machines, were mechanical, and on those machines, the big payoffs were €50 or €100, but in today's world, cryptocurrency users expect big hits are continuously searching for the right platform to place their bets.
Online Crypto Gaming
SUPRAORBs is a game-changer for the casino industry, integrating Blockchain Technology with Online casinos, resulting in a decentralized application and the most significant opportunity for players to earn profits without risking the crucial details. Industrial revolution 4.0 provides technological advancement that will alter how we earn, play, and live comfortable lives that suit us. Decentralized Finance provides the security and transparency for users to adopt Supraorbs with a swift onboard process. Blockchain technology provides trust in Smart Contracts that automates the process of safe transactions in real-time. Players are entirely secure from any kinds of frauds because of its immutability. We are talking about a Decentralized Games where you access your cryptocurrency on a peer-to-peer (P2P) network.
Several governments have restricted or banned online gambling for the general, but legal in some states of the USA, Canada, most European Union countries, and numerous Caribbean nations. In many legal markets, the law has required online gambling service providers to have some form of license if they wish to provide services or advertise to residents. For example, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission or the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board in the USA platform provides all players the freedom to play.
Supraorb is a decentralized online casino solution powered by blockchain technology, AI, and decentralized gamification. It offers its users the advantage of earning an average maximum interest rate by a just deposit insupraorbs-a decentralized online casino solution. It's an opportunity for the homeless, needy, and poor people to uplift and move towards their financial growth. It gives assured control over data and privacy as it makes use of smart contracts that are not prone to human interference, thus preventing cybercrime, hacking, password leaks, and data thefts. A secure platform that offers its users to deposit and withdraw anytime, giving them the freedom to use your cryptocurrency.
Statistics have revealed that online gambling is a booming sector within the EU, with gross gaming revenue(GGR) is expected to be 29.3 billion euros in 2022.
Still, the current gambling industry is controlled by centralized systems, a significant threat for players to losing your essential details like data, information & passwords to hackers; in some cases, players suffered bankruptcy and tremendous depths.
On the other hand, we have a technically advanced version of the gambling platform -Supraorb. This ethereum DeFi ecosystem helps users own their investment and data and overcome all these blues by producing a transparent and independent ecosystem where players face winnings every day.
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Cryptocurrency Gambling: Why Hasn’t it Spread Throughout the Online Casino Industry?

This post was originally published on this siteThis post was originally published on this siteTech heads and fans of finance alike will have been keeping a close eye on the cryptocurrency revolution. It’s been gaining impressive momentum over the last decade. The first digital currency to utilize blockchain technology was Bitcoin, which many people thought was a flash in the pan that […]
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Casino Online SA brings data-driven approach to online casino industry

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The Forces Behind India's Booming Online Casino Industry - LuckyRaja

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KingCasino will revolutionize the online casino industry

KingCasino this is a sanctioned exciting online cryptocurrency casino licensed in Curacao. The platform offers an assortment of more than 1000 high-quality slot machines, such as sports betting, blackjack, poker, baccarat, space games, and more, also including table games. The project provides invaluable benefits for the company 's shareholders. By having KCT tokens, investors will become shareholders who own company's shares and receive quarterly dividends based on the number of tokens they have. The platform uses blockchain innovations , and therefore it provides transparency, security, and reliability. This project is developing very quickly, and soon a new leader will appear in the online casino industry.
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Online Casino Industry Anticipated Growth

Online Casino Industry Anticipated Growth
Online Casino gaming has never been so much fun. An ever-increasing number of online casino games is getting started, and the best ones offer a vast amount of extraordinary benefits . Check out this blog and know the growth of Online casino industry
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What have been the latest trends in the online casino industry?

If you can't adapt to the latest trends, you're gonna get left behind.
It’s the year 2020.
It’s been 5 years since giant robots were envisioned to exist.
The Iron Man Suit has yet to be invented in its 100% full-spec crimson glory.
Understandable, since we got a differently-formed villain lately.
While we wait for science and tech to defeat the coronavirus villain and make a comeback to those cool stuff our sci-fi comics prophesized for us, allow us to update you on this year’s latest trends in the online casino industry.
For players
Live in the new reality without having had to take a shower, dress up, and try to beat the traffic. Wear a headset and see yourself transported to the action-filled casino you’ve always enjoyed being in. Bet in your new, fresh reality. It’s vivid and fun.
You can even visit your Online VR Casino whenever you find yourself stuck in traffic at the back of your UbeGrab/taxi-hailing service, or at the 10-hour night bus ride, wherever and whenever you want.
This is a totally new arena for betting, winning, cashing in, and out.
For operators
There’s hardly anyone who wouldn’t be a fan of VR. What holds a lot of folks back for now is the steep price of VR. But VR is a major player in the future, and if you invest in it, you’ll get to take advantage of it more.
For Players
Based on your past visit behaviors on the iGaming website you’ve frequented, they will customize the game arrangement for your next login session so that it’s gonna be more convenient for you to select which game you’ll be playing and which game you’ll be checking out next—and with the help of AI, most of the time, the new game you’re gonna check out will fit right into your taste. Who knows, it could be your next lucky game.
Customer Support will also be more automated and smoother for everyone. You don’t have to wait anymore for a human to see and answer your question if it’s answerable by our pre-set frequently asked questions. It’s a win-win situation.
For Operators
AI will help your online casino protect itself from cheating players by analyzing and detecting their playing and transaction patterns that tell us what they’re doing is cheating and fraudulent.
We’re all about Responsible Gambling. The age-old Problem Gambling also finds its solution in AI. As AI analyzes playing patterns, it can help detect stages of gambling addiction your player could be in. This can help your casino to help the player to make the necessary steps to help them improve their conditions, and further moderate your players’ gambling habits.
For Players
You can bet and have transactions under a system that is basically all parts good—fast, secure, transparent, and convenient. With the Cryptocurrencies Casino, you can be super sure that you’re not getting cheated or have questionable charges/deductions whenever they make transactions. What’s more? You can place smaller bets than fiat money minimum bets.
For Operators
Now, wouldn’t your iGaming website be like an impenetrable fortress if you mix both AI and Cryptocurrency Technology so that your transactions will be safe, transparent, and free of fraudulent and cheating acts?
For Players
You don’t have to hop on to a gazillion chat applications in order to interact and/or chat while playing at your online casino—with or without VR! Isn’t that cool? You guys can also invite and accept challenges within the online casino and compete in a friendly way! Y’all can also play together in order to achieve a bigger reward with Community Slots. Now, playing in online casinos isn’t just about making money—there’s also camaraderie and teamwork.
For Operators
Your players will frequent your online casino more if you give them more reasons to stay. Get them to mingle with each other so they’d enjoy it more.
Here are just some of the trends that the iGaming industry is offering us in this new decade. Some trends, like the VR trend, maybe pricey by now, but if you’re really serious about getting ahead in the iGaming industry since the tech world is going onwards with this direction anyway, why not take advantage of it, right?
Start the process. Chat us up in ALT.
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FUNFAIR will change the online casino industry forever

Great article from Crypto Gambling News
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What is the role of a verification site in the online casino industry?

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KingCasino is revolutionizing the online casino industry with great confidence

Friends, if you like excitement and games, then you may be interested in an offer from a licensed decentralized online KingCasino. One of the important advantages of KingCasino is the use of blockchain innovations and profitable partnership, which makes the gaming platform reliable, interesting and promising for the community. The platform allows players to use their cryptocurrencies for an unparalleled variety of casino games. KingCasino combines two of the hottest industries today-cryptocurrencies and online games. Partners of KingCasino will receive up to 45% of revenue. Many users will be able to appreciate the KingCasino offer, as well as receive a number of positive emotions.
Investors interested in KingCasino's IEO can buy KCT tokens directly on the P2PB2B and Latoken exchanges from 6/4/2020. to handle ICO payments.
#KCT #ICO #IEO #game #bitcoin #Casino

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KingCasino is revolutionizing the online casino industry

KingCasino is a licensed online casino that uses all the principles of decentralization. The platform offers a lot of interesting and exciting games, such as Blackjack, Poker, Slots, Baccarat. As well as live table games that you can imagine, with sports betting and more. At the casino, you can use several popular cryptocurrencies to safely Deposit, bet and withdraw winnings: BTC, ETH, USDT, and KCT tokens. The project only works with the best known providers in the industry, such as Evolution, Microgaming, Ezugi, Betsoft, QuickSpin, Pragmatic Play and others. KingCasino uses smart contracts, providing complete transparency for business profits, online betting, and payout of winnings and dividends. The KCT token is an ERC20-based security token. By purchasing a KCT token, an investor becomes a shareholder who owns a share of company and receives dividends every quarter, depending on the number of tokens available. Investors can easily buy and sell KCT trading tokens on three main exchanges: Latoken, P2PB2B and

More info:
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KingCasino will revolutionize the online casino industry

KingCasino it is a licensed and legally regulated online casino that only works with the best providers such as Evolution, Microgaming, Ezugi, Betsoft, QuickSpin, Pragmatic Play and many others. The platform offers an amazing collection of over 1000 high - quality games. KingCasino is revolutionizing the online casino industry with great confidence. KCT tokens are security tokens based on ERC20 that guarantee a profit for investors through dividend distribution schemes. Partners of KingCasino will receive up to 45% of revenue. The platform provides an opportunity to become a shareholder and win in the fast -growing online cryptocurrency market. By purchasing KCT tokens , investors become shareholders who own shares of the company and receive dividends for the quarter, depending on the number of available tokens. To get special voting rights or the right to make decisions on major business plans, shareholders must hold the KCT token for more than three months in a smart agreement. Token holders can buy, sell, store and attract KCT, BTC, ETH, USDT in minutes and easily join all the games. At the end of each working quarter, KingCasino will collect gross profit and calculate between token holders depending on the number of KCT tokens they have.
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What is 2020 bringing to the online casino industry : Augusta Free Press

What is 2020 bringing to the online casino industry : Augusta Free Press
— DigitalMunition (@maher275) November 11, 2019
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Reinventing the future of online casino industry through creation of a blockchain based platform to be used with Bitwin Token.

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Different generations look at society and social habits differently, and also have different consumer behavior and different ways of using goods and services. Behavioral patterns of new generations affect the gaming industry.

The generation of traditional players of the old school is replaced by young people who grew up in the digital world. Users born between the beginning of the 1980s and 1997 are now from 21 to 35 years old - they are called millennials. It is believed that their manner of gambling will lead to a decline in the casino industry. In the article we will describe how millenials relate to gambling and in which direction it is worth developing the gaming industry in order to attract young players.

It is believed that the younger generation is not as interested in the casino as the previous one. According to a study by the Institute of Games, Hospitality and Tourism named after Lloyd D. Levenson, only 21% of millenials consider gambling a worthwhile occupation. At the same time, among the older generation of gambling fans more - 42%.

In addition, casinos like online slots in new zealand are starting to think about attracting the so-called generation of Z - users born after 1998. These young people will soon reach the age for legal participation in gambling, which means gambling platforms need to adapt to the behavior of new players.

Industry experts have noticed that the interest of the younger generation in gambling is declining. To involve the generation of millennials, it is important to understand the psychology of their behavior.

Instant gratification
Studies show that the Millennial generation will spend money on nightclubs and similar entertainment rather than gambling. This is due to the desire to feel pleasure and positive emotions without expectations - to get instant satisfaction.

The younger generation lives at a fast pace and is used to quickly get what they want. However, participation in gambling does not always bring victory at the first attempt - players often have to spend some time in the casino to win and get satisfaction.

Millennials, in turn, choose the fastest ways to experience positive emotions, such as shopping. Young people are more likely to spend money on the advertised popular product like the new iPhone, rather than waiting for a win at the casino.
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For those looking into FUN, remember the entire online casino industry is worth just $47bn and online gambling is primarily illegal in the US.

This isn’t FUD, it’s just a wake up call. Being a former online casino consultant this project stood out to me. It’s highly HIGHLY doubtful FUN, a game distributor, will take in 25% of all online casino earnings so be weary of the market cap. This project shouldn’t reach a market cap close to the top 10 given the industry they are in is not big enough. It’s important for us to pinch ourselves and realize we are investing in companies and need to properly value THEM not just crypto.
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And the Bitwin project provides a unique way to develop the online casino industry and much more.

At the moment, gambling has become very influential in our lives. Computer games entered the world of information technology. And technologies such as blockchain are changing life for the better. The goal of achieving the goals of education. And all this gives a great life experience. This is an amazing tool for developing your own business. And the Bitwin project provides a unique way to develop the online casino industry and much more.
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EOSBet is revolutionizing the online casino industry.

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Find Out How Varius World Tech Is Changing The Online Casino Industry With A Transparent And Faster Experience For All.

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Find Out How Varius World Tech Is Changing The Online Casino Industry With A Transparent And Faster Experience For All.

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Find Out How Varius World Tech Is Changing The Online Casino Industry With A Transparent And Faster Experience For All.

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Casinomeister: Online Casino Authority - YouTube Harrahs Casino Online Are Slot Streamers a Threat to the Online Casino Industry ... Casino Reviews - YouTube Responsibility in the Online Gambling Industry: James ... State of the Social Casino Industry – Q4 2017  Adam Krejcik Crown Online Live Casino. The Most trusted Casino industry ...

The Online Casino Industry market industry provides market research data status categorizes the Online Casino Industry market into key dynamics, region, type and application. The analysis of Online Casino Industry market offers a competitive head-start to businesses operating in this vertical through a holistic assessment of the growth matrix and global developments. This report includes the impact of COVID-19 on online gambling industry. Store. Custom Research; About; Careers; Contact +1 617-765-2493; Online Gambling Market - Growth, Trends, and Forecast (2020 - 2025) Global Online Gambling Market is segmented by Gaming Type into Betting, Bingo, Lottery, and Casino, by Device Type as Desktop and Mobile, and by Geography. Buy Now. Download Free Sample Now ... Jedes Online Casino, das den Schritt auf den Markt wagt, wird von uns genauestens unter die Lupe genommen und auf Herz und Nieren geprüft. Wir schauen uns das Unternehmer dahinter, aber auch die versprochenen Boni sowie die zahlreichen Spiele an, die dir bereitgestellt werden. Wir stellen dir hier eine Liste mit Casinos ohne deutsche Lizenz vor, auf die du vertrauen kannst. Wir haben den ... Another vital factor that shapes player behaviour in the online casino industry is storytelling. While gambling doesn’t boast of it much, they are subtlety added to enhance gamer experience overall. Online slots, for example, have progressed so much online that animated versions apply narratives to attract players. Insgesamt haben 12.521 Personen aus 105 Ländern die Online-Umfrage vollständig oder zum Teil ausgefüllt. Die Anzahl der Personen, die vollständig die Fragen beantwortet haben, betrug 7.921, davon 1.954 Online-Glücksspieler. Insgesamt 26,4 Prozent der Online-Glücksspieler spielen Casino. Bezüglich der Teilnahme an Glücksspielen in Deutschland sind vor allem alle Arten von Lotto, das klassische "6 aus 49", Sozial- und Sparlotterien aber auch immer mehr so genannte Zweitlotterien (Wetten auf Lotterien), die zum nicht-regulierten und damit illegalem Glücksspiel in Deutschland zählen, beliebt.Eine Umfrage in Deutschland zur Häufigkeit der Teilnahme an Online-Lotterien ergab ... The online gambling industry was affected as well but, unlike many land-based businesses, it actually saw a lot of positive movement. The question that comes naturally is: what comes next? What are some of the trends we can expect in 2021 on the global and local levels? Strong Growth Expected to Continue. In the first few months of the new year, the online gambling sector will likely continue ... The online gambling industry has grown beyond the limits of our imagination, thanks to the internet and advancement in technology. Europe’s online gaming has particularly undergone exponential growth with many countries emerging as important online-gambling markets, including the UK, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, among others. The principal reason behind the rise in the Australian online casino industry is the convenience and comfort that it offers to all players. Having internet access and a device is all you need to gamble from the comfort of your home, or as a matter of fact, anywhere else, no matter the time it might be. You might be wondering how this can benefit you. apart from comfort, you get to enjoy your ... There are dozens of worldwide events for the online casino industry. Find out where to meet affiliates for networking purposes and to have some evening fun, too. The Casino eSport Conference (CEC) Mobile & Tablet Gaming Summit USA. iMoney Expo. World Regulatory Briefing. Amsterdam Affiliate Conference . Show all. Advertising and Publications. Read up on all the comings and goings of the online ...

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Casinomeister: Online Casino Authority - YouTube

15 Things You Didn’t Know About the Gambling Industry Industry Wednesday SUBSCRIBE to ALUX: James Kosta, CEO of 3G Studios, discusses how the growth potential of online gambling will require responsibility from companies in the industry. About TEDx,... Are Slot Streamers a Threat to the Online Casino Industry in the UK? Boasting life changing wins and highlighting bank busting bet sizes, are streamers and t... 🚩BONUS Links in COMMENTS 💎 👇🎰 👇💎👇 Online casino usa real money 🤑 best online casino with big bonuses 🎲 big casino wins....Casinomax has 150+ top bra... Here you will find reviews on Casinomeister Accredited Online Casinos - these reviews include player data on payout times and other super important stuff for online casino players. for a detailed ... There's no way to play casino outside,No worries, we're here to assist you. Play live and chat with our dealers using your mobile phone. Stay home and stay s... My name is Brian Christopher, and every day, I post new daily videos of myself playing slot machines in the casino. You'll see some wins, some losses, some jackpot handpays, high limit slots, max ... Published on Mar 22, 2014. Click to Play ! The Harrah's online casino is backed by the industry leader, Caesers Entertainment and the online casino is named after the famous... Delivered at Casual Connect USA 2018. In this session you will learn about the latest trends and data as it relates to the social casino games industry including: market size, top publishers ... If you’re looking for an online casino where to play next, our database includes an extensive selection of the best casinos within the industry. Watch our vi...