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Casino Deals:

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Play Free Bingo No Deposit Required Online Casino Malaysia 2020

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No-Deposit-Bonus 25€ free Money to play at Slots-Empire Online-Casino!!!!!
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Play online casino games no deposit required!

Play online casino games no deposit required!
You can sort players into a wide range of classes as per their inclination of online clubhouse, store strategies, tastes in online openings and a whole lot more. Another contrast between internet card sharks? The sort of cash they utilize while betting. As there’s an enormous distinction between playing with genuine cash and betting utilizing virtual cash, today we will investigate betting with virtual cash, seeing as it’s considerably less across the board and discussed.
Play free online casino games no download required!
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Online Casino No Deposit Bonuses/Free Play Offers

Hello everyone, I am making this post to see if anyone is interested in an updated list of free play/free spin bonus offers that do not require a deposit. I recently found a great source for these and would like to share but it seems that posting links here is not allowed. Would like to share the codes I have as well as learn about any new and active no deposit offers that everyone has found as well. Please PM me if you are interested in discussing the specific casinos and coupon codes.
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List of active free play offers for online casinos. (Including NO deposit bonuses!)

SlotoCash and Uptown Aces
20 Free Spins on Hen House
*Code: EASTER20 / Max cashout $200 / WGR 60x / Validity: Mar 29 - Apr 1 / All players
300% up to $900 + 30 free spins on Hen House
*Code: EASTER300 / Min dep $25 / No max cashout / WGR: 40x / Validity: Mar 29 - Apr 1 / All players
Fair Go Casino
70 Free Spins on Kung Fu Rooster
*Code: ROO-EASTER-70 / Max cashout $180 / WGR 60x / Validity: Mar 29 - Apr 8 / All players
330% up to $3000 + 33 free spins on Hen House
*Code: HEN-EASTER-330 / Min dep $20 / No max cashout / WGR: 30x, 20x (spins) / Validity: Mar 29 - Apr 8 / All players
Miami Club
$10 free + 25 spins on Funky Chicks
*Code: FREASTER / Max cashout $150 / WGR 40x / Validity: March 28 - April 3 / All players
100% up to $100 + 50 Spins on Cherry Blossoms
*Code: THEBUNNY / Min dep $25 / No max cashout / WGR: 20x / Validity: March 30 - April 2 / All players
Red Stag Casino
50 Free Spins on Turkey Shoot
*Code: EASTERSFOOL / Max cashout $150 / WGR 40x / Validity: March 22nd - April 2nd / Newbies only
325% up to $650
*Code: 325EAST / Min dep $25 / No max cashout / WGR: 30x / Validity: March 29th - April 9th / Newbies only
Slots Capital
20 Free Spins on Egsstravaganza
*Code: EGGSTRA20FREE / Max cashout $180 / WGR 60x / Validity: March 31st - April 4th / All Players
100% up to $500 + 200 Spins on Ten Suns
*Code: PLAYWITHBUNNY / Min dep $25 / No max cashout, $1000 max on spins / WGR: 30x, 60x / Validity: March 31st - April 8th / All Players
Desert Nights Casino (DNC)
100% up to $500
*Code: MATCH-100 / Min dep $25 / No max cashout / WGR: 30x / Validity: March 26 - April 9 / All players
20 Free Spins on Party Parrot after redeeming MATCH-100
*Code: 20-PARTYSPINS / Max cashout $180 / WGR 60x / Validity: Mar 26 - April 9 / All players
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Play 75+ of the best Vegas casino slot games online inlcuding bonus games. No download or deposit required.

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Online Casino Free Play Offers. (That actually work, NO DEPOSIT bonuses included!)

SlotoCash and Uptown Aces
20 Free Spins on Hen House
*Code: EASTER20 / Max cashout $200 / WGR 60x / Validity: Mar 29 - Apr 1 / All players
300% up to $900 + 30 free spins on Hen House
*Code: EASTER300 / Min dep $25 / No max cashout / WGR: 40x / Validity: Mar 29 - Apr 1 / All players
Fair Go Casino
70 Free Spins on Kung Fu Rooster
*Code: ROO-EASTER-70 / Max cashout $180 / WGR 60x / Validity: Mar 29 - Apr 8 / All players
330% up to $3000 + 33 free spins on Hen House
*Code: HEN-EASTER-330 / Min dep $20 / No max cashout / WGR: 30x, 20x (spins) / Validity: Mar 29 - Apr 8 / All players
Miami Club
$10 free + 25 spins on Funky Chicks
*Code: FREASTER / Max cashout $150 / WGR 40x / Validity: March 28 - April 3 / All players
100% up to $100 + 50 Spins on Cherry Blossoms
*Code: THEBUNNY / Min dep $25 / No max cashout / WGR: 20x / Validity: March 30 - April 2 / All players
Red Stag Casino
50 Free Spins on Turkey Shoot
*Code: EASTERSFOOL / Max cashout $150 / WGR 40x / Validity: March 22nd - April 2nd / Newbies only
325% up to $650
*Code: 325EAST / Min dep $25 / No max cashout / WGR: 30x / Validity: March 29th - April 9th / Newbies only
Slots Capital
20 Free Spins on Egsstravaganza
*Code: EGGSTRA20FREE / Max cashout $180 / WGR 60x / Validity: March 31st - April 4th / All Players
100% up to $500 + 200 Spins on Ten Suns
*Code: PLAYWITHBUNNY / Min dep $25 / No max cashout, $1000 max on spins / WGR: 30x, 60x / Validity: March 31st - April 8th / All Players
Desert Nights Casino (DNC)
100% up to $500
*Code: MATCH-100 / Min dep $25 / No max cashout / WGR: 30x / Validity: March 26 - April 9 / All players
20 Free Spins on Party Parrot after redeeming MATCH-100
*Code: 20-PARTYSPINS / Max cashout $180 / WGR 60x / Validity: Mar 26 - April 9 / All players
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Free Spins Games - this is one of the best online casino portals with free spins, bonuses, and exclusive promotions. Play smart and win mega jackpots every day. No deposit required! - Online Casino - Mobile Casino - Live Casino - Poker - Bingo - Sportsbook - Scratchcards - Bitcoins - and more...

Free Spins Games - this is one of the best online casino portals with free spins, bonuses, and exclusive promotions. Play smart and win mega jackpots every day. No deposit required! - Online Casino - Mobile Casino - Live Casino - Poker - Bingo - Sportsbook - Scratchcards - Bitcoins - and more... submitted by freespinsbonus to u/freespinsbonus [link] [comments]

Are online casino no deposit bonuses too good to be true? I’m searching for decent gaming sites where I can play poker and slots.

I’m looking for fellow online casino players out there. Preferably long-time bettors or veterans since I need to know more about these no deposit bonuses. Are they really worth going for or am I better off with deposit bonuses, free spins, and other promotions?
I’m still in the process of selection so I still haven’t signed up for anything. Still weighing my options here. But when I came across welcome/no deposit bonuses, these certainly caught my attention. I mean, who doesn’t like free credits?
Please enlighten me with your comments/suggestions/experiences with this type of incentive program.
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Let’s bring back this subreddit for those of us that enjoy playing at online casinos. Here are some updated no deposit offers at the top rated online casinos.

1) SlotoCash Casino - use code LL-2-25 for 25 free spins (no deposit required)
2) Uptown Aces - use code VEGASSPINS50 for 50 free spins (no deposit required)
3) Miami Club - use code TBFCL10 for $10 in free play credit
4) Fortunejack - this is hands down the best casino for anyone who prefers to transact in cryptocurrency. No bonus code or deposit required to take advantage of daily free play.
5) Pornhub Casino - yes, it actually exists lol...see for yourselves.
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[#99 Score:2 Comments:0] - Birwo Bitcoin Casino Worldwide online bitcoin casino, with INSTANT play and payouts. Enjoy the BEST bonuses and promotions like NO DEPOSIT BONUS, 100% FIRST DEPOSIT BONUS and the VIRAL BONUSES.

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$700,000 Bet on Fintech - BFT

$700,000 Bet on Fintech - BFT
Alright Degenerates- I posted a small little snippet a day or so ago about BFT. I wanted to do a bit of DD on BFT but also wanted to highlight something that was brought to my attention by a degenerate gambler. Lastly, I wanted to compile some good little snippets that have been put together by some other members as well as from the investor presentation.
Before reading further please understand the major Risks.
  • This is SPAC with ~10.00 NAV, if the deal falls through it could drop to 10.00 USD
  • The warrants could be very lucrative but they can be called and if a deal fails to materialize, these can become worthless.
  • If you're ok with the above risks, continue reading.
Keep in mind that this merger is not complete, but the terms of the deal have been provided to investors and we will be able to either vote yes for the deal or vote no and redeem our shares in BFT for 10.00 cash. So there is downside to this play should the vote not go through or should the two entities terminate the agreement. Right now the downside is ~3 dollars per share according to the close price from today.


The Customers and MOAT

  • Deep Customer Base with deep ties to gambling/betting industry with Deep penetration in Europe and growing customer bases around the world. Gambling is a tricky business and regulated differently than other industries. Many big players have avoided the industry and Paysafe has a great reputation and has become one of the early movers in the industry. The following are some notable customers.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I actually know Paysafe and the usage quite well.
PayPal has many restrictions in Europe regarding iGaming , so does Square.
This is a big play on iGaming for those that aren’t aware.
I was a mid- high stakes online poker player through the 2010-2018. Played a variety of sites. : iPoker; PokerStars, Paddy, MicroGaming, 888, Party. Why so many sites? Because I was always on lookout for where the action was, if a big whale sat down at one online casino; you bet your sweet ass I’m there.
So let me give you my take as a consumer that’s probably spent over $100,000 in transaction fees personally on Paysafe.
This was one of the cheapest and fastest ways to move money around online.
Unlike Stripe this which is against risky business such as CBD and gambling, paysafe is actually one of the leading payment providers in both UK/AUS / Ireland for iGaming.
Big example is William Hill, Bet365, Bwin.
Now why would you want to move money online around as a gambler ?
Well, Visa/MC charge close to 50%->75% more, online casinos = the merchant. They don’t wanna pay that, and in fact put limits on this type of payment processor. (Your visa’s credit cards etc). If a punter deposits / withdraws frequently, the online casino could literally be on the hook for like 20-30% of the turnover throughout the gambler’s period. (This assumes the gambler doesn’t lose all his money per deposit.
Imagine you’re a professional sportsbettor, you’re not loyal to one site. Different spreads / odds are offered on every site, you want to be able to move your money from one to another quickly and cheaply. Arbitrage opportunities do exist in sports betting as bookmakers hedge their books to minimize risk, diff frequencies of bets occur on each sports book; you get the idea.
For recreational punters, it’s simple: some sporting events that are smaller simply don’t exist on one site that exist on another. Eg. Perhaps you using Pinnacle / 10dimes for low spreads on high volume events, but perhaps you want to gamble on live events on bet365 on another day, and bet ponies on Hill.
What if you only have $5000 ? Giant pain in ass to deposit money to each site, paysafe lets you move it around easily.
Should you use visa, you may get blocked from depositing on various sites; Bodog, WHill, Bet365 just to name a few. Withdrawals and clearing deposits with bank transfers or checks takes days-> weeks and gamblers ain’t gonna wait for that shit.
You can also buy prepaid paysafe cards from stores if you don’t wish to use your real credit card; and load that shit up.
One of the biggest markets this is prominent in is South east Asia, they are some of the biggest punters and fucking loving gambling. Looking at you pinoys, Indonesians, Malays. Not everyone wants to fly to Macau to get their rocks off.
As much as this is a play on FinTech, please understand this company has more or less the best Payment service on online gambling globally.

The Comparable VALUATIONS

From this chart you can see that there looks to be some favorable multiples that could improve once a deal closes. Also, I'm very bullish on the great Margins as well as the conservative growth. I think Foley along with the growing Igaming undervalues the potential of this company. Just the Draft Kings relationship make me tingle.

CHART is COURTESY of u/CoachCedricZebaze

Management and Growth

  • Bill Effing Foley - I have a thing for guys name Bill and this guy get my nips hard.
    • This guy has turned shit into gold. See his previous ventures before and after....
  • Bill has connections and a strategy to dominate Igaming.
  • Igaming addressable Market is expected to grow immensely from a few billion to tens of billions.

This is an end to end payment processor with big big big name relationships for very disruptive companies that have huge addressable markets. The reason I am excited is because IGAMING is just really starting to take off and Paysafe is a first mover with brand new experienced management and very very fair valuations that could pop after a merger.
TL;DR- BUY BFT stock and BFT.W because BFT stands for big freaking tenderloins.
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The Ultimate Parlay: DraftKings ($DKNG)

The Ultimate Parlay: DraftKings ($DKNG)
Here on a Sunday night to give you autists some time to cross-check my info, start your RH instant deposit, and let your wife's bf know you're coming back with a vengeance. Here's an in-depth analysis on DraftKings and how to maximize profits over the foreseeable future to squeeze this for every tendie we can. Now that many states face revenue shortfalls due to the coronavirus pandemic and wider budget deficits, there needs to be a push to fill that gap and nothing is better positioned than sports betting.
As you all know, $DKNG came to market through a SPAC merging with Diamond Eagle back in April, at the worst of the pandemic when live sports were dead and there was more uncertainty than ever for what was to come. Jason Robins, Draft Kings CEO, has balls of steel and knew that they needed to get to market quickly for a sports betting run-up the likes of which we've never seen. Sports are now on their way back, with a huge amount of positive catalysts coming up in the next few months to skyrocket this stock to the moon and beyond.


I want to clarify that a large amount of my conviction from this play comes from the incredible management team leading the company. CEO Jason Robins is a stand-up guy and has led the company through a huge amount of scrutiny since its founding in 2012. He comes from a data analytics background which could not be a better fit for the sports betting business. He prioritizes the high speed data that fuels the DraftKings platform as its most valuable asset and speaks often on the commitment his team has to ethical values and encouraging a trustworthy environment for its users to gamble their paychecks on the DraftKings platform.
I've linked a great interview to get to know the CEO and give further insight into DraftKing's plans moving forward below and highly recommend anyone going in on this play give it a quick watch. Jason is optimistic about the future of state's legalizing mobile sports betting moving forward and says they will continue to invest boatloads of money into customer acquisition costs through TV ads and billboards on a state-by-state basis. Link:
Any of you who have come across DraftKings commercials, YouTube ads, billboards, know that their marketing is on point. This is a great play because DraftKing's expansion has occurred thus far on a state-by-state basis. This means that there's a large part of the nation (actually the majority) that is still ignorant to the sports betting wave that is coming in 2021. DraftKings is positioned extremely well to lead the way into the ~25 states still waiting to pass the bill.


The fact that the top 4 states in the country still have not legalized online sports betting presents a HUGE opportunity to ride this wave with little downside risk. Sports have already gone through the worst-case scenario during COVID shutdowns and survived—now we’ve got a great amount of positive catalysts coming up (NBA season, March madness, Super Bowl, etc.) that the general population is begging for some action on, paired with more money in their pocket from significantly less entertainment costs since the pandemic started.
The Wuhan Virus gave DraftKings a shot in the arm to streamline its way into most (if not all) of the remaining state's ballots during Q1 and Q2 due to the huge cut in tax revenues that the lockdowns caused across the country. Governor Cuomo of New York released a statement last week stating he is now considering the passing of mobile sports betting in order to raise the state's tax revenue during a time where Congress completely skipped them over in terms of providing aid through the stimmy. New York is a huge catalyst moving forward. In my opinion, this is a make or break for how things look for DraftKings moving forward, and will largely influence how other states react. Mobile sports betting scares states as it is new and so accessible, but if you do research into the Powerball and other loterry companies, it just took a push in the right direction for states to realize how much money they are leaving on the table by not participating in these emerging markets. Sports betting has already benefited the 9 states which passed the bill (NJ leading the way) and has NY as well as every other governor, feeling major FOMO.
Current states where online (mobile) sports betting laws have passed:
  • New Jersey
  • West Virginia
  • Indiana
  • Pennsylvania
  • New Hampshire
  • Iowa
  • Colorado
  • Illinois
  • Tennessee
Some of the reported revenues from sports betting:
New Jersey: $931.6 million
Pennsylvania: $491.9 million
Illinois: $434 million
Indiana: $250.8 million
Colorado: $231.2 million

On May 14, 2018, the United States Supreme Court found the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), the federal law prohibiting states from authorizing sports betting, to be unconstitutional. It is now up to individual states to decide if they want to authorize and regulate sports betting in their state. Congress can also take action on the authorization and regulation of sports betting but has so far left it up to individual states.
As you can see, states are cashing out on the mobile sports betting wave, with New Jersey leading the way and making a large part of that revenue from NY residents crossing state lines to get their gambling fix in. Gov. Cuomo has been opposed to legalizing sports betting in the past, calling it "a violation of the constitution"...buut that was before covid lockdowns and his state was drowning up to their neck in debt.
DraftKings management issued extremely bullish guidance without even taking into account new states passing legislation. This is one of the things that I love about CEO Jason Robins that stood out to me in the hours of interviews/articles I’ve looked over. This man is the pinnacle of underpromising and over delivering. The staff at Draft Kings are extremely customer centric and focused on strong ethics to help them provide a platform for sports aficionados to enhance their viewing experience.

Data-Driven/Proprietary Tech Stack (the MOAT)

Legislation aside, the other huge catalyst is DraftKing's unique approach to owning its own data and proprietary tech stack. I believe that this will be where DKNG separates itself from the competition that is rushing to this space and will give it the upper hand in acquiring, and retaining, a large percentage of new users across opening states.
From investor presentation: "Upon close of the business combination, DraftKings will become the only vertically-integrated pure-play sports betting and online gaming company based in the United States. Through the business combination, DraftKings expects to realize synergies by transitioning its risk and trading sports betting platform to SBTech’s, instead of relying on a third-party platform. In addition to reducing costs, DraftKings will control its backend system and product roadmap, differentiating the company from other U.S. operators and giving it the ability to tailor its sports betting product to U.S. sports and users."
"SBTech is a global leader in omni-channel sports betting and gaming, with more than 1,200 employees in 10 offices worldwide. Since 2007, the group has developed the industry’s most powerful online sports betting and casino platform, serving licensees in more than 15 regulated territories. SBTech’s clients include many of the world’s premier betting and gaming operators, state lotteries, land-based casinos, horse racing companies, and iGaming start-ups. The group supplies highly flexible betting and gaming solutions to clients looking for exceptional configurability and the quickest route to market, complemented by proven business intelligence and reporting capabilities. The SBTech offering includes its seamless sportsbook, Chameleon360 iGaming platform, managed services, on-property sportsbook and omni-channel solutions that provide players with constant access to sports and casino products across all online, mobile and retail channels. Supported by unrivaled expertise in trading and risk management, acquisition and CRM, and the highest standards of regulatory compliance, SBTech’s partners consistently achieve rapid growth, enhanced brand loyalty and record revenues."
DraftKings prioritized OWNING their own backend technology via this merger with SBTech, making them the first, and only company in this space to own their risk and trading platform. This gives DraftKings a huge edge to the rest of the market. It forked up the cash to keep everything in house not only to provide a better customer experience, but also to widen the moat against competitors as new states come onboard. The key here is to clarify that DraftKings and SBTech combined to be the only player in the market with 100% vertical integration and control of their own backend. Jason Robins and the rest of the management team are placing their efforts on having the best technology and the best product and really going all in on owning the U.S. landscape opening up, with as little need for cross-platform interaction as possible.
This acquisition of SBTech was a complete game changer because it allowed them to be independent from paying revenue share to a third-party for betting lines and risk management services.
Clarification: no other sports betting/fantasy sports/casino company currently has 100% vertical integration on the level that DraftKings has established.

iGaming Boom

This is where the market is missing the mark. Take the time to read over analyst reports, news articles, and interviews and you'll quickly notice 99% of the general market is completely glazing over DraftKing's iGaming sector. This industry has been a CA$H COW in Europe for awhile now, and is only getting started in the United States. Out of the companies that occupy this space, DraftKings is the only one to create one synergistic platform for Fantasy sports/Sportsbook/iGaming. This will be a huge value proposition that will ultimately rocket DraftKings to the top of the gaming market and solidify it as THE gaming powerhouse moving forward.

The infrastructure driving DraftKing's products and Tech (all in one platform)
Anyone that's watched the run of Skillz and the hype pushing PaySafe, knows how much anticipation there is for iGaming to become the new norm in the world of gambling. DraftKings has emerged as the market leader in each state they've launched in, and continue to gain more and more market share. Once new users get introduced to their platform, the cross-selling opportunity is limitless and creates an extremely sticky customer acquisition cycle.
Competitors like Penn and MGM are dinosaurs in this space and have been playing catch-up to DraftKings since 2012. The new age of gamblers don't want to drive to a physical casino location or buy a home desktop to gamble. Everything will be mobile and run in real-time. DraftKings has been building an incredible live-sports ecosystem (first to market) and innovates the possibilities of what you can bet on a daily basis. Just download the app for yourself and do some exploring. I believe this is going to boom in the TikTok/millennial crowd as more states start to hop onboard.

2021 Projections

Pulled from the investor presentation, $DKNG has smashed every one of their 2020 assumptions listed below. For any stats guys out there, I would love to see some models at how much of this market is still up for grabs. DraftKings has positioned themselves to be at the head of this movement, and I believe that 2021 will be the year we really see them take off into triple digits share prices.
The catalysts are there, and the market is ripe for the taking. Their projections are extremely conservative and management lets the numbers do the talking. In my opinion, this is a bet on the management putting the dots together to EXECUTE as state legislation starts to go their way, once NY happens this shift will occur rapidly.
The management is incredible and truly displays a vision for wanting to prop up shareholder value in the long-term through valuable data, a fully integrated platform, and aggressive customer acquisition to take control of this market as states realize the economic deficits which they are facing going into a new year. This along with the unprecedented hype that is going to be involved with sports events this year, will skyrocket DraftKings to new heights.
This is not a bet on sports betting alone, it is a play on a data-heavy and analytically driven behemoth, with strategic partnerships (league, team, and celebrity partnerships) and one of the most aggressive marketing strategies I have ever laid eyes on. The stock soared earlier this years upon news of the Michael Jordan partnership ( and there is many, many more big moves in the pipeline.


Long-term I am extremely bullish on people wanting risk to make up a daily part of their lives. The psychology of sports betting resembles that of the lottery and is becoming a must-have for people to have the choice to place bets from the convenience of their mobile phones. We are moving into a future where if risk and leverage are not involved, people will have little interest in dedicating their time to things. This shift can be seen with the boom in retail options trading (shoutout wsb gang) and will have a similar effect in sports, iGaming, and random prop bets/surveys that Draft Kings is innovating heavily in. This is not to mention the infrastructure that DKNG is continuing to build out to rival that of Europe in terms of live sports betting (which makes up three quarters of revenue for online sports books in the UK) and expanding their horizons to lesser betted on sports such as tennis, golf, soccer, etc.
If you've gotten this far, congrats you're just a few steps away from striking gold. Any feedback, comments, rebuttals, bear scenarios, etc. please comment. Good luck.


$70c 1/21/22
$90c 1/20/23
🚀🚀🚀 Bet at your own risk 🚀🚀🚀


DraftKings has state legislation action coming, incredible management, is data-driven, is vertically integrated/owns its tech stack, has exposure to the full range of new world gaming (Fantasy/Sportsbook/iGaming), and is ahead of its competition forming league, team, and celebrity partnerships.
$70c 1/21/22
$90c 1/20/23

Sources (do your own DD dumbass)
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I'll cut off my dick for the ability to use a regulated site. (Shit post FYI)

*Its been a few months.. and it's about that time that I make a shit post where I bitch about everything*

To all my fellow US players getting fucked in the ass per usual... WHAT THE FUCK DO I HAVE TO DO TO USE A HONEST POKER SITE!?

It's 2021 and it has been almost a decade since I have been able to use a worthy-poker-site such as Full Tilt, Stars, 888, Party Poker, and so on. I am starting to fall out of love with poker because I can't keep playing on these bullshit sites located in Panama and throughout the Caribbean. Here are a couple of my experiences from the past 8-ish months or so.

- 2 to 4 months ago I received 2 PARTIAL refunds due to bots being at my table, in which one scenario was a final table. Didn't even get a full fucking refund. This also doesn't mention the other partial refunds I received earlier in 2020.
- As you all well know, ACR has had multiple scandals going back to 2012, like the the 2018-2019 PLO/NL cash game bots and several people colluding together to take advantage of the late reg glitch. Nagy can eat a fat dick.
- If you play at America's Cardroom in 2021 you're a fucking retard. (No offence)

- 6 months ago Betonline removed $1000 from my poker balance on my account and said that the money was transferred to my sportsbook balance at 4am PST and all of it was spent in the online casino. When I asked them to investigate they did nothing. So I asked their Fraud/IT Department to send me a list of all devices, MAC addresses, and IP addresses that signed into my account that day... They refused to cooperate... Customer service said it was against company policy to release that type of information, even though its MY OWN fucking account and personal information. ( I took a break from the site but eventually returned because US players have no options and I love MTTs.)
- 2 months ago I deposited $50 of ETH to their sports book to bet on an NFL game. confirmed that BOL's Etheruem address received my money, and I even sent customer service proof of the transaction THREE TIMES. They still refuse to issue me my $50 deposit to this day, stating "our system says the deposit is still pending".
- 2 days ago I received a $5 refund from a Windfall Sit n Go because the 2 other two players at my table were bots :) :) :) I should just kill myself at this point. WHO THE FUCK HAS BOTS AT THE JACK POT SIT N GO.

- Honestly, I haven't used them in like a year or two because they removed the chat box, make it a pain to utilize HUD software, and that fucking update they did to their software. That huge software update was so fucking horrible the sites damn near unplayable. I'm sure you guys remember the old canvas/layout that Bovada/Iggy use to utilize, it was way better.

Anyways, I just don't know what to do anymore. I NEVER had any of these issues back in the Full Tilt days. I don't even want to play half the time because I'm sick of all the bullshit. I am also in Los Angeles, CA so the lockdown bullshit makes live poker a huge pain in the ass. Some casinos are open, some are closed, some are outside, some make you wear mask and sit in between plastic dividers, some allow you to order drinks but not food. It's all fucking stupid. I really want to use my VPN but I don't want to build up a bankroll on a legit site like PartyPoker and then have my funds frozen. Maybe I should just hang myself instead. (joking, just being a dramatic pussy)

On a serious note, thank you for listening to me bitch and moan about my first world problems. I hope ya'll are happy, healthy and staying covid-free. Cheers to 2021, MAY THE POKER GODS BE IN YOUR FAVOR!
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22, in a deep hole, Day 0.

It started with an innocent trip to the casino at 18 years old with $40. 4 years later, I’m in CC debt over $20,000, owe family and friends over $3,000 and have no money to my name. I estimate I’ve lost over $100,000 over 4 years playing blackjack.
This is a cruel addiction I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Every time I lose I tell myself I’ll stop, and days later I find myself at the casino or depositing online. I’m 3 years into my IT career with a good company, a couple classes away from my Associate’s degree, yet I can’t grasp this aspect of my life.
I feel so helpless and pathetic. Only my immediate family know about my struggles with this, and they’ve had enough of my shit. Some days I truly lose the will to live. How does somebody walk into a casino with $400, get up to $10,000, and lose it all - in a 3 hour span? A sane person doesn’t do that. I can’t do this anymore.
Some tips would be appreciated in helping me cope with my idiotic decision-making, and to try and forget my past choices so I can move forward. Thank you.
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Reading policies can save you a headache

Reading policies can save you a headache
[Long story short] won 1150$, funds got confiscated and account suspended since my brother made the deposit from his credit card and not mine.
A few days ago me and my brother felt like playing some blackjack, so we headed to jackpocitycasino (online casino) since I had already used that website in the past and had verified my identification and everything.
Since my brother was putting in the money to play we added a new paiement method with his credit card. (Here's were we messed up).
Paiment got accepted (obviously), fast foward a few hours we turned 150$ into 1300$. We stop knowing we got really lucky and cashed out.
24h later the paiement processing was still on hold so I log in to check whats going on. My balance is now a 0 and no withdrawl are made.
I get in contact with live chat, I get told about this rule (1.1.17)
Basically telling me since the deposite card was made under his name and not mine (account holder). They confiscated the winnings and refunded the deposit.
They also said nothing can be done, I obviouly tried to get in contact with support or anything if they were willing to help us and they suspended my account instead.
Moral of the story, be carefull if you're going to gamble with friends or family members, make sure the account owner is the one making the deposit.
[EDIT] typo
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New Era of Online Crypto Casinos

I would say that I'm relatively new to Reddit and the one thing that surprised me is the number of people that still play on Bovada, Ignition, Betonline, MyBookie, etc. Don't get me wrong, great sites for sports betting and poker, but absolutely horrendous when it comes to slots and live casino games.
Hitting 1,000x on a slot on Bovada is like a once in a lifetime achievement and the live dealer provider is... awful.
Over the past month or so, I have seen this Reddit flooded with random users promoting a bunch of shitty no-name crypto casinos that have been around for like 3 days. So I figured it was my duty, as somebody who has no ownership interests in any of these online crypto casinos, to share my thoughts regarding the ones that I believe are trustworthy. All of which is based on first-hand experience and countless hours of research.
First off, for those who aren't familiar with crypto casinos, the one thing that you need to know, as an American, is that you'll need to access these sites via a VPN. Personally, I use ExpressVPN and connect to Canada (or various other regions depending on which slot provider is available). The nice thing about ExpressVPN is that you can download the app and play on your phone. All of the casinos listed below allow VPN usage. Apparently NordVPN is pretty good too, but I cannot vouch for them personally.
Second thing, KYC is not required. Honestly haven't looked into this too much, but I can tell you from first-hand experience that KYC is not required in order to register or withdraw funds. All you have to do is confirm your email address. Some people have said you get KYC'd if you try to withdraw more than $2k, but again, I can confirm that it's not true (specifically for the casinos listed below). Just make sure that you only deposit/withdraw via crypto and you'll be fine. If you think this is sketchy, then please, continue making your credit card deposits at Bovada to random shell companies based out of China.
Also, DO NOT USE COINBASE TO TRANSFER TO AND FROM THE CASINO. They banned me. It hurt. Don't make the same mistake. I recommend using BRD as an intermediary between Coinbase and the casino. Since being banned from Coinbase, I have been using to buy and sell crypto. Nothing but good things to say thus far.
Finally, I have wagered roughly $3.5MM in total across the sites below and have spent countless hours researching them, so I'd like to think that I somewhat know what I'm talking about. In no way am I an expert and in no way am I a high roller or a whale. Just a regular guy that enjoys gambling.
Now the common theme amongst the below casinos is that you have access to game providers such as Evolution (live games), Pragmatic, NetEnt, Thunderkick, Push, etc. that you'll never find on the casinos advertised as available to US players (such as Bovada). As I'm sure you know, Betsoft slots can get old after a while.
Just a few of my personal favorite games that I recommend you check out...
Live Games: Crazy Time, Monopoly, Evolution Blackjack and Evolution Speed Baccarat
Slots: Dead or Alive 2, Money Train 2, Lil' Devil, Sweet Bonanza and The Dog House

Site #1: (Best for casual gamblers)
What I like: Instant withdrawals, huge selection of slots and live games, generous rakeback system, instant bitcoin deposits (they will credit your account before receiving any confirmations-- this is really nice), every so often they'll run a 24 hour promotion where if you hit 100x on slot betting at least $1 you'll be "King Roo" (basically King of the Hill) and accumulate ~$20 per minute until you're dethroned
What I don't like: Rakeback system only allows you to collect every 24 hrs/1 week/1 month, no clarity surrounding VIP status (assuming you need to be a whale), there was one instance where I won $36k on a $40 bet playing Reactoonz and was told I can only withdraw $10k per day (this was 6 months ago and never had an issue withdrawing since), lack of sports betting
My largest withdrawal (at once): $9.9k
Deposit/Withdrawal Methods: BTC, ETH
Referral link to enable rakeback system without having to wager a shitload: (you can also use code "hkgambler13")

Site #2: (Best for medium-high rollers)
What I like: Instant withdrawals, huge selection of slots and live games, incredible VIP and rakeback system (weekly/monthly bonuses, rakeback can be claimed whenever, daily/monthly challenges to earn extra cash), active and friendly chat community, multiple crytpo deposit options where your account is credited in that currency (meaning your balance equivalent in USD will swing with the market-- could be seen as a con), enjoyable "Stake Original" games that have a higher RTP than 3rd party slots, averages ~2k users online at any given time
What I don't like: Can be overwhelming for first time players (Roobet is much more straight forward and easy to use)
My largest withdrawal: $13.2k
Deposit/Withdrawal Methods: BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, BCH, XRP (highly recommend-- cheap transfer fee, if any at all, and confirmed within seconds), TRX, EOS
Referral link to instantly enable 10% rakeback:

Site #3: (Best for gamers)
What I like: Instant withdrawals, huge selection of slots and live games, newly implemented rakeback system, constant "rains" in the chat (which is free money if you join in time), ability to instantly deposit and withdraw via Rust and TF2 items (could spend an hour talking about this-- generally caters to those who cannot get crypto or have to use a CC to buy crypto), averages ~1.5k users online at any given time
What I don't like: Prior to the newly implemented rakeback system rains and level-up chests were the only "rakeback", your balance is denominated in coins (1500 coins = $1 USD), browsing through their slot selection can be a pain in the ass
My largest withdrawal (at once): $7.4k
Deposit/Withdrawal Methods: BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC
Referral link to receive a free chest that could be worth up to ~$53: (you can also use code "chase")

Final parting words: PLEASE DO NOT GAMBLE WITH MONEY THAT YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE. Gambling is not a money making method and you will lose in the long run. The purpose of my post is to make those aware that other trustworthy online casinos are available for Americans that will (hopefully) make gambling online a bit more enjoyable!
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Day 1 of Quitting- My story into gambling addiction

Hi everyone,
This is my first post so bare with me. It may be long so don’t feel compelled to read it.
I am 26 years old and in the midst of the Pandemic, I have been working from home since March. Before September, I would never have thought of myself having a gambling addiction. I remember being on a cruise when I turned 21 and put $20 in a slot machine and lost it and was so angry and disappointed in myself.
Then in September I kept seeing this ad on Instagram for an online casino. One day I succumbed and decided to sign-up because they had a $30 signup offer. I thought, ‘Hey what’s the harm?’ I wish I could go back and slap myself and say don’t do it.
I play through the free $30 and won $500. My whole body felt electrified. That went away when I realized there were wagering requirements (I have never been in/involved with casinos so I had no idea). By the time I met the wagering requirement, I had $75 of withdrawalable money. Still excited I made $75 for free I went to withdrawal, but found out the minimum withdrawal amount is $100. So I kept playing and eventually lost it. I wish I learned my lesson that this will be the reality most of the time.
For a bit of background, before this I was in a decent financial state. Pretty good job for someone my age, lived alone in a nice apartment, had some credit card debt, but overall manageable. I have some mental health problems (Bipolar and anxiety disorders) but received treatment and relatively stable compared to my early 20s.
As the days went on I couldn’t stop thinking about seeing that ‘big win’ flashing on my screen and kept thinking to myself, ‘that $500 could have been mine if I didn’t have that $30 bonus’. So, I decided to deposit $20 and bet low on the same game and won nothing. I felt sick like I did on the cruise.
This particular online casino gives you $1 every day, so for the next week I just played but $1 and won some, but not enough to withdrawal. About a week later, I got an email from the casino saying if I deposit $50, I’ll get an extra $50 with no wagering requirement. The thought of depositing $50 was crazy to me so I just deleted the email and continued with my free $1 a day. After about a week of that, I get another email, deposit $50 play with $200. I scoured the fine print and I only had to play through the extra $150 once, then any winnings I can withdrawal. I still hesitated until Friday night where I had a couple drinks and decided to go for it. Back then, I would say this was one of the most fun nights of my life. I kept landing the ‘fireshot’ feature and winning mini and minor jackpots. At the end of the night I won $1200 USD (I’m from Canada so it would be about $1500 CAD).
My body was so full of excitement I could barely hit the withdrawal button. When I did, I found out they had to verify my account and I had to send in the required documents. After I researched if this was standard for online casinos and researching this casino, I sent in my documents. I went to bed happy, and already had plans on what I was going to buy/pay off with this win. Unfortunately I was too excited to sleep. So I log back in and miraculously (at least to me back then), my $1200 was still there, and playable. So I thought why not play a few more rounds with a higher bet to get an even bigger win? Big mistake. By 3:00am, I was down to $100. I forced myself to stop so I could still withdrawal something. After about a week or two, I resisted playing/betting more and when I logged into my online banking and saw the $120 deposited, I think that’s when my addiction started.
I was no longer satisfied with my free $1 everyday. I started just depositing $20 here and there. On my lunch break or in the evening when I was bored. Then $20 turned into $50 and $50 to $100. After maxing my credit card with no significant wins, I decided enough was enough. And stopped for the rest of September.
Most likely because I had researched so much about online casinos, I had more ads than ever tempting me. One night again after a few drinks, I joined a different online casino. This one was completely different, with better games, a level up feature where you get to spin a wheel after each level and win free spins, cash back or free money, I was hooked again. I put in $50 and lost and was completely broke. So I patiently counted down the days until I got paid. I also sold about $500 worth of video games/consoles I didn’t want to sell, but did to have more money to gamble with.
On payday, I set an alarm for 4:00am when my pay is deposited. This was the first real sign to myself I may be becoming obsessed, but brushed it off. I deposited $100 and won $200. Same story, I had to verify my account but this was done within hours, and I got my money in two days VS a week and a half with my first casino. Stupidly, I put the $200 back in and lost it. I was back to being broke after only two days of getting paid. By the weekend, my credit card payment posted and in my eyes, I had money again.
That night I won most of what I lost back and learned my lesson and withdrew it. When I saw that sum deposited into my bank account, I was ecstatic. I first paid off my credit card I was using to make the deposits, and went out and bought AirPods Pro. I felt rich (even though the win was less than $1000). That evening I wanted to play again, but I had no money. This was the night I learned I could cancel a bill payment within 24 hours. Which I did. And played through all my winnings. Words can’t describe how disappointed I was in myself. I was broke. Credit card maxed. And the only thing I had to show for it were the AirPods. The next day I tried returning them but they wouldn’t accept the return because of their return policy on headphones. I vowed to myself to never gamble again, wrote a note in my phone describing what I was feeling so I could read it if I was ever tempted. That week I fell into a depressive episode. I couldn’t afford groceries, lied to friends and family for not spending time with them because I feared they would want to order food, I didn’t want to admit what happened, so I isolated myself.
That week was what I thought was the hardest. I just stayed in bed signing up to every casino out there for free spins no deposit sign ups to try to fill the void but you never actually win anything on no deposit spins. Finally, my good friend asked what is going on and I immediately bursted into tears and told her I was broke, and my credit card maxed. We work at the same job, and long story short, are both getting $5000 in retro pay because of a expired union contract. She told me she would lend me $5000 now, and I would give her my retro money when we get it in February. This was one of the kindest things anyone has ever done for me. Reluctantly, I decided to accept this kindness and we worked out a budget on how I would not let this happen again. Here’s the thing, and I will never forgive myself for, I didn’t tell her all this happened because of gambling. I was too ashamed and embarrassed.
Life was somewhat normal again for a couple weeks until one night I decide to just put in $100 and see if I can win some of what I now owed my friend back. After $500 lost, those same feelings came back, but worse since I felt I betrayed my friend’s kindness, and that this isn’t the first time this happened.
Fast forward to November - I won again (not nearly enough to recover my losses), paid my credit card and cancelled the payment, lost it all again. Then towards the end of November, my $1000 for rent sitting in my savings account kept calling my name. I have never ever been in a position where I would risk not affording rent, but my addiction was stronger and I lost $500 of it. I had about a week until my rent was due, I had nowhere to turn, I couldn’t ask my friend for a loan because in her mind, and from the few times she asked, I was sticking to my budget. My new way of handling stress was gambling, so I put another $100 in and won $600. I was saved and again vowed myself to never put myself into this position again and ‘quit’.
Now it is December, I guess this is my rock bottom. Not nearly as bad as some people’s, but here it is. I took out another credit card for ‘emergencies’ since my main one is maxed. I was good, and didn’t use it except to buy a few groceries which I swore I would pay off on payday. My mental health declined, and I deposited $100 and lost it. Then another $100. Lost it. Made another ‘promise’ to myself to stop and I did until last night. I now owe $1,000 on the new credit card, and my main one is now in a negative balance because of a subscription.
I am a liar, I take advantage of people’s kindness that I didn’t deserve in the first place, and now in more credit card debt than I know how to deal with. All I can wish for is I’ve learned my lesson. That the money I lost I will never get back, and to find some way to fill the void gambling has left in my life. After only the first day, I don’t know what will give me that feeling of excitement, the feeling of being alive. I had all my casino accounts deleted this morning, but I know there are more out there, I just really hope I can stop myself from ever going back on this path.
If you made it this far thank you for reading. If you have any suggestions on what I can do to not relapse, and any hobbies or activities that can fill the void please let me know.
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What can I do?

I've been a gambler ever since I was 15. I got hooked my first time at a casino playing roulette. Walked in with 50 and left with 250. I proceeded to go back everyday for the next week and win. I then found out about online gambling. I deposited 100$ in my 888casino account and ran it up to 22,000. At the time I was 19. Of course its impossible to withdraw instantly and it usually take a few days so we all know what happened to me balance. For the next couple years the same thing kept happening to me. Then one night I deposited 1000$ into another online casino and at this point I'm roughly 20,000 in debt from online casinos. I proceeded to run up my 1000$ deposit into 40,000 playing baccarat and it eventually dwindled down to 15,000 . I then put a max bet of 5,000 on Banker and 2500 on the dragon bet. Yep you guess it i hit it for a payout of 87,500. I withdraw the max I could instantly of 10,000 and told myself I would never gamble again. Well you guess it again they 10,000 deposit went through but the other deposits were taking alot longer then normal so being the nervous person i am I get mad and start playing with the money in my account (playing right into what the casino wants me to do) and yupp. I lost it all. Every single penny. That day I knew I had a massive issue and wanted to set my life straight. I had set goals to payoff all my debt and save for an income property. I was sober for almost 2 years and I had had no debt at all and a very nice down payment ready for a duplex to set my life up well. Long story short I went to get the duplex and had everything in line and had a great credit score and enough funds etc. But COVID hit and it made all the lenders tighten thier lending requirements for mortgages. So ended up turning my life around for 2 years and progressing as a person to getting completely shut down. I felt like there was nothing I could do to beat this. I had done everything "right" for 2 years to be shut down by the banks. And just an FYI covid was almost not even a thing were I live because we were on complete lockdown so the bank tightening the requirements was BS. Our housing market was going up .. not down. Anyway we all know what happened next .... I proceed to think "what amount of money will be enough" I had no debt and $25000 for a down payment on a duplex where someone else would be living renting one side and paying my mortage for me and I would he living in the other side. Anyway the inner demon return and I turned back to the darkside. 10,000 into my account. I then proceeded to run it up too 150,000 playing baccarat. That should be enough you would think right ? Well we all know that isn't how our brain works in the moment. So of course I go to withdraw and the first withdraw goes quick so I process the next one it takes a few days and it processes. Then on the third it takes an excessive amount of time so I got nervous and proceeded to lose everything in my casino account once again. Not believeing how I could do that again. I proceed to drain my bank account to try and one and for all win a million. (My inner mind really wanted me to lose it all for it all to be over) I didn't feel anything from the wins at all. 25,000 wins and i wouldn't be excited. But the feeling i got when I lost was like nothing else in the world.
I'm not really sure where else to turn right now. Just in need of some massive help and input in anyway possibly because Ive just about lost all hope that anything good will ever happen to me.
*note i am in my mid 20's and currently have 35,600 in credit debt. *there was also many other times I've gambled in the timeliness in my story where I ran up super high from nothing but for the sakes of being repetitive I left many of those out.
Thats my story. Thanks for listening.
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List Of The Top Bitcoin Gambling Sites And Casinos With Affiliate / Referral Programs

All of these bitcoin gambling sites are the biggest and most popular sites with the most users, they all have instant deposits and withdrawals and are used by millions of people combined.
All have good reviews in google and on review sites, no scam reports most use blockchain technology and provably fair systems.
All of these sites are listed on - This website lists all the different crypto gambling websites that give you free gambling credits, free spins on the slots or free credits to gamble with and test out the sites, or just plain old free bitcoin from the in built free crypto faucets.

Bet Fury -
Mine tokens by gambling, get daily profits in btc / trx - up to 25% cash back

BC Game -
Free daily spin, huge referral bonuses, make your own casino

Free Bitcoin -
7 Years online, gives away lambos and free lottery tickets, fast dice system.

Earn Bet -
Decentralized cryptocurrency casino that shares 100% of the profit generated with token holders.

Goose Bet -
Gamble on the site to mine tokens, hold tokens to get daily TRX, tokens available on exchanges.

Duck Dice -
Powerful dice game with multiple cryptocurrencies and 3 levels of referrals.

Stake -
One of the biggest online casinos will many millions in online revenue, world known brand.

Vegas699 -
This site lists all of the different gambling feeds in one place, casinos, slots, game shows.

BCH Game -
Win up to 1 million times your money with this anonymous bch gambling game.

Texas Holdem -
Simple and instant blockchain poker, play vs real players, has free bitcoin faucet.

Bitvest -
Old school casino with 3 level referral system, fund the bank and earn profit.

Sign up using any of these links and then join the Gambling Kings telegram channel to talk with the admins - Get increased mining earnings, bonus deposits and higher rates for whale gamblers!
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Day 0 for the last time: My story so far.

I have struggled on and off since early 2018 with this bizarre, insidious disease. This post is kind of long because I need to vent. I'm hoping this community can provide some guidance and accountability. At the very least, maybe somebody can learn from my mistakes and STOP now and take this seriously. GA meetings, counseling, whatever you need to do.
I had never casino-gambled in my entire life until I was 29. I became curious about casino gambling, as a friend of mine told me about a recent trip to Vegas. Soon after, I found myself searching for an online casino, which wasn't difficult. I made a $25 deposit. I lost that amount. My stomach sank. I felt so terrible for blowing $25 of my hard-earned money. I then made two more $25 deposits. I lost those as well. I felt sick. However, a thought entered my mind and I did the unthinkable: "F**k this, I'm going to get my damn money back." I deposited $500 and won $7,000+, and the rest is history. "I'm good at Roulette!" I thought to myself. "I've figured out the system! I can quit my job and be a professional Roulette player!" Cringe. How laughably naive this is in hindsight. I was high on the dopamine rush of winning. I remember even when I got down to $1,000 from that high of $7,000, I had absolute confidence that I would win the money back, because I had "figured out the system." Spoiler alert: I didn't recoup the money, and continued chasing my losses and digging a deeper and deeper hole.
I'm now 32, single, and still in the jaws of this beast as of an hour or two ago. I estimate that I've lost over $100,000 gambling online over two years. I owe the IRS tens of thousands. Despite being furloughed early this year due to the pandemic, this year was the best financial year of my life (over $100,000 pretax). However, I've blown $46,000+ of it on bitcoin gambling sites in this year alone. I am disgusted and sickened every time I think about it. I could have paid off most of my debt. I could have invested it. I could have, would have, should have. You know how it goes.
I've been staying with my parents the last few months to escape the loneliness and monotony of my one bedroom apartment (which I'm still paying for) and the stress of big-city life. I thought coming out here would cure me of my problem, but it hasn't. My gambling addiction followed me. I've told my parents recently, and they recoiled in disgust and shame. They don't know how to help me. They first responded with anger, calling my behavior stupid, etc. They've since become supportive, and ask me if I'm still gambling, and I lie. How can I admit that I continued to gamble after I swore up and down to them that I'd stop? Since I've told them, I've probably lost another 5 to 10k.
My hope with this long story is, maybe writing all of this down will help me, and one of you reading this, snap out of this and take it seriously. Since I relapsed around May, I've been living in a fantasy world. I've become withdrawn, I've neglected my hygiene, showering less than once per week, not going outside, massive mood swings. I can't ever live in the moment because all I think about is my debt and "what could have been." I'm in a bad mood most of the time. I have an erratic sleep schedule. I look at the news every day, which puts me in a bad mood. My parents invite me down for dinner, but I don't want to go, instead wanting fast food, which I go get late at night after they've gone to bed. I've gained weight. Each time I make a deposit and lose it, I feel so disgusted. Doesn't matter how big or small.
Here's what I've finally learned about myself tonight: I have to leave the fantasy world. Early this morning, I made what will be my last bet. I know I shouldn't make absolute statements, but I need to be done with this. Not tomorrow, not in the new year, NOW. This morning I started with a $160 or so deposit and turned it into almost $6,000 over a couple of hours. But then I lost it all. Why didn't I stop? I could have paid a family member back, got that new M1 chip MacBook I've been wanting, paid for Christmas presents for family, the list goes on. But I didn't. We never stop do we? I blew it all. Even right now, the temptation to make another deposit with the hopes that I'll have another lucky streak remains, but I know that even if I make it back up to $6,000, I'll want to go to $7,000. If I make it to $7,000, I'll want to go to $8,000. If I withdrew the money, sooner or later I'd be right back to making deposits again when I'm bored thinking I can win even more. I know all of this because this is the obvious pattern that has emerged over two years. No matter how much I win, I always end up putting it back into the casino. As I sit here sour about what I could have done with that $6,000, I should instead look at things in perspective: would that 6 grand have really made that much of a difference? I would have gone from $46,000 lost this year to $40,000 lost. Still WAY in the negative.
I have decided to leave this nightmarish fantasy world forever. I'm going to take a damn shower. I'm going to clean my disgusting room. I'm going to work on art projects. If I get bored, I'll play a video game. I used to find joy in gaming, and now all I enjoy is gambling. That stops now. I will find joy in every day life, I will make each day count, I will continue to learn my craft so I can earn more next year, I will live normally, I will make an effort to attend GA meetings online, and I will stop worrying about money and take it ONE DAY AT A TIME. As I continue to abstain from gambling, I know my mood will improve. I have a long way to go with some other bad habits. I have enough money to last through the end of February. All I can think about is "what about AFTER February?" How about this: who gives a shit. I've never gone a single year and not been able to earn money as a freelancer or otherwise to pay my bills. This stops now, who the f**k is with me?
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Stake Online Crypto Casino/Sportsbook

Range of games

Stake has the widest range of set of games available in online casinos. Every available slot can be found at Stake. If there are any slots missing you can contact support and tell them which slots they should add.
In terms of live games Stake offers three providers instead of the often seen one provider (Evolution). Apart from that Stake also has a 24/7 sportsbook with all features you would find at conventional online books.
Return to player (RTP)
Stake offers an industry leading 96% RTP at minimum on all slots and an unrivalled 99% RTP on their ‘Stake Originals’ which are developed by the Stake team.
VIP Service
Stake is known for its incredible VIP experience. Stake’s VIP offerings are laid out clearly and transparently. Each tier has wager requirements and bonuses are paid out at each level (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum 1-6, Diamond). With these tiers you will also receive increased weekly and monthly bonuses in which players receive rakeback based on wagers of that week or month. Apart from that normal rakeback is also able to be claimed multiple times a day!
Stake offers Telegram and Chat challengers all day every day. In these challenges players have a chance of earning a few extra bucks. On top of that races are hosted every day where players race to get the highest wager in a period of time to earn a big paycheck!

Stake has unlimited instant withdrawals and ther will never be any withdrawals blocked. Deposits are registered instantly (apart from occasional short BTC delay). Stake offers a wide range of crypto currencies to be deposited, many of which are instantly available like XRP or Doge.

Click and sign up through this link to receive a free daily $1 reload for a whole week! {Subject to Approval. Multi accounts will not be offered this offer. Once you sign up from link below Message me your stake Username to activate the $1 reload for 7 days.}
Larger depositing customers (High rollers will get upto 40% reloads for 7days, again subjected to approval.)
Message me with deposit amount you will be interested in making to activate the deposit reload feature. No wagering requirement on this reload.
Full anonymous gambling experience. If you do not want to verify your account , you will never be forced to verify your details for ANY withdrawals whatsoever. This is a plus point for people who has restricted gambling access from their countries. They can use a VPN to play at stake!. Verification
Is optional for those who wish to do so. If you cannot log into stake from the following link provided below please don’t hesitate to message me. I will help you setup everything so you can start your gambling journey with stake.
As I cannot post the referral link here goto stake sign up and message me your username I will activate the bonuses manually for you.
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Online Casino Deposit Bonuses No Deposit Bonus Online ... [NO DEPOSIT TOPBET BONUS CODES] 🍸‘ONLINE CASINO BONUSES ... Australian Online Casino No Deposit Bonuses 2020 12 - YouTube 25 Free Spins No Deposit Bonus @ Casino Moons - YouTube Best No Deposit Casino Welcome Bonuses - Top 5 No Deposit ... Online Casino Deposit Bonuses 25 Free Spins No Deposit ... [NO DEPOSIT THIS IS VEGAS CASINO BONUS CODES]  ‘ONLINE ... [VEGAS CASINO ONLINE BONUS CODES]  ‘NO DEPOSIT CASINO ... Online Casino Deposit Bonuses ⇑ Casino Hacks ⇑ Hackademy ... Best Casino Bonuses Online Best No Deposit Casino Welcome ...

Whether you’re new to gambling or looking for new places to play slots online, no deposit online casinos are a great way to try out new casinos and play some fun games. You may be asking yourself, “How do no deposit bonuses work?” Read on to learn how you can cash in on free credits or free spins to earn real money online. Claiming a No Deposit Bonus. Most no deposit online casinos South ... 50 Free Spins no deposit casino bonuses – instant free-play slots spins for the best online slots! ... Collect 25 Free Spins, No Deposit to play on Gonzo’s Quest AND Dead or Alive 2! Get a hefty dose of casino entrainment and sports action at Spinamba online casino and sportsbook. Find out what else you can expect to find at this new gambling brand in our casino review. Go to Spinamba ... Introduction to free slot bonuses. No deposit bonuses are a promotion given by online casinos to attract new players. These bonuses usually take the form of free credit, which can be used to bet on various games, or the form of several prepaid spins on certain slots.. No-deposit bonuses are usually given as a gift to attract new players.The main goal of these bonuses is to promote the casino's ... Tropicana Online Casino: $10 No Deposit Bonus + Deposit 100, get $100 Deposit Bonus: 10: Virgin Online Casino: $10 No Deposit Bonus + Deposit 100, get $100 Deposit Bonus : 888 Casino offers players a $20 free exclusive casino bonus which equals 200 free spins. Real Money No Deposit Casino Bonus. There are several types of casino bonuses in the United States, but the best one for new players is ... 5 Euros No Deposit Free Casino Bonus. A 10 Euro No Deposit Bonus is a lot of money and you’ll find that very few online casinos will award this huge no deposit bonus cash to players. However, more common is the €5 no deposit bonus, a free casino bonus where new players signing up will receive 5 euros free no deposit bonus cash in their account. Play Ojo Casino 10€ no deposit bonus · June 1, 2020 30 - 50 free spins valid for new players at Play Ojo Casino · May 31, 2020 75 free spins valid for new and old players at Play Ojo Casino · March 28, 2020 10000€ tournament for new and old players by Play Ojo Casino · March 19, 2020 Play Ojo Casino 100€ tournament · March 17, 2020 500€ tournament for new and old players by Play ... Every casino on our list is tested and reviewed by our team of experts for all those parameters that go into creating a high grade online casino. The special focus is on the no deposit bonus available and, more important, the terms associated with each of them. You get the latest and best no deposit casinos when you are with us because our team ... Best No Deposit Casino Bonus Codes & Offers January 2021 - Find the top casino no deposit bonus & free spin offers! Play FREE + win real money. Aktuell könnt ihr euch 143 Euro Bonus ohne Einzahlung bei verschiedenen Anbietern sichern! Mit einem No Deposit Bonus könnt ihr bereits für die Anmeldung in einem Online-Casino ein kleines Guthaben zum Zocken erhalten. Ein Bonus ohne Einzahlung richtet sich für gewöhnlich an Neukunden. Eine derartige Bonusaktion dient hauptsächlich dazu, die Games des Casinos risikolos auszutesten. Considering that no deposit is needed to be able to claim the no deposit bonuses, players might wonder what incentive there is for an online casino to promote such offers. In a nutshell, there’s a considerable (and ever-increasing) number of competitors in the online casino industry, all of whom are eager to gain new customers. By offering no ...

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Online Casino Deposit Bonuses No Deposit Bonus Online ...

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