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@WSJ: Blackstone is putting the Cosmopolitan hotel and casino on the market, which would be a rare sale of a major Las Vegas Strip operating casino

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Bob Dylan on tour with Mavis Staples this fall, dates within

Most of the dates list Mavis as the special guest on the bill. I saw them play together at a new shed built right on the harbor in Portland, Maine last summer and it was outstanding.
Her new album (produced and written/cowritten by Jeff Tweedy) will be dropping towards to the end of the tour, expect some new material mixed in with classic Staples Singers as well as some work from You Are Not Alone and the subsequent titles.
10/13/17 Funner, California - Harrah's Resort SoCal 10/14/17 Las Vegas, Nevada - The Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino 10/17/17 Salt Lake City, Utah - Eccles Theater 10/18/17 Salt Lake City, Utah - Eccles Theater 10/21/17 Denver, Colorado - 1st Bank Center 10/23/17 Omaha, Nebraska - CenturyLink Center 10/24/17 Ames, Iowa - Stephens Auditorium 10/25/17 Saint Paul, Miinnesota - Xcel Energy Center 10/27/17 Chicago, Illinois - Wintrust Arena 10/28/17 Grand Rapids, Michigan - Van Andel Arena 10/29/17 Bloomington, Indiana - Indiana University Auditorium 11/01/17 Detroit, Michigan - Fox Theatre 11/03/17 Akron, Ohio - E.J. Thomas Hall 11/05/17 Columbus, Ohio - Palace Theatre 11/06/17 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Heinz Hall 11/08/17 Uniondale, New York - Nassau Coliseum 11/10/17 Richmond, Virginia - Coliseum 11/11/17 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Tower Theatre 11/12/17 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Tower Theatre 11/14/17 Washington DC - The Anthem 11/16/17 Boston, Massachusetts - Agganis Arena
Info from the always reliable site
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Make a Race Route #3 Part 3: The Winner

Congratulations to u/No-Diver-2452 who won round 3 of Make a Race Route, 2nd place was u/Vinnymartin_09 and 3rd place was a tie between u/pandie12345 & u/Pgandhguyxc. The winning route is:
Leg 1: Atlanta, USA -> Cancun, Mexico
Leg 2: Cancun, Mexico -> Lima, Peru
Leg 3: Lima -> Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (self-drive) (NEL)
Leg 4: Rio de Janeiro -> Praia, Cape Verde
Leg 5: Praia -> Barcelona, Spain
Leg 6: Barcelona -> Nice, France -> Monaco -> Genoa, Italy (travel from Spain to France via train) (super leg) (self drive) (halfway point in Monaco)
Leg 7: Genoa -> Jerusalem, Israel (NEL)
Leg 8: Jerusalem -> Nairobi, Kenya
Leg 9: Nairobi -> Perth, Australia (self-drive)
Leg 10: Perth -> Hong Kong, China (NEL)
Leg 11: Hong Kong -> Seoul, South Korea
Leg 12: Seoul -> Las Vegas, USA
Additional Information:
Start line: Truist Park
Finish Line: Hoover Dam
Final Roadblocks:
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the cosmopolitan six thousand five hundred dollar bank the bonus live play tonight last night you guys wanted some mighty cash i found you a mighty cash double up look at those numbers that we're working with same format last night we do 500 tickets however some of my tickets are a thousand bucks they're just easier that way so i'll have to do some uh thinking and uh math but i get kerry here to help me out and i got all my lovely and fans so ticket starts at a thousand dollars so we're not gonna go below 500 guys so this one should be pretty easy max volume bank the bonus live play 13.50 a spin [Music] mighty cash double up let's see this haywire five or more for the bonus [Music] mr classic tv says punky power thank you mr classic tv oh yeah mr classic tv i think you won one of those blenders or um mixers but i need to get your address so send me an email or message me on facebook so i know jimmy d won the other mixer but i'm pretty sure you are the other winner so i want to get that sent out to you yes haywire we got something big oh 45 bucks good ones big one oh i couldn't drop like the maxi because it doubles up [Music] wait there we go [Music] and carrie we trust so we're gonna have him hit the button all right gary [Music] wow that's huge let's keep getting these red ones yes this is not bad red [Music] that wasn't a good spin but if your first two are pretty solid so i forgive you [Music] yolanda rory love you bry mighty cash is the best i love you too yolanda hopefully it will come to new york here soon yeah this is a decent oh yolanda which one do i pick yolanda's picking guys left right middle if yolanda's in here we'll give her a first chance to pick one two or three your left middle right yolanda i'm gonna wait for her i am i'm in plenty of time [Music] i'm a no hurry this is a nice little bonus yolanda gets to pick [Music] leland assistant too all right here it is shoot that's fine all right let's do it anything filled up down there okay extra 13.50 [Music] yes too bad we couldn't fill that up this is not a bad little hit i'll do some ticket math later on because uh i had a thousand dollar ticket but a good start yesterday we started off great and then it went south and if smaller bets work we'll do smaller bets but i am getting some revenge on that 25 cash code it's a jackpot to start the night what do you know [Music] yolanda has no reason to be sorry how's the picture quality everybody we have one person keep saying bad picture but everybody else says [Music] [Music] nothing [Music] all right let me see if i can uh [Music] all right [Music] all right is that good now how does that look perfect all right couple backup spins come on please please please [Music] backup spins galore i saw it go by too all right two thousand dollars will be the ending point [Music] all right first game get a win nice start all right so this ticket guys oh cougar girls 9.99 super justice happy new year all right i reset it i don't know what else to do so i did reset the wi-fi i mean the picture i am at mercy of the casino and romeo evan welcome to the bod rubber ducky club all right guys since um the same ticket so five hundred dollars again i've got these thousand dollar tickets i have to use them twice so the floor is going to be 1500 all right all right 17 16 a spin [Music] that's huge 300 that's good [Music] [Applause] yep i i work with what i have so [Music] maybe it'll get better but i did reset it twice after that i can't do much i apologize but i'm working with what they have but thank you to 800 people watching one more [Music] open this pot 24. [Music] 40 bucks [Music] yes scott i just re-logged into wi-fi for the third time i did reset it and i reset it again so [Applause] [Music] all right before the bonus i'll see if i can fix the wi-fi whoops 73. if you're winning with that well i find it just keep it that way give me one second guys this is my best four games [Music] which one do you guys look all right which one should i pick i've never done this thank you raja what do you guys want [Music] miss mary brian thank you for the live play i really activity oh thank you miss mary [Music] coins [Music] all right coins all coins come on yes oh we're going to do something on the left [Music] chris had patches behind me for me hey one more time i logged out i forgot the network and i logged back in [Music] guys not much i can do guys so the i'm doing the best i can but tell me it's blurry and tell me it's unwatchable and you're gonna unsubscribe above and beyond because i don't control the wi-fi you're gonna unsubscribe from my channel uh i'm not trying to be negative here but don't say crap like that that's just not cool all right guys i'm doing the best i can to give you guys some bonus live play and kyle sell data does not work at all in vegas anyways we got a bonus 776 dollars all right there's some backup spans the floor we'll get 2800 2750 2800 we'll see how it goes and we'll do the top up if we hit it [Music] all right so 27.50 is gonna be the floor so the first thousand in we're gonna have at least 27.50 so that's a great start tonight the pot is a little over 6500 but that's what the tickets i had available was they're gonna make that work but thank you all for tuning in thank you for you know the watching the earlier live play and we got a super chat herbert d brian you're doing fine ignore the complaint all right one more spin and we're gonna cash out so far it's a good little start [Music] all right let's move what do you guys want to see next is my lucky players card [Music] so [Music] those are not multi-dino [Music] yep how you doing yeah i hope so i reset it again it's still really bad i i re-logged in crushing it you hit reconnect i hit reconnect yeah it's still brilliant now all right we're back live all right thank you all right guys garager just help me out it's great usually for a little bit and then it kind of sputters out all right guys how about some konami konami time [Music] [Music] it can go to a hotel you go to hotel next all right and play konami games radiant witch 15 to spin so the floor on this game is gonna be 500. because it's a thousand dollar ticket let's do it guys but thank you all for tuning in hey brian i got a super chat for you one dollar lucky super chat from jose all right usually the usually for a super chat has to be at least 1.99 or higher to say anything doesn't want it we'll try one this is going in the community pot there we go so now you're in action you have a point one tenth of a percentage all right taxi 10 000. yeah we need to go to the other one all right we're gonna try the hotel one all right we're gonna try one more wi-fi guys i apologize all right all right last try guys after this we're just gonna wing it but waffs 73 in bod we trust thank you wasps genomes just keep crushing it all right guys if i missed a super chat then i did do my best doing my best all right here we go it's an iphone 12 pro mac so it should the phone's not the issue here oh i think it was one away from that symbol nice you love silver lucky 25 super super chat flip phone it's a motorola gopro i have no idea come on three or more bonus symbols may trigger the money galaxy feature oh you're not like that okay [Music] we switched the wi-fi network so hopefully guys hopefully this helps it's holding up so we'll take it at this point jose ah i tried [Music] guys it has nothing to do with the camera on the phone it's the wifi [Music] chris pat you're doing great brian of data oh that's my new name brian of data 9150 so i heard you made a killing in the stock market today had a good day you guys haven't checked out raja makes money the mods have been actually posting the link so thank you mod for doing that come on kanami give me some heck yeah [Music] gosh you guys i might have to cancel live play early tonight if i have to keep modding for myself [Music] come on it's due [Music] uh now i get that radiant witch symbol when i don't need it yep once again [Music] well i would go play it and that's that's it that's the 500 mark so [Music] all right let's keep moving on guys [Music] now um somebody specifically told me i should go play high stakes [Music] you know what maybe he'll do some video poker since carrie's here tonight how would you guys want to see some ultimate at the video poker i think that could be fun 1250 spin max that volume out yay or nay on video poker oops stephen hall he requested this game tonight so he got it apple alert for guys tonight 5 30 ah so close 5 30 pacific time you know what i did really good on last night was uh one more that uh i hit those two nice jackpots on uh also environment really i haven't if we went at one more and open up the taco that is like another four i never have like an ultimate fire like played it again last night but the last couple ever since i started playing that another one ultra hot megalink i didn't go to those now they've done these whole shows okay i never liked it because i never got the bonus but now we've got all these great bonuses they're gonna take 5 30 guys the big jackpot will be live on the main facebook page with youtube live play to follow at six o'clock pacific time [Music] yes we got a bonus see what happens when i push the button all right big one here we go carrie go ahead and hit the button carrie terry first lucky raja high rollers i had to mix it up it didn't work for me yesterday all right raja your turn your turn nah all right jose hit the button [Music] okay there we go that's 125 for jose tracy says i feel bbb coming for b.o.d well we believe in b.o.d everybody hit the thumbs up jose you're on the roll ready another 125. you're fired i'm fired i'll come in and save the day all right come on all right you're in all right here we go there you go that's all you guys are worth 25. oh this is 50 cents it's 12 minutes all right carrie you're back in it come on 62.50 jose tagging you back in you're hired again come on that's this is a brd spin oh okay there it is all right same as the raja come on nature just drop it oh really i carry you're back in [Music] all right jose we'll worry about the price of the grand if we come to that all right it comes down to body [Applause] that's something 362. [Music] it is but yours is a lot tighter mine's maybe the spring's gone or something [Applause] [Music] all right backup spins we'll play it down to what 500. how does that sound that sounds great thank you one more sorry he's live right now [Music] ma'am it's 45 dollars i'm sorry that's my gunnery jose my agent told me that all right big congratulations to the quick father he's not going to be with us tonight and right when we got done playing about one o'clock last night went to the room get a good night's sleep at three o'clock he sent me a message he had to get an uber for a five-hour drive back to california he missed his baby being born that's why we picked this date early in the month because baby was due on the 18th so we're like okay two weeks plenty of time you know get home and yeah out of nowhere last night all right guys what do you think we should play next all right autumn moon let's do it ah guys i do not really charge 45 dollars a photo you guys can believe whatever you want this one's due i'm into this game for at least a thousand bucks i get this one two oh the better match yeah no no but this one yesterday all right here we go twenty dollars to spend fifty four hundred dollar major hundred and three thousand dollar grand this is slower than like that first [Music] so the floor is 500 on this game unless we decide to play a second round on it so thousand dollar ticket in the floor come on what whoa no oh i thought you had it oh wow how did you screw that up very easily oh i thought i had it thousands left what happened to that 20 orb what happened to that 20 dollar orb tracy if jose twerks upside down like naomi there will be mega booms wow you've been requesting the twerk upside down [Music] diane mccall says whatever rajo says about you after i fell for the malaria hoax [Laughter] so diane mccall says she doesn't believe anything you say about me after she fell for the malaria hoax when you told everybody i had malaria b.o.d uh brandon true b.o.d ah what what grand did you hit the other day when the raja was live it's probably the same as me having malaria whatever that's worth [Music] it's no minor finally [Music] the good news is i don't have malaria currently but the question is are you going to fall asleep 2 000. i knew this game was due ah yeah come on keeping it alive [Music] now i pumped well over a thousand bucks in this game last night [Music] plus in the group paul we didn't do too well either [Music] [Applause] thousand right [Music] oh here it comes 103 000 live let me at least see it i did not see it i got my glasses on and i don't see it again the drama it's left-handed does it work nope i need to mix it up is that what you do in the bedroom people got jokes today come on [Music] hopefully we keep playing well i can pay off my markers it'll be nice [Music] that's something is that tick-tock tick-tock well i only have one phone unlike some people wow you guys both have one phone wait we got so many girls and tracy d if you don't mind sending me a photos later on of all the jackpots thank you all right so the floor is gonna be three thousand bucks one more moon there's still good line hit john johnson boom boom boom in bod's room that's right [Music] yeah this machine was definitely due after i mean carrie watched me struggle on this game last night i mean struggle one more i knew this game had to do a comeback hi there how you doing today good how are you i'm doing well you can't do recording what did this gentleman tell you i'm spitting fake news again i'm gonna have to call security on you that wouldn't be the first time yeah they called him last time when he had those prostitutes you grabbed his hands on his feet caesar's palace was not a good day remember caesar's palace and that lady i was tracy says i'm waiting jose you got this bee all right cash it out so this yeah so yeah this was a new this was a fresh ticket jimmy beauty on ajita keep it up i got your hoodie in my room during his live play i'll get it for you all right cash cove 25 a spin so the floor is just under 2 500. purple and gold saw it's nice wind keep it up i'm going to purple gold and i got jimmy d there you go all right all right so the floor is like 2 400 and change what doesn't want my ticket i did this yesterday too gaming machine unable to redeem at this time that was weird and it took it cash go 25 to spend cash cove just under 2 400 sorry just under 2 500. come on make up make up for you so 24 in change [Music] 100 dollars get it oh but thank you to all the mods help out thank you to kerry all aboard or luxury line tiffany j beauty great live stream can you play some cats all right we'll do cats after this [Music] no thank you nope i'm doing well not drinking anything so i'm gonna hold off as long as we keep winning i will not have a sip of water the entire livestream i am very superstitious [Music] what did he get nice jose is on ajita as tracy d would say this ticket will be put in the bank after this machine is over that's a great observation [Music] [Music] doesn't want me to quit this game i guess no okay there you go all right couple more spins not gonna go below 2400 come on come on all right final spin on this game cash an hour all right all right so that i think it's done all right we're gonna put another thousand dollar ticket in so once again the floor is gonna be um 500 bucks i didn't have to didn't have time to break down the tickets cats here it is somebody wanted cats to send a super chat and i haven't done cats in a while so [Music] 15 to spin [Music] yes that's it i thought it looked it looked a lot better in my mind sometimes the lower bets work better that's a pay line on 15. oh fine don't have to convince me it looks like if i'm a game manufacturer i'm making 15 lines that's not one of mine [Music] yeah of all the games being different heights different angles it's not always the easiest sometimes to uh that's it fifteen all right 30 that's fine 30 bucks on cats ah 200 nice [Music] come on bank the bonus that's good huh 400. nice [Music] that's right johnny milwaukee loves all the games that have cats in it kitty glitter miss kitty [Music] bonus [Music] [Music] what do you think should i play 45 a spin on catch or keep it here at 30. 500 is the floor we're going for that bonus oh yeah 250. i'll tell you what we'll do actually choose the max you can only play 30 bucks so by default oh bonus nope no nope gina anyway can you play black widow uh maybe you'll do some black widow i'll tell you what since we're doing well in the game we'll i don't want to lose any money on this game so we'll set the floor in a thousand bucks so we guarantee we don't lose any money playing cats [Music] i hate to do well in the machine and go broke trying to hit the bonus so [Music] come on okay 200 just for that [Music] and if we break the two 2000 mark maybe he'll set a floor above that come on full screen say meow i likey [Music] so if the raja ever tells you something about me 95 of the time it's not true he said you were an awesome individual b.o.d yep see told you now he knows better than joke about my dogs so oh yeah that's like the one thing he knows so if he says something about my dogs that may be true but besides that i never had malaria [Music] what's not a pay line but this jagged thing is that's bs hey ben hello [Music] don't get called on me kitty cats [Music] all right um is black widow on here all right this game's getting cold i'm going to use this extra 186 dollars for black widow so the forum black widow's still going to be 500. i so whatever that's worth executive vod decision [Music] forty dollars to spend on black widow [Music] the floor is at 500 on the game he's taking some of that extra money [Music] all right a black widow floor is five hundred dollars oh there's yep i that's a lot of people say i look like the purple guy in black widow they're the pink guy does that look like b.o.d what do you guys think i think it is they modeled it after me maybe that's right the raja this is his favorite game because he gets to see me all the time [Music] wow cheryl clark blackwidow be nice to b.o.d thank you we don't think we had a single playback of anything on black widow yet [Music] not a single does black widow hate b.o.d looks like ben affleck oh there we go on the last spin it pays 160 says don't quit on me [Music] ah mark wahlberg all right final spin and we're putting this ticket in the bank for cats and black widow so cats and black widow is done now i did play some um dancing drums earlier today and i got killed 2 000 down on dancing drums so based on that it's dancing drums revenge [Music] time [Music] yeah i saw my afternoon live play we did play some dancing drums so what do i got left 500 500 500 000 so 6500 in tickets i have 2500 left let's just make it easy to put a 500 ticket here so once again guys i had to get some thousand dollar tickets i couldn't get the 500 so that's why we used some tickets twice 1760 a bet and we're going for three if we get it we're going for three the last three games we haven't done anything so we're due for another bonus here jimbo come on drums let's see a bonus i agree timbo so the mini's at 178 miners 626 that seems awfully high you son of a yeah majors at 9 000 yeah we're going for three because that's what i said all right here we go all right big money there we go that's it [Music] yes oh one more dragon that helped 120 yeah 360. [Music] all right 660 dollar bonus [Music] all right we're gonna play some more uh like 750 floor on this game we need some backup spins let's get another bonus [Music] you know screw it we'll do the mystery if we get it again that sounds fine with me mystery if we get another bonus i just hit five drums [Music] all right final spin unless we hit something um [Music] all right whoops says uh [Music] top dollar let's do it [Music] a lot of people like the double top dollar [Music] yeah 210 dollars to spend sorry 10 dollars a credit 20 [Music] we've been doing better on the lower d knobs right now so [Music] she says always double she's an expert so yeah 10's on there i'm putting a thousand dollar ticket in so the floor will be 500. [Music] so it's 20 dollars yes we did some higher spins earlier going backwards still good slide play [Music] carla howard says good luck tonight hashtag bonus time hope you're staying warm up there [Music] carla [Music] oh [Music] [Music] is my card working all right let's see this top dollar logo [Music] so close there we go [Music] almost 2 000 people watching thank you guys for tuning in tonight make the bonus live play from the cosmopolitan las vegas hit that subscribe button keep notifications on because sometimes i do surprise live play like this morning last spin [Music] and i did some like hundred dollar huffing puff this morning all right let's move on to some pinball [Music] two credit pinball we'll do 20 to spin on this too yes we'll do the video poker [Music] let's set pinball yeah uh these old school pinballs you can't see them anymore you don't find them much all the casinos that have them do not get rid of them looks like the new pinball they have it's a little different format 20 to spin so with a three credit pinball you get five shots with two credit pinball you get four [Music] that was 250 okay give this some more ammo to hit this pinball come on come on [Music] ah so close we have 1500 left after this the big jackpot will be live at 5 30 pacific time so [Music] and maybe i'll do some surprise late night live play tonight you never know that's why you have to subscribe and click those notifications on if i do like it yeah yeah it's something i was waiting for like yeah eight grand i'm like my like time just kind of stopped okay for me i'm like is it gonna happen [Music] it is what time what time is it carrie right now i think about five o'clock or so so it's 4 45 yes there we go uh i think i'm gonna keep the ten dollar genome it's working i hate to blow through everything on the twenty five dollar d numb we ain't broke i rather win a little bit of money on a smaller bet than lose more money on a larger bet [Music] yeah maybe some we'll see late no promises i did a surprise live play this afternoon [Music] and it's not a surprise if i tell you happy new year b.o.d and good luck well thank you sonny happy new year to you come on pinball get a couple decent line hips golden nugget that's a casino we're at the cosmopolitan is there a game called golden nugget oh yeah [Music] what was your biggest hit um nice on 15 bets yeah can't beat that [Music] i know where a wild wild nugget is but um some guy last night kept saying wild wild nugget the whole time and it really gave me bad juju and we lost so no wild wild nugget tonight i'm not a fan of that game anyways but we got a come on bonus 80. okay 250 it's a good start come on 80 80 no 500 bucks come on 80 80. [Music] [Applause] all right we're at 8 40. like 7 60 something like that get it five back upstairs legit whoops taught me so my final spin okay cash now [Music] 1500 left [Music] carrie and i gonna play some video poker for five thirty dollars to spin ultimate x video poker scary carry and body now beauty is gonna make the best choices oh thank you for that i'll do the best i can i got carrie here so we'll [Music] oh i didn't sorry i was um live when you texted me oh you're fine [Music] thank you thank you do you want a cosmopolitan no no no hold nothing or yeah all right oh so i was playing this earlier i got dealt four to the royal correct carry yeah i got dealt four to the royal i had a four-time multiplier up top or something and of course i did not hit it we'll be back to slots after this open ender all right seven queens [Music] maybe i should have held the aces michael alphonse in the house check out live stream casino shenanigans on facebook featuring michael halphon nothing all right the no holds barred anything goes facebook gambling drinking debauchery group sanders lodge shared the length thank you okay in order here we go oh come on give us something here come on [Music] all right here we go four to the flush let's hit this yeah look at the next all right come on four of a kind wherever oh come on oh come on top here okay guys all right come on could be eight thousand dollars it could be all right here we go a little dramatic pause come on twenty thousand dollars here it comes [Music] oh man yep yeah i got del four to the royal with the multiplier i had a couple good deals today [Music] here we go [Music] all right here we go come on four of a kind four of a kind king queen [Music] hey quads there we go oh cheers that's why i got somebody else here [Music] maybe if i do a late night it'd be all video poker live stream it's a possibility if anybody wants to do a video poker with me tonight maybe i'm going for it oh you just look at it [Music] okay so it's open ender too yeah so you need a two or seven eclipse [Music] there we go [Applause] 2500 [Music] all right [Music] nice all right so we're at 28 10. i'll probably play down 2 500 or so yeah um come on here it comes guys let's play for a miracle carry i'm good right yeah ah tyler smith the b.o.d for president carrie lee for vp i like it okay let's do it again come on four of a kind [Music] [Music] [Music] yes sir oh come on four aces come on [Music] [Music] okay that's right it's lacey from the slot ladies the one and only will she go live tonight i don't know if you guys want to send her money on only fans i think she may go live again tonight but hopefully is that how you send people money oh yeah so if you check out lacey's instagram and tracyd or whoever has it share it in the chat and on instagram they have your cash app in there so if somebody wants to send lacey 100 bucks or she gets up to 500 tonight i think she may go live again [Music] oh somebody sent you 100 you just need 400 more all right that sounds fair and whoever sends the most money can pick the game [Music] it'd probably be after the big jackpot tonight probably directly after before the group poll [Music] it actually was good she told me my left arm was sore because my right arm was tight [Music] yeah i had the hundred minute in the end well worth it eight times there we go anything i have a mask on my braces oh there we go can we get the flush can we get a flush ah yeah that's a good way to end it positive money and tracy d thank you mod tracy just shared lacey's instagram so just to confirm her cash app is linked in the buy over instagram right yeah all right so if she gets 500 tonight 400 more she will be going live [Music] am i down only 500 left yeah i guess i'm only at 500 left tonight wow i thought it had more oh yeah we had the thousand between those two machines right so what do we want to do for the last so let me think about schmidt i put 500 in there 500 here okay we all know what's going to happen last guys 25 spins huff and puff [Music] that's right guys huff and puff to end the night and wild wild nugget is being played i was going to end it tonight in a wild wild nugget but some gentleman is playing it so i can't do that yep 25 spins we're doing well we're gonna do 25 spins we did it yesterday for a thousand bucks we couldn't hit so maybe it's due that that logic worked on the uh what game did the logic were gone oh autumn moon we lost yesterday all right here we go 25 spins huff and puff let's do it um yeah maybe some late night live play i'll talk to some people and figure out a game plan there's no promises [Music] well i got some money to throw in the pot it could be video poker who knows two more yeah yeah there we go by the way we're gonna end it we got backup spins all right i'm excited yesterday was terrible today is much much better one more oops man i didn't mean to do that [Music] oh come on don't be like that it is going to be like that we got backup spin so there's one point we just want a coin [Music] ouch and the actual three games only played seven dollars and fifty cents it was bad [Music] 500 bucks will be the floor [Music] thank you that was not a good bonus nope nope nope [Music] come on the volume is maxed out that is not the issue what are you gonna do one more spin to end the night on bank the bonus live play i don't i would like to play it through but i don't know if that's fair because everybody has to agree on it so based on that um i'm okay thank you though so but guys thank you so much on behalf of b.o.d scary carrie and lacey we will see you soon remember check her out on instagram camera's on you just let you know oh hi taking my these are not i can't walk in them so i'm switching all right so check her out on instagram if she gets 500 today she's going live and you pick the game if you're the highest donor and also check her out on only fans so all right guys thanks to glot and i will see you guys later on maybe late night tonight bye
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If you could design a world for Wiz, what would it be?

I daydream about this stuff all the time; if you could create a Spiral world, what would it be? What would the theming be like? The overarching story? Really curious to see if anyone thinks about this stuff like I do!
For me, I think an American West/Las Vegas themed world would be super cool. It would be pretty much half and half rocky desert like you'd see in places like the Valley of the Gods in Utah, and a super cosmopolitan city full of hotels and casinos! The overarching story of the world would maybe be like the bug mafia trying to take over the city, and there would be a questline about keeping a dam from breaking, etc. The bigger dungeons would be a Grand Canyon-like one, a penthouse suite, and the final instance, which would involve fighting your way up to the roof of a massive hotel under construction. That penthouse dungeon would probably be a farmable complicated thing like Tower of the Helephant. The aesthetics for gear and enemies would be basically cowboys and old school tycoon fancy things. The residents of this place would be from all over the Spiral (because tourism), but the desert areas would primarily be populated by cow-people (cowboys, duh) and idk prairie dogs.
So if you have any ideas of your own, I'd love to hear them! And if you could come up with good name for mine, that would be great 😭
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Since Seán likes superheroes, I was hoping he (or the subreddit) would judge my OC...Whatcha think?

THE MYSTERIOUS ROULETTE Chapter 1: A Chance Occurrence
One fair evening in Las Vegas, Nevada, a taxi is dropping off it's passenger, Ruby K. Felidade, at the Excalibur Hotel & Casino. As the 5' 9'' red headed zookeeper stepped out of the vehicle for her vacation, the low rumble of a distant thunder could be heard, and the skies had begun clouding up and turning a deep grey. Ruby quickly steps inside to avoid the impending storm, and heads straight to the casino after checking into the hotel. She seats herself on a wobbly bar stool, and examined the beverages menu. "Hit me with a Cosmopolitan, my good sir." She says to the barkeep. After receiving her drink, she decides to test her luck on the slot machines. Much to her's and everyone else's surprise, she hits 9 consecutive $100,000 prizes. "Hehehe... let's try for ten, shall we?" This time, as she firmly grasps the lever, she pulls on it with all her might. The slots spin round and bag, money bag...riches were in her reach! But right as the final slot was ending its' cycle, a wicked lightning bolt strikes the casino, with Ruby still holding onto the metallic lever, electrocuting her and knocking her unconscious for hours. When she comes to, she finds herself mysteriously in her room, but also feels perfectly fine, so she stands up slowly. She reaches for the door handle to see if everyone else is alright, and she rips it off of its' hinges with ease. "What the?!" She exclaims. "Did....did the lightning do this to me? N-no.. Couldn't have...must have been broken before hand." Ruby says, not willing to believe that lightning gave her super strength. She heads downstairs to the lobby, and the bellhop gains her attention with a wave of his hand. "I see you're awake...that's good! That was quite a storm, miss...are you okay?" He asked, worried about her wellbeing. "Yes, I'm quite alright. And everyone else?" "Yes ma'am, they are all safe." Just then, their conversation gets interrupted by a clock chiming as they do every hour. "Oops, i've gotta get back to work....glad you're ok though!" He heads off upstairs. " head still hurts..." Ruby thinks to herself. "Hmm...i wonder...." She says, looking over at a full baggage cart. She walks over to it, and attempts to lift it up, but to no avail. "Yeah. I didn't think that'd work..." After that humiliating failure, she goes back to the casino once more to check on everything. She arrives to see it is completely empty of people, and notices that the slot machine she had used had been removed, alongside her winnings! (Part 1.)
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Local looking for some downtime

Whaddup yall. My wife and I been living in the valley for about 3 years, since this whole coronavirus shit hit we haven't really left the house. We finally agreed to hit up the strip but we don't know whixh hotel/casino is offering the best bang for the buck. I noticed cosmopolitan has 20% off rooms but a few of my co workers told me to go to the Venetian. Since I've been living here my go to strip hotel stay is the golden nugget or the strat. Both hotels are off the strip so I thought to switch it up. Any recommendations and info on sweet deals is greatly appreciated. Peace
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Las Vegas casinos opening June 4.

It's in the news and I've received emails from MGM and Caesars:
June 4th opening:
Golden Nugget will open 6/3 @ 3PM for hotel guest. Casino will open at 12:01AM on June 4. .
The Linq Promenade and restaurants in that area will also be open shortly.
OYO (formally Hooters) opening 7/1.
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AITA for wanting to stay at a nicer hotel than the rest of the bachelor party?

So my best friend is getting married and we’re having his bachelor party in Vegas. For some reason everyone wants to go during the NFL draft when it’s going to be insanely crowded. Because of that, rooms are really expensive and our friends (there’s 8 of us) would rather stay in a cheap(er) hotel so they could spend more on other stuff. They chose the Excalibur(one of the shittiest hotels in Vegas and barely on the strip). The groom would rather stay at a better hotel too, but caved to everyone else.
Now my gf and I go to Vegas all the time to gamble, so I can get a free room whenever I want. I got two rooms comped at the cosmopolitan, and could have gotten the other 6 at a big discount, but still more expensive than Excalibur. Four of them declined so four of us are gonna stay at the cosmo and the other four at Excalibur. The ones that declined are all complaining that everyone’s gonna be split up and we should all be together in the same hotel. They’re saying that we’re too good to stay at the Excalibur and basically throwing a tantrum.
My gf thinks I should’ve just sucked it up and had everyone stay at the Excalibur. And that it’s more important that everyone’s together and in a good mood. I think that we should do what the groom wants and not stay at a shitty casino. So AITA?
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Demanded extra tier credits at The Cromwell & a good run with a sour end at Bally's

Spent the weekend in Vegas with my wife. Only really played craps extensively on two occasions, and figured I'd sum those up here, as both had some interesting pieces...
The Cromwell 2/22
Decided to check this out after all of the hype, even though I'm not really enough of a high roller to actually want to put 100x odds behind. The table was ice cold for a while, even with the (kind of snobby?) dealers commenting that no one had hit a point in about an hour. I switched to the DP and was at least keeping my head slightly above water, until a high roller showed up, casually throwing down about $15k in cash. The dealers seemed to be familiar with him. He had quite a bit of energy - some players thought he was annoying, I thought he was pretty funny, and for some reason he would shout "Goddamn bloody Foxwoods!" every time there was a 7 out.
Eventually he noticed my DP bet and the point was 4, and so he asked if he could put $1,000 behind it. I hesitated at first before recalling some stories where high rollers will tip players they can win off of, so I let him, and it became a routine, probably 7 or 8 times whenever the point was 4/10. He made a good chunk of change this way, but sadly, the only "tip" I got was when I decided I wanted some odds too, so he couldn't put $1,000 without capping out. He'd pay the extra $10 or whatever to increase the cap and I kept that plus the 1:1 payout when it hit, so I guess I made about $30-40 from him throughout the night. BUT, the next day, when I checked my new Caesars Rewards account, I only had 92 tier credits from the session. I told the Rewards desk and they said I was only written up for a $34 average bet and "you can talk to the pit boss about it if it's wrong." Went back over and it was an all new pit boss with all new dealers. So I said, "hey, numerous times last night, I had $1,000 behind my bets." I'm in a ratty T-shirt and gym shorts, so the pit boss looks at me like, "Really?" I said, yeah, check the tapes, here's where I was standing. He didn't, but I guess that was enough for him to believe me (and it was technically true). So I got about 700 extra tier credits. Better than nothing!
A friend later told me that it's pretty common for high rollers to do this, so that they can eliminate the risk of even taking a line bet. By only piggybacking into odds bets off other players, he's playing the only true odds game with no house edge.
Bally's 2/24
Decided to stop by Bally's to play before we had to head to the airport. Funny enough, I bumped into one of the other players who I was next to at The Cromwell. I bought in for $300 and it was a little cold at first, but we started to get some really good shooters, one of whom promised he could hit field numbers for a long time before 7'ing out, and damn, he did. Had an excellent shooter who was hitting 4s and 10s like it was easy, so I was putting more odds than I'm usually comfortable doing, and he was easily hitting 6s and 8s, so I was pressing those more than I usually do, too. Eventually I'm up about $150 with Bally's money, and it's time to head to the airport. Point is 4. I decide to put $50 odds, $10 on the 5 and 9, $25 on the 10 and $30 each on the 6/8. All their money.
Shooter throws the dice and they stick to his hand for a second and dropped, hit a stack of chips in the centerfield, and landed as a 7 without even really crossing the middle of the table. And they called it. I'm always irritated when they don't "no roll" dice that don't hit the back wall but I guess this is technically within their right to call, but I was right back to what I started with, and we all just cleared out. The table was now empty. Kind of dumb from a business perspective, because if it was a legitimate 7, I think most of us would have stayed for a bit longer, but the fact that the call was such BS... we all bailed. So the casino made a short term gain but a long term loss.
It's weird to describe my anger at that situation. I knew I was risking the $150 and it wasn't even my money, so an authentic 7 would have been a disappointment, but I would be a good sport about it. It's just the lousy throw and the multiple interferences the dice took that gave us a 7 really soured the entire experience and seemed like a cheap shot. I bet if it was a 6 or 8, they would have no roll'd it so they didn't have to pay us, but that's just the cynic in me.
Bonus - Hotel: The Cosmopolitan
We decided to check the Cosmopolitan out because some Redditors told us it had an in-room 2 person hot tub in certain suites, and they're in network with Marriott. As a road warrior for work, I'm a Marriott Titanium Elite, so not only did I have the points to get the room for free, but I only booked the mountain view one, yet they upgraded me to the fountain view for free as a status perk. The tub was nice but was really just a large tub, not a jacuzzi or true hot tub, but it still got plenty of use nevertheless. The vibe at the Cosmopolitan is definitely a more millennial-geared one with a weird 1950s-60s vibe. Think about the 20 year olds who (un?)ironically watch old classic films. That's pretty much their target demographic.
I don't know if I'd stay there at the regular sticker price of $200/night, which is high to me by Vegas standards. Even with my recently slashed MLife status, I know I can get the Aria for $89. But it's definitely worth checking out once if you want to treat yourself, and/or have 140,000 Marriott points to burn.
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Recommended Starter Nations, August Edition

If you haven't read the "Getting Started Guide" and went straight here, go read it here first
Don't just commit to the first nation you see on this list, there are many different countries that serve many different niches and types of players. Try to find the one that works best for you.

Central Nations (closer to 0,0)

Gensokyo (1200, -2500)

Gensokyo is probably most known for being "weeb central," however, they house a number of the World Wonders, and have an excellent community. They organized the Third Olympics in Taozi, to rousing success. Taozi is a modern Japanese city home to huge skyscrapers, stadiums, shops and the residences of most citizens. The other city they hold is Roe Island, built in a traditional Japanese village that hosts a huge bathhouse à la Spirited Away. Connecting the two cities is a majestic Imperial garden. Gensokyo also hosts irregular movie and game nights on their discord and is continuously builidng new structures!
Whether you're returning from older Civ iterations or are completely new to Civ servers, Gensokyo is a great place to get started! Read more...
General Info Nation Profile Description
Leaders u/Topaz4293, u/Ahrimanne, Fox, Infra, u/Crimsonblod, Yuyucat Industralization Mid-High
Playstyle Focus on building, industry & diplomacy. Market Small
Nation Theme Weebs Population Low-mid
Pictures Postcard, Roe Island, Roe Island #2, Taozi Activity Stable, moderate amount online
Train Lines 0,0, Hjaltland, Vinland, Nyasaland, Bloom, Annwyn, Coventhia, TdC, Varkonia, Tvtopia Militarization Low
Discord Stability & Drama High stability, low drama
Alliance Entente Government Structure Council

Imperial Truidence (-1077, -531)

Imperial Truidence is an up and coming nation on the world scene. Although they are a smaller nation than most on this list, they're planning plenty of builds, most notably a large cathedral for their emperor. Like Bloom, they are rebuilding the capital, but even further, from scratch. Right now it's a great time to hop on and get started with them. It's a quieter, humbler, and smaller place to set up and I can guarantee you'll get some form of one-on-one interaction. Despite being very close to the center of the map, they are very accomodating and nice people to hang out with.
Imperial Truidence is on the younger side in terms of nations on the server and while they don't participate in global politics quite as much, if you're looking for a relatively drama-free nation, and want to get started quickly and with someone who knows their stuff, IT might be the place for you. Read more...
General Info Nation Profile Description
Leader(s) u/ObtainableSpat Industrialization Medium
Playstyle Dedicated to helping out newfriends Market Very small
Nation Theme A Nice Starting Point Population Low
Pictures Overview, Sunrise, Rainy Day Activity Stable, small amount online
Train Lines from Icenia, Bloom (soon) (It's close to 0,0 so you could walk) Militarizaion Low
Discord Stability & Drama Mid stability, little drama
Alliance UDF Government structure Democracy & Dictatorship

Icenia (-1650, -1433)

Icenia one of the more busy yet controversial nations on the server thus far. Led by ChrisChrispie, Icenia's been shown to be in all kinds of antics. It has a very active community and if you're looking for a place that (mostly) has it all, whether you're a builder, politics guy, technician, librarian, Icenia might be the place for you. It can garner a quite a bit of controversy and drama every week or so but on the plus side, something is always happening in Icenia.
With weird running jokes about septic tanks and UBI, Icenia has had incarnations since Civcraft 2.0, and although not all of them have gone completely smoothly, you can probably count on Icenia being involved on Civclassic. Read more...
General Info Nation Profile Description
Leader(s) u/ChrisChrispie, u/Lagiacrus11 Industrialization Mid-high
Playstyle Focus on, well, everything really Market Medium
Nation Theme Hodgepodge for Everyone Population High
Pictures Postcard, Ports, City, Album Activity Stable, moderate amount online
Train Lines from Bloom, Imperial Truidence, 0,0, Gabon, Vinland Militarization Mid
Discord Stability & Drama Mid stability, high drama
Alliance UDF Government structure Democracy (mostly)

Northwest (-,-)

Varkonia (-4921, -2772)

Varkonia is one of the bigger nations on the server but is one of the more welcoming on Civclassics. It reaches from the top of the server down to the center, but its main capital and great city builds are situated right in the Northwest part of the country. Varkonia, however, is more of a military power but in a different sense of what you might think of it. While they are powerful in producing materials and have great pvpers, Varkonia additionally hosts large city builds, and despite their PvP tactics they almost always tend towards foreign policy. Although Varkonia does tend to get involved in drama from time to time, it never turns into violent conflict, and if you're looking for a nation that's a little different than your normal nation, Varkonia might be for you.Read more...
Gabon, (-3056, -2309) although already part of Varkonia is also worth looking at. Despite being a very large city, it has a very quaint village feel, and its many international rail connections and many various shops make it one of the most important travel and trade hubs in the region.
General Info Nation Profile Description
Leader(s) u/Varkanos, BritishWanderer, Mickale Industrialization High
Playstyle Focus on military power but also being a world power Market Low-Medium
Nation Theme British-like Population Low-Moderate
Pictures Postcard, Gabon Postcard Activity Stable, low amount online
Train lines from MtA, Bloom (via Gabon), Corvus, Icenia, SPQR, Coventhia, Nyasaland, Gensokyo, Tvtopia, TdC Militarization Mid-High
Discord Stability High stability, low drama
Alliance Entente Government structure King + Senate

Bloom (-2121, -2600)

Bloom's capital is a massive trade and infrastructure hub in the northwest. It's one of the more prominent members of the UDF, and regularly holds elections. It also takes in newfriends and encourages other countries to construct embassies and form international relations with other prominent nations on the server. They're currently in the process of rebuilding the capital after long dereliction, and is bound to have a resurgence in the coming days and is investing major resources into it's military, and is aiming to become a regional power. For newer people, it's still a great place to get started as more shops are bound to be arriving in Bloom soon.
Bloom was rooted in the old Towny server structure however, it has greatly adapted to the Civ playstyle on this server. It is a litte on the young side, however, over the last year they have a good grip on being a Civ server for this new generation. Read more...
General Info Nation Profile Description
Leader(s) Slushhi, u/Truckiboi Industrialization High
Playstyle Focus on foreign policy & industry Market Medium
Nation Theme British, Friendly, and Dedicated Population Low-mid
Pictures Postcard, Picture Activity Stable, small amount online
Train Lines From Gensokyo, 0,0, Icenia, Gabon (Varkonia), Mt. Augusta, Coventhia Militarization Mid
Discord Stability & Drama Mid stability, currently less drama
Alliance UDF Government structure Parliament-like

Southwest (-,+)

The Commonwealth (CW) (-7000, 5000)

Situated in the centre of the southwest quadrant, the Commonwealth is a family of city states and smaller boroughs spanning a large network of islands. This community has twice been voted the world's friendliest; it features a vibrant market, a rich and colourful history, and many magnificent builds across a dozen unique locales.
Boroughs include but are not limited to Albion, a British style city on the northernmost peninsula, Taliesin, an up and coming canton colony in the far east, Meditat, a desert oasis with a unique mystical tradition, and Westminster, the cosmopolitan cityscape that connects them all, by rail and by royalty. Come down today, and we'll help you get set up with a free apartment & factories.
This version of the Commonwealth was inspired by the iteration from Civcraft 2.0. Many of the same faces return for this version as well. It's had quite a history on the server thus far, and you can read more about it here...
Public Perceptions:
  • Pros: Very welcoming towards new players, relaxing, friendly community, little drama
  • Cons: Huge, confusing to navigate at first
General Info Nation Profile Description
Leaders u/brinton, u/Lodish_mc, u/setsen, u/morsden67 (hey that's me!), et al. Industrialization High
Playstyle Focus on building, foreign relations, defense Market Large
Nation Theme British but also a potpourri of nice people Population Mid
Pictures Postcard, Album Activity Stable, small to medium amount online
Train lines from: Mt. Augusta, SPQR, Hjaltland, 0,0, Yoahtl, Vinland/Okashima, Etherium, Caledonia (through Entrana/Adina), Southshire Militarization Mid
Discord Stability High Stability, Low Drama
Alliance SATO Government Strucutre Parliamentary Democracy

Mount Augusta (MtA) (-6700, 3000)

Mount Augusta is probably the most prominent and recognizable cityscape on the entire server. As a democracy it regularly holds elections for its mayor and judges. It's structured so people can do most whatever they want, building literally the World Trade Center, a five-story mall, several Olympic stadiums (they hosted the Olympics quite recently at that), a University, and a huge library. And there's new developments happening all the time, whether political, building, or anything cultural. If you're looking for a place to do something, Mount Augusta might be the right place for you.
This is the fifth iteration of MtA since Civcraft 1.0. It's had quite a history dealing with foreign powers, and that's just this iteration! Read more...
Fast Facts National Profile Description
Leader(s) u/AllenY99 Industrialization High
Playstyle Focus on building, government, politics Market Large
Nation theme Minarchy in a nutshell Population Mid
Pictures Postcard, Citywide Render Activity Stable, mid amount online
Rails from CW (x3), Jefferson, SPQR, Hjaltland, Airhaven, Yoahtl, Vinland, Okashima, Bloom, Varkonia, 0,0, Pripyat (dangerous), TdC, Southshire Militarization Mid
Discord Stability Moderate Stability, Moderate Drama
Alliance None Government Structure Mayor-Judges with small Council

Yoahtl (-5000, +6888)

Yoahtl is one hell of a nation in Civ. They're a really closely knit community with a heavy focus on integrating new players into this very chaotic world. For one, they're super fanatical about trains and they command the Great Overland Railroad throughout the server. If you're into the nitty-gritties about city-planning as well, their capital is one of the highest density spots on the entire map and they make it a goal to continuously make it better. Finally, they're one of the most affluent markets on the server, consistently selling pickaxes, armor, and swords.
If you want a community who loves trains and coding and other things completely outside of Civ, Yoahtl might be the place for you. Yoahtl has existed in different iterations throughout but this iteration, and has quite a history this iteration. Read more...
Fast Facts National Profile Description
Leader(s) u/Feathercrown, u/Neo355, bgbba Industrialization High
Playstyle Focus on building infrastructure & their community Market Mid-Large
Nation theme Planning the perfect everything Population Mid
Pictures Postcard, Album Activity Stable, mid-high amount online
Rails from Wayrest (Hallow), CW, MtA, Vinland, Okashima, Airhaven, Hjaltland, Pacem, Southshire Militarization Mid
Discord Ask leaders for access Stability High stability, Moderate Drama
Alliance SATO Government Structure "Alcuahtl"-Council system

Pacem (-700, 9700)

Pacem is an autonomous town of Yoahtl but is probably the most visually stunning out of any on this list. The city is a high density urban sprawl based on the cities of the early 1920's. Filled with Art Deco skyscrapers, bars, hotels, shops, and townhouses, the city offers something for everyone. These traditional skyscrapers in the city are some of the most amazing and impressive builds on the server. Previously as an independent country, Pacem has created the most high quality posters and now is actively recruiting people for their massive builds like the new Opera House. If you want to get involved in builds or just sightseeing, this is probably your place. Read more...
Fast Facts National Profile Description
Leader(s) u/shtim Industralization Mid
Playstyle Focus on building, like really Market Mid-Small
Nation theme Making stuff look awesome Population Small
Pictures NeoTide's Postcard, Opera House, Freedom Square, Liberty Ave. Activity Semi-stable, moderate amount online
Rails from Hjaltland, Yoahtl, Commonwealth, Okashima, Vinland Militarization Low
Discord Ask leaders for access Stability High stability, Low drama
Alliance SATO Government Structure Casual

Southeast (+,+)

Caledonia (+8888, +555)

Caledonia is a burgeoning nation, on the cusp of developing into a small city from the once tiny village. If you're looking for a chill time to lay back, do a little grinding, building, and maybe have a little action every once in a while, Caledonia might be for you. Much of Caledonia's population are experienced players willing to teach newfriends mechanics quickly and effectively. They specialize mostly in experience production, armor, and swords, although they are actively building, and are excellent in the PvP department. Although far away from the rest of the map, they're a mostly chill, relaxed community where you can just hang out for a while and nothing will be that stressful.
Their community is mature, stable and welcoming and there’s plenty of land to go around. Whether you’re a builder, grinder, pvper, etc, Caledonia will welcome you in with open arms. Read more...
Fast Facts National Assessment Description
Leaders u/Wingzero54, u/meat312 Industrialization High
Playstyle Focus on producing supplies, but open to anything and everything Market Mid-Large
Nation theme Relaxed playstyle, helping newfriends Population Mid
Pictures Picture Activity Stable, moderate amount online
Rails from Entrana (Adina), Commonwealth, Okashima, Nexus (0,0), Pripyat (x2), Iria, Brennau, Carpathia Militarization Moderate
Discord Stability High Stability, low drama
Alliance SATO Government Structure Council system

Adina (+4800, +5750)

Adina is one of the only countries that has been relatively successful despite being in the very deep +,+. To counteract that, Adina is being productive building infrastructure and connecting the quadrant. One of the reasons it's been successful is that they have a clear identity - Adina is spanish-bilingual and has quite a few first language speakers. They are also excellent builders, and Adina itself hosts quite a few cities and one of the only casinos on the server. Because of their tight-knit community, they help newfriends get oriented and some of them are quite worldly people on the server. Additionally, their government is quite active and holds regular elections.
Adina is one of the newest countries on the map and hadn't been established when my last guide came up. It has a variety of playstyles, so there's usually something that fits here. Read more...
Fast Facts National Assessment Description
Leaders u/_Kalipso_ Industrialization Low-Moderate
Playstyle Focus on building and expanding infrastructure Market Mid-Large
Nation theme Spanish Population Mid
Pictures Album Activity Semi-stable, moderate amount online
Rails from Commonwealth, Okashima, Caledonia, (via Entrana) Militarization Low-Moderate
Discord Stability Medium stability, moderate drama
Alliance None Government Structure Supreme Consulate

Northeast (+,-)

Nyasaland (+4100, -4100)

Nyasaland has built quite a name for itself over the last few months on CivClassic. Nyasaland's theme is one of the weirdest on the server -- If you like anime, or are looking for a socialist nation, or even both, then Nyasaland is certainly the place for you. However, even if that isn't enough, hosts a large, amazing city with hundreds of intricate details. Even if that's not enough, there's a church where you can get married in game (I guess, if you're into that). Still not enough? Their government is one of the best and Nyasaland is one of the most trustworthy nations, and they actively support trans rights. If you're not an idiot, Nyasaland is a unique country that deserves a great look at. I don't have more to say, if you want more reasons to join this awesome nation, just look at the photo album. Read more...
Fast Facts National Assessment Description
Leaders u/BennyZ, u/cat_alunya Industrialiation High
Playstyle Focus on, well everything in the description Market Moderate
Nation theme Weebs & more Population Mid
Pictures Album, Postcard Activity Stable, moderate amount online
Rails from Appomattox, Annwyn, Gensokyo, Varkonia, Verda Militarization Moderate
Discord Stability High stability, low drama
Alliance Entente Government Structure Federalist Socialist Democratic Republic
Hopefully all of this information helped you which nation to look at. I strongly urge you not to just join the first one that just sounds good. Visit them, try them out before picking one. Some of these are quite close to each other and most are fun people to hang out in.
If you want to see more of those postcards from other world wonders on this list, here's the album. Thanks to u/Neo355 for all his amazing renders.
Additionally if you have any questions, don't hesitate to put any questions you have about anything below! I'll try and answer as much as I can! I'll be putting a copy of this on the wiki with more pictures (hopefully) soon, so stay tuned for that.
Thank you all for reading, and happy playing!
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List of Las Vegas Casinos that Never Opened

List of Las Vegas casinos that never opened
Over the years there have been several casinos and resorts planned for the Las Vegas Valley that never opened. The stages of planning may have been just an announcement or groundbreaking.[1][2][3]
Asia Resort and Casino
Where the Palazzo Casino and Resort currently stands (adjacent to the Venetian Hotel and Casino and the Sands Expo and Convention Center), an Asian themed casino was proposed but was rejected for the present Palazzo project.[4]
Alon Las Vegas
A proposed luxury hotel and casino located on the Las Vegas Strip on the former site of the New Frontier Hotel and Casino, announced in 2015.[5] The project was put in doubt after Crown Resorts announced in late 2016 it was suspending its involvement in the development.[6] Crown announced in December 2016 that it was halting the project and seeking to sell its investment. The remaining partner Andrew Pascal announced he was seeking other partners to proceed with the project. However in May 2017, the land went up for sale.[7] The land was later purchased by Steve Wynn.
Beau Rivage
Steve Wynn, who had purchased and demolished the Dunes hotel-casino, had originally planned to build a modern hotel in the middle of a man-made lake. He later built the Bellagio with a man-made lake in the front of the hotel.[citation needed] The name was later used by Wynn for a resort built in Biloxi, Mississippi.
Caribbean Casino
In 1988, a sign for a proposed casino was erected on a fenced vacant lot on Flamingo Road. Standing near the sign was a scale model galleon. For several years, that was all that stood on the property. The empty lot was the source of many jokes by the locals until the ship, which was later damaged by a fire started by a homeless person, was torn down in the 1990s and the lot became the site of the Tuscany Suites and Casino co-owned by Charles Heers, who has owned the property since the 1960s.[8]
In 1990, the Radisson group proposed a 3,376-room hotel next to the Dunes, with a casino shaped like a Hershey's Kiss.[9]
A proposed resort that was to have been built on the site of El Rancho Vegas. The parcel is now partially taken by the Hilton Grand Vacations Club and Las Vegas Festival Grounds.[4]
City by the Bay Resort and Casino
A San Francisco-themed resort was proposed for the site of the New Frontier Hotel and Casino. The project was rejected in favor of the Swiss-themed Montreux, which was also eventually cancelled.[4]
Countryland USA
A country music-themed resort was planned for construction of the site of the former El Rancho Hotel and Casino. For some years, the El Rancho sign stood with the words "Coming Soon - Future Home of Countryland USA."[10][11]
Craig Ranch Station
Main article: Craig Ranch Station A Mediterranean-themed hotel-casino for North Las Vegas, proposed by Station Casinos in March 2000.[12] The project faced opposition from nearby residents,[13][14][15] which led to the proposed location being changed to a vacant property on the nearby Craig Ranch Golf Course.[16] Residential opposition to the new location led to the project being rejected by the Nevada Gaming Policy Committee in March 2001. Station Casinos still had the option to develop the project on the initial site,[17][18] but the project was cancelled entirely in July 2001, following a weak financial quarter for the company.[19]
Crown Las Vegas
Main article: Crown Las Vegas Formerly known as Las Vegas Tower, the Crown Las Vegas was to have been a supertall skyscraper built on the former site of a Wet 'n Wild water park. In March 2008, the project was canceled and the property was put up for sale.[20]
Desert Kingdom
In 1993, ITT Sheraton purchased the Desert Inn casino, and had announced plans to develop the large parking lot into a Balinese themed resort to complement the Desert Inn. The project was never developed and the site is now the location of Wynn Las Vegas.[4]
DeVille Casino
After building the Landmark Hotel and Casino on Convention Center Drive and selling it to Howard Hughes, developer Frank Carroll built the DeVille Casino across the street from the Landmark at 900 Convention Center Drive in 1969. Chips were made for the casino (and are sought-after collectibles), but the casino never opened.[21] The building was renovated in 1992 as a race book parlor named Sport of Kings which closed after nine months.[22] It became the location of The Beach nightclub, which was demolished in 2007 to make room for a planned 600-unit tower[23] that was never built.[24] The land sits currently empty.
Echelon Place
Main article: Echelon Place An announced project by Boyd Gaming planned to have a hotel built on the property of the former Stardust Resort & Casino. Construction was suspended on August 1, 2008 due to the Great Recession. In March 2013, Boyd Gaming sold the proposed site for $350 million to the Genting Group, which is redeveloping the project as the Asian-themed Resorts World Las Vegas.
Fontainebleau Las Vegas
Main article: The Drew Las Vegas Located on the Las Vegas Strip and originally known as Fontainebleau Las Vegas. Construction began in 2007, and the resort was to include a casino, 2,871 hotel rooms, and 1,018 condominium units.[25] Construction on the $2.9 billion project ceased in 2009, the year of its planned opening. Investment firms Witkoff Group and New Valley LLC purchased the unfinished resort in 2017.[26] In 2018, Witkoff and Marriott International announced a partnership to open the renamed project as The Drew Las Vegas in 2020. The resort will include a casino and three hotels totaling nearly 4,000 rooms, with the condominium aspect removed from the project.[27]
Harley-Davidson Hotel and Casino
A resort themed after the motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson was proposed, complete with hotel towers shaped like gigantic exhaust pipes, but was never built.[4]
Jockey Club Casino
The Jockey Club is a condominium and timeshare resort at 3700 Las Vegas Boulevard South. It was planned to have a casino, and chips were made for its use, but the casino was never opened.[28]
Kactus Kate's
By April 1994, Gold Coast Hotel and Casino owner Michael Gaughan was interested in building a hotel-casino in North Las Vegas,[29] at the northeast corner of North Rancho Drive and Carey Avenue. In January 1995, the city planning commission approved the rezoning of the land for use as a hotel-casino. The resort, to be named Kactus Kate's, would be built by Gold Coast Hotel/Casino Limited. The hotel would include 450 rooms, and the casino would be 105,000 sq ft (9,800 m2),[30] later decreased to 102,000 sq ft (9,500 m2).[31] The resort would be located directly north of the nearby Fiesta and Texas Station resorts.[31]
In December 1998, Coast Resorts, Inc. received approval from the planning commission for a use-permit relating to the undeveloped property. In November 2000, the planning commission unanimously approved a two-year extension on the permit, giving the company more time to decide whether it would build Kactus Kate's. Because of a 1999 Senate bill that placed restrictions on casinos in neighborhoods, Coast Resorts had a deadline of 2002 to build the casino. The hotel would measure over 100 feet (30 m) high, and Coast Resorts was required to notify the Federal Aviation Administration of its final plans, due to the site being located less than 1,000 feet (300 m) from a runway at the North Las Vegas Airport.[32] In January 2001, Station Casinos purchased the 29-acre (12 ha) site for $9 million. Coast Resorts president Harlan Braaten said, "As we saw the competitive nature of that area intensify, in terms of the size of competing facilities, we just felt we would have to build something much bigger than we had intended to compete with Texas Station and Santa Fe Station. It was just going to be a very expensive project, and we didn't feel the returns would be that good." Station Casinos planned to sell the property as a non-gaming site.[31]
Las Vegas Plaza
Main article: Las Vegas Plaza Not to be confused with the Plaza Hotel & Casino.
This was to have been modeled after the Plaza Hotel in New York City. The project was announced shortly before the demolition of the New Frontier Hotel and Casino, where the new hotel would be built. Las Vegas Plaza was cancelled in 2011 due to the Great Recession.
London Resort and Casino
This announced project was to have been themed around the city of London, and featuring replicas of the city's landmarks. The project was to be built on land across from the Luxor Hotel and Casino. A second London-themed resort was to be built on the former land of the El Rancho Hotel and Casino. Neither project ever began construction.[4]
London, Las Vegas
This was a proposed three-phase project using London as its design inspiration. When completed, the 38.5-acre (15.5 ha) property would have featured 1,300 hotel rooms, a casino, a 500-foot-tall (152.4 m) observation wheel named Skyvue (partially constructed), and 550,000 square feet (51,097 square meters) of restaurants and shops — all of which would be architectural replicas of various British landmarks and neighborhoods.[33] The project was to be constructed on land across from the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip, where — as of November 2019 — the partially-constructed Skyvue still stands. The wheel was to be "Phase I of London, Las Vegas".
Montreux Resort
This Swiss-themed resort was to have been built on the property of the former New Frontier Hotel and Casino, but was ultimately cancelled.[34]
Moon Resort and Casino
Proposed by Canadian developer Michael Henderson, this is a planned 10,000-room, 250-acre (1.0 km2) lunar-themed casino resort.[35] Gaming experts doubt it will ever be built in Las Vegas, simply because the space planned for it is too large for the Las Vegas Strip.[4]
NevStar 2000
Further information: Craig Ranch Station § NevStar 2000 Proposed by NevStar Gaming in 1998, the NevStar 2000 entertainment complex in North Las Vegas would have included a hotel and casino,[36] but the project faced opposition from nearby residents who did not want a casino in the area.[37][38] The project was cancelled when NevStar Gaming filed for bankruptcy in December 1999.[12]
North Coast/Boyd Gaming project
In May 2003, Coast Casinos had plans for the North Coast hotel-casino, to be built at the southwest corner of Centennial Parkway and Lamb Boulevard in North Las Vegas. The project would be built on approximately 40 acres (16 ha) of vacant land, surrounded by other land that was also undeveloped. At the time, the North Las Vegas Planning Commission was scheduled to review requests for zoning changes and approvals for the project. The project was not scheduled to be built for at least another four years, after completion of a highway interchange at Lamb Boulevard and the nearby Interstate 15, as well as the completion of an overpass over nearby railroad tracks. Bill Curran, an attorney for the land owner, said, "We're going through the zoning changes now so everybody knows what's going to be out there." The North Coast would include a casino, a 10-story hotel with 398 rooms, a bowling alley, movie theaters, and a parking garage.[39] In June 2003, the Planning Commission voted 6 to 1 to approve preliminary applications necessary to begin work on the North Coast.[40][41]
Boyd Gaming, the owner of Coast Casinos, announced in February 2006 that it would purchase the 40-acre site for $35 million.[42] Jackie Gaughan and Kenny Epstein were the owners at the time.[43] Boyd Gaming had not decided on whether the new project would be a Coast property or if it would be similar to the company's Sam's Town hotel-casino. At the time, no timetable was set for building the project.[42] In March 2007, the project was put on hold. At the time, Boyd Gaming had been securing construction permits for the project but decided to first review growth in the area. Construction had been scheduled to begin in mid-2007.[44] In August 2013, Boyd Gaming sold the undeveloped property for $5.15 million.[43]
Palace of the Sea Resort and Casino
This was to have been built on the former Wet 'n Wild waterpark site. Conceptual drawings included yacht-shaped towers that housed suites, a casino resembling the Sydney Opera House and a 600-foot (180 m) tall Ferris wheel-type attraction dubbed a "Sky Wheel". It never left the planning stages.[4]
Paramount Las Vegas
A casino and hotel and condo resort with more than 1,800 units that was planned by Royal Palms Las Vegas, a subsidiary of Royal Palms Communities.[45][46] The project was to replace the Klondike Hotel and Casino at the south end of the Las Vegas Strip,[47][45] beside the Las Vegas welcome sign.[48] The resort was approved in October 2006,[45] but an investor pulled out of the project in August 2007, and the land was put up for sale in May 2008.[46]
Pharoah's Kingdom
Pharoah's Kingdom was planned as a $1.2 billion gaming, hotel and theme park complex to be built on 710 acres (290 ha) at Pebble Road and Las Vegas Boulevard, five miles south of the Las Vegas Strip.[49][1] Construction was approved in October 1988,[49] with Silano Development Group as the developer.[50]
The project would have an Egyptian theme, including two 12-story pyramids made of crystal, with each containing 300 suites. The hotel would have a total of 5,000 rooms,[50] making it the largest in the world.[51] The 230,000 sq ft (21,000 m2) casino would include 100 table games and 3,000 slot machines, while an RV park, mini-golf, a bowling alley, and a video game arcade would be located beside the casino area.[52] Three of the project's various pyramid structures would house the 50-acre (20 ha) family theme park. Other features would include sphinxes, man-made beaches, waterways resembling the Nile river, an underwater restaurant, a 24-hour child-care facility, a 100-tenant shopping promenade, and a repertory-style theater that would be overseen by actor Jack Klugman.[52] Additionally, the resort would feature an 18-hole PGA Championship golf course,[52] and a monorail located within the theme park.[50] The project would have one mile of frontage along Las Vegas Boulevard.[52]
Frank Gambella, president of the project, stated that financing was in place, with groundbreaking planned for March or April 1989. Gambella said the project would be financed by several entities, with the money coming from a Nevada corporation, suggesting the entities would be grouped together as an umbrella corporation. Gambella stated that the project could be opened by Labor Day 1990. The resort was expected to employ 8,000 people. Following the completion of the resort, Gambella said a complex of 750 condominiums would be built on the land along with 900 retirement-care apartments.[52]
The project was cancelled shortly after it was announced, as authorities became suspicious of developer Anthony Silano's fundraising efforts for the project. It was discovered that Silano and his associates hacked into the Switzerland bank accounts of Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos following his death in 1989. Silano pleaded guilty to federal conspiracy charges. Another Egyptian-themed resort, Luxor Las Vegas, would open on the south Las Vegas Strip in 1993.[1]
Planet Hollywood Resort (original plans)
Not to be confused with the current Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.
Originally planned to open in the late 1990s on the site of the Desert Inn, it was to be one of the largest hotels in Las Vegas. Because of the bankruptcy of Planet Hollywood Restaurants, the hotel was never built. However, in the 2000s, a group of investors bought the new Aladdin Hotel and Casino and remodeled it with a modern Hollywood theme.[4]
Playboy Hotel and Casino
A proposed casino resort themed after Playboy magazine was rejected in favor of a nightclub and suites built at the top two floors of the new Palms tower.[4] The planned location for the Playboy Hotel and Casino, on the Las Vegas Strip, was later used for the Cosmopolitan resort.[53]
Santa Fe Valley
Main article: Santa Fe Valley Santa Fe Gaming, which owned the Santa Fe hotel-casino in northwest Las Vegas, had plans for a second Santa Fe property in 1996.[54] The Santa Fe Valley would be built on a 40-acre (16 ha) lot[55] in Henderson, Nevada, adjacent to the Galleria at Sunset mall. The start of construction was delayed several times because of poor financial quarters for Santa Fe Gaming,[54] and because of the company not yet receiving financing for the project.[56] Site preparation started in July 1998, with an opening date scheduled for December 1999,[57] but construction never began. In 1999, the property was sold to Station Casinos,[58][59] which sold the land a year later for use as a shopping center.[60]
Shenandoah Hotel and Casino
A project by Wayne Newton. Although the hotel operated for a short time at 120 E. Flamingo Road, the management was unable to get a gaming license. After years of floundering it was sold to a Canadian company and became Bourbon Street Hotel and Casino.
Silver City proposals
By January 2000, Luke Brugnara was planning to build a San Francisco-themed resort on the site of the closed Silver City Casino.[61] Brugnara intended to give Silver City a multimillion-dollar renovation, with plans to have a fully operational hotel-casino by 2002.[62] In March 2001, Brugnara's request for a gaming license was rejected.[63] In May 2002, it was announced that Brugnara had sold the casino while retaining six acres located behind the building.[64] In 2003, Brugnara was planning to build a 24-story, 304-room hotel and casino resort on a portion of the Silver City property. The resort, to be named "Tycoon", was to be designed by Lee Linton, with an expected cost of approximately $100 million.[65]
Starship Orion
International Thoroughbred Breeders (ITB) announced plans to demolish the El Rancho and construct Starship Orion, a $1 billion hotel, casino, entertainment and retail complex with an outer space theme, covering 5.4 million square feet (501,676 square meters). The resort was to include seven separately owned casinos, each approximately 30,000 square feet (2,787 square meters).[66][67] Each potential casino owner was to contribute up to $100 million to own and operate a casino within the complex.[68] The complex would have included 300,000 square feet (27,871 square meters) of retail space, as well as 2,400 hotel rooms and a 65-story hotel tower. ITB hoped to begin construction later in 1996, with a planned opening date of April 1998.[67]
This was to have been located at 4575 Boulder Highway. Property developer Michael Mona Jr. built the hotel-casino and stated that he was going to break tradition by starting a "casino without a theme". He failed to get an unrestricted gaming license when suspicions arose concerning his associations with alleged organized crime figures. Chips were made for the casino, but were never used.[69] The building was opened as Arizona Charlie's Boulder.
In 1999, Bob Stupak was planning a 400-foot-high (122 m) resort themed after the RMS Titanic, to be built on a 10-acre (4 hectares) property he owned near downtown Las Vegas. The resort would have included 1,200 rooms, 800 of which were to be used for timeshares to help finance the project. That year, planning commissioners rejected Stupak's request to change the zoning to allow for a hotel.[70] The project was later planned for the former site of the El Rancho Vegas on the Las Vegas Strip, but was rejected by the Las Vegas City Council.[4]
W Las Vegas
Main article: W Las Vegas W Las Vegas was proposed in August 2005, as a $1.7 billion joint project between Starwood and Edge Resorts, with a scheduled opening in 2008. The project would include a 75,000 sq ft (7,000 m2) casino and approximately 3,000 hotel, condo hotel, and residential units.[71][72] The project was cancelled in May 2007, after Starwood pulled out of the deal.[73]
Wally's Wagon Wheel
Wally's Wagon Wheel was to be developed by Walter Weiss through his company, Magna Leisure Partnership.[74][75] The project was proposed for 2200 South Boulder Highway in Henderson,[76][77] between Wagon Wheel Drive and Roberts Road,[78] near Henderson's Old Vegas western theme park. Manga Leisure Partnership purchased the 15.5-acre property in late February 1988. Weiss, at that time, had tentative plans for a western-themed, 112-room property known then as the Wagon Wheel Hotel and Casino. The Wagon Wheel was expected to cost $15 million, and financing had yet to be obtained for the project, which Weiss expected to open in early 1990.[74] The project, which would include a 55,000 sq ft (5,100 m2) casino, was to be built in two phases.[79]
By October 1991, Wally's Wagon Wheel remained unbuilt due to difficulty obtaining financing.[80][76] That month, the Henderson Planning Commission voted to give Weiss more time to make progress on the project. At that time, the project was to include 204 hotel rooms and would be built on 13.30 acres (5.38 ha). Weiss noted that the nearby successful Sam's Town hotel-casino opened with 204 rooms, and he believed his project would be successful if he opened with the same amount of rooms for good luck.[76] By the end of 1992, Weiss had still not acquired financing for Wally's Wagon Wheel. At the time, the project was the largest of five casinos being planned for Henderson. The three-story project was to include 200 rooms, two restaurants, a theater lounge for country and western entertainment, and a large bingo room. Weiss stated that groundbreaking was scheduled for May 1993, with an expected opening in June 1994. The hotel-casino would employ approximately 600 people upon opening.[81]
Weiss met with nearby residents to discuss the project, and he had the original design changed to include a larger buffer zone between homes and the hotel-casino. In November 1994, the Henderson Planning Commission voted to recommend approval of Weiss' requested zone change as part of the redesign. The project, at that time, was to include a one-story casino and a four-story hotel with 400 rooms.[82][83] In December 1994, the Henderson City Council rejected Weiss' plans for a 200-foot (61 m) buffer.[84]
In July 1997, the unbuilt project received its sixth extension from the Henderson Planning Commission for a use permit and architectural review.[85] In August 1997, the Henderson City Council approved the sixth extension, but denied Weiss' appeal for a one-year extension, instead giving him six months to make progress on the project.[77] Up to that time, $1.7 million had been invested in the project by Magna Leisure Partnership.[86] As of 1998, the project was expected to cost $80 million and employ at least 1,200 people, and the proposed site had increased to 19 acres (7 ha). At that time, Weiss stated that he was close to obtaining financing for the project from a casino operator.[87] The project was never built.
Wild Wild West
Not to be confused with Wild Wild West Gambling Hall & Hotel. As of 1993, Station Casinos owned a 27-acre (11 ha) site on Boulder Highway with the potential to be developed as a casino. The site was located across the street from Sam's Town hotel-casino.[88] In January 1998, Crescent Real Estate Equities Co. announced plans to purchase Station Casinos, which had intended to sell the land prior to the announcement.[89] By March 1998, Station Casinos was planning to develop a hotel-casino complex on the land, which was occupied by a vacant strip mall. The complex would be known as Wild Wild West, with local residents as the target clientele.[90][89]
Crescent's purchase of Station Casinos failed in August 1998, and Station Casinos subsequently slowed its plans to build the project.[91] By the end of the year, the project had received approval from the Clark County Planning Commission for a 273,000 sq ft (25,400 m2) casino and a 504-room hotel.[92] No timetable for construction was announced,[92][93] and Station Casinos had already decided by that point not to start any new projects prior to 2000.[92] Station Casinos sold the undeveloped land for $11.2 million to Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. in April 2004.[94]
World Port
In 2000, Howard Bulloch, David Gaffin, and their partner Tom Gonzales transferred ownership of the Glass Pool Inn property to their group, known as New World, with plans for a megaresort.[95] New World purchased several other nearby motels to accumulate a 77-acre (31 ha) parcel located on the Las Vegas Strip and east of the Mandalay Bay.[96] In January 2001, plans were announced for World Port Resorts, a megaresort consisting of hotel-casinos, a convention center and a fine arts facility. The project was to be built on the 77-acre (31 ha property, a portion of which was occupied by the Glass Pool Inn.[96]
World Trade Center
To have been located at 925 East Desert Inn Road. Leonard Shoen, co-founder of U-Haul truck rental, purchased the property of what had been the Chaparral Hotel & Casino in 1996, renovating it into the World Trade Center Hotel. A gaming license was applied for, but when it was discovered that two of Shoen's closest partners were convicted felons, the application was denied in 1998. He withdrew his application, and died in a car crash in 1999 that was ruled a suicide. Cards and gaming chips were produced for the World Trade Center Casino, but were never used.[97] The property has since been demolished and is now a parking lot, part of the Las Vegas Convention Center Annex.
World Wrestling Federation
A casino resort themed after the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) was proposed for a property near the Interstate 15 freeway across from Mandalay Bay. The project never went past the proposal stage.[4] The land where it would have stood is now Allegiant Stadium.
WWF also proposed to open the project on the property once used by the Clarion Hotel and Casino, which was demolished in 2015 to become a parking lot.
In February 1976, the Clark County Commission approved the 23-story Xanadu resort, to be built on the Las Vegas Strip at the corner of South Las Vegas Boulevard and Tropicana Avenue. The resort would include approximately 1,700 hotel rooms and a casino, as well as convention facilities, a showroom, dining, and indoor tennis courts. The resort was to be developed by Tandy McGinnis – of Bowling Green, Kentucky – and his Xanadu Corporation, and would be built on 48.6 acres (19.7 ha) owned by Howard Downes, a resident of Coral Gables, Florida.[98][99][100] The Xanadu would feature a pyramid design, and was expected to cost $150 million.[100] It would have been the first themed mega-resort. Much information and many artifacts of the project are housed at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas library. The Excalibur Hotel and Casino ultimately opened on the property in 1990.[101]
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College Group Trip and Money Summary (PSA: Long Post)

My 3 friends and I just got back from our 4 day trip to Vegas. We are all enrolled in college and turned 21 just this year. Due to our college student status, we are not rich. That being said, we all work year-round as well as go to school and wanted to visit Vegas. This is a summary of how 4 college kids did Vegas on a relatively low budget.
For starters, the 4 of us own and operate a small business for side income. Through a business partner, we were able to get a discounted room at any MGM resort. We chose to stay at the Bellagio in a room with 2 queen beds for around $225 a night. I am not sure what this room would normally cost, but I am positive there are many ways to get discounted hotel rooms in Vegas. We flew out of Cleveland to Vegas on a direct flight. Obviously, prices for this vary depending on where you fly out of and what dates you are flying. Our tickets cost around $300 per ticket round trip.
Upon arrival, we ate at a Quiznos in the airport because we were hungry from the 4-hour flight. We also bought 2 handles of Alcohol and a bottle of champagne at the airport liquor store so we could pregame in our hotel room before going out on the town. We decided to get them at the airport for convenience sake, but the prices were similar to typical liquor store prices on the bottles that we bought (about $5 more). We arrived at the Bellagio late the first night and we were pretty tired. We decided to go to the dispensaries so we had some greens for the trip. We first went to Planet 13 which advertises itself as “The only dispensary worth visiting”. It was very cool but very overpriced. We then went to Reef, which is across the street and this had a smaller selection but way better prices. We bought a couple of items and smoked one of them on our walk back to the Bellagio.
Side Note: None of us had been to Vegas before and we were not aware of how long it takes to walk down the streets. Only crossing roads on bridges and having to walk through casinos and stores to get where you’re going adds a lot of extra time than we were used to.
That being said, I don’t recommend walking 1.5 miles in Vegas lol. We were pretty high and had insanely dry mouths at this point so we stopped at CVS across the street from the Bellagio and bought some water. We went to our room and went to bed for the night.
The next day we woke up and ventured to In n Out for some cheap burgers and fries. From there, we Ubered to Old Vegas because we were told that is where the cheap table minimums are. We visited almost all of the casinos on that street and got players cards at each of them. Some players cards allowed us to play free slots or match table bets. Our favorite on this strip was the casino called Plaza. We ate a lot of Chinese food for only $7 at one of the casinos on this strip but I do not remember the name. That night we had tickets to the Diplo concert at XS nightclub in the Wynn. We got some Taco Bell, pregamed in our room and Ubered to the club. 3 of us entered the club and my other buddy forgot his ID at the Bellagio. In a dumbass attempt, he tried to hop the rope but was quickly stopped and kicked out of the club. The rest of us were allowed to enter, but we decided against it because we wanted to all party together. $45 down the drain there. When we got back to the Bellagio we played a little bit of blackjack but at $15 a hand, we didn't stay long. We went up to the room in a drunken stupor, smoked a little bit in the stairwell then went to bed.
The next day, we started out with some Eggslut where I ate the best egg sandwich of my life for $9. We hung out at the Bellagio pool for a couple of hours where we drank and relaxed. After this, we Ubered to the Hooters casino to eat dinner and gamble some more. The dinner costed a bit more than what it would at a typical Hooters but we really wanted some wings and beer. Also, I want to mention that the girls at this Hooters were better than any I had ever been to before. We got a players card at hooters and I got a couple of match bets from it. We played on the $5 blackjack tables and we all walked away with at least $60 more than we started with. Another thing I thought was cool was that the dealers were Hooters girls so the experience was great all around.
We then hit up a lot of casinos on the strip. Our favorite was Luxor where we had a fantastic blackjack dealer and all of us won money again. A couple of days before the trip I found out about the MyVegas app and built up enough points for $25 match play at Luxor. I sat at the table with $40 and walked away with $220 so you could say that was a good day. We walked the rest of the casinos and played a couple of hands at all of them. I thought it was fun to get rewards cards at each casino and get free stuff. We ended the night drunk and with more money than we started with so we were all happy.
Our last day we had to check out of the Bellagio by 11 AM. Our flight wasn’t till 9 PM so we had a lot of time to waste. We put our bags in the bag storage at the Bellagio which is “free” with tip. After this, we went to Eggslut again because we liked it so much and it was next door at the Cosmopolitan. We went to Fashion Show Mall where we bought a couple of items and checked it out. This mall was one of the coolest I had been to because of all the stores I had never seen before. We went to an NBA summer league game that we were able to get into for free with the help of our business partner mentioned earlier. After this, we ate at Tacos El Gordo after being referred to it about 10 times during the trip. We finished our trip playing some $10 blackjack at the Flamingo before grabbing our bags and heading to the airport.
In the end, I spent about $1000 on the trip. But, thanks to winning money I only spent about $700 on the trip by the end. I think as a college kid, we were still able to do a lot of things in vegas and not spend too much money. I definitely want to go back when I have more money, but thanks to having a good knowledge of blackjack I was able to save $300 on the trip. I hope if you are a college kid with money questions about vegas this helped answer some of them.
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Vegas casino says O.J. Simpson too tarnished to defame

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 58%. (I'm a bot)
Simpson "Is a well-known public figure," Cosmopolitan attorneys said in court documents filed Jan. 14, and media reports that Simpson was "Wasted," "Disruptive" or "Angry" could not have resulted in "Tangible damage to his reputation."
Simpson blames unnamed hotel staff for telling celebrity website TMZ that he was prohibited from returning to the Cosmopolitan in November 2017.
Simpson's lawyer, Malcolm LaVergne, responded with a Monday court filing labeling the Cosmopolitan argument "Immoral" and invoking the history of two landmark U.S. Supreme Court decisions regarding race - the 1857 Dred Scott ruling denying full citizenship to African Americans and Plessy v. Ferguson, a 1898 case upholding the idea of segregated "Separate but equal" facilities.
LaVergne denied Wednesday he was, in his words, "Playing the race card." Still, he alleged "Undertones that are very disturbing" of bias by defendants the Cosmopolitan and corporate owner Nevada Property 1 LLC."What are they saying? Anyone can do anything and say anything against him?" LaVergne said of the company attitude toward Simpson.
Nevada parole officials visited Simpson the next day and determined he had not violated probation, according to Simpson's lawsuit.
Simpson, a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, was acquitted in Los Angeles in the slayings of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ronald Goldman.
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Ok, I have my own theory of the crime

Paddock has met a new, younger woman who he's been having an affair with. What he doesn't know is she's a honey pot federal operative. As their relationship grows, she asks him to take her to Vegas on his next big gambling trip. He agrees. In a coincidence that is anything but, Paddock gets an email from Mandalay Bay offering him the big high rollers suite for an entire week, (9/25-10/1).1 He seizes the opportunity and sends his girlfriend to the Philippines. 2
Reservations are also made in his name at hotels overlooking concerts around the country and in LV the week earlier.3
They check in and things go so well Paddock wires his girlfriend $100,000 to buy a house in the Philippines, a gesture she interprets as his way of breaking up with her. 2 Paddock is seen around the casino with the honey pot agent. 4
That same employee who set up the suite and is in on the plot, books the adjoining room under Paddock's name on the 28th, unbeknownst to Paddock. 5 6
In that adjoining room, suitcases of guns stolen from Paddock's home are wheeled in over several days.7 Paddock has no idea and does not have a key to that room, nor does he have access through the inside door. Also rolled in are belt-fed longer range weapons that are better able to hit concert goers from such a long distance and fire more rounds than anything stolen from Paddock's home ever could.8 Several of Paddock's rifles are modified with bump stocks to help explain the discrepancy.9
Sunday afternoon, the honey pot asks to borrow Paddock's SUV to go run an errand. He gives her the keys and his gfs valet card. She takes the SUV to a warehouse to have it filled with various types of legal but lethal explosives.10 She returns the SUV to the garage10b, but Paddock will never see her again. She, however, has forgotten her cell phone charger in the suite. 11
Sunday evening, the real shooter(s) is/are in position in the adjoining room ready to start the operation. He or another team have earlier entered Paddock's suite while he is at the video poker machines and began moving in Paddock's guns from the adjoining room and start generally setting up the crime scene.
Everything is in place except one thing: Paddock isn't in his suite, he's still paying video poker. He's had a good week, even if he's starting to wonder where the new love of his life has disappeared to.
This isn't a problem. Paddock was to be lured away from the room and lured back at the right time by a few different scenarios. They can't use the honey pot anymore because Paddock has to be alone in the suite, and he can't be seen to be with anyone this close to zero hour.
They have Jesus Campos their security guard whose in on it (This is just a theory, if you're reading this Jesus) to approach Paddock at the video poker machine and ask him if he's in 32135. He says he is and Jesus tells him he just got a door alarm from his suite and after investigating he thinks there might have been a break in in his room. He asks Paddock to follow him up there and determine if anything's missing.
They take the elevator up to 32nd floor. As they enter the suite Paddock is subdued and murdered and placed in position to make it look like suicide. Gloves are put on his hands to avoid any lack of fingerprints on the weapons.
The shooting begins from the adjoining room with the carefully setup heavy artillery. Campos is in the adjoining room with the operators, monitoring the hallway via gopros on the room service cart. Anytime a guest pokes their head out, he tells them to get back inside, giving the impression the situation is being responded to. His ultimate job is to kill any would-be citizen hero who might take it upon themselves to try to stop the shooting. They know the SWAT team will take at least 10-15 minutes to respond.
Once SWAT is close to coming up on the elevator, which was shut off for safety and must be specially started again for SWAT, and the team in the stairwell is close to breaking through the obstruction placed on the 32nd floor stairwell door, Campos fakes a leg wound and the operaters spray the hallway through the suite doors. They then break a window in the suite, before they disappear into other rooms as guests.
SWAT shows up and Campos directs them to 32135. He tells them he was responding to the suite door alarm going off when he was sprayed with bullets. He claims to have been unaware of the massive shooting taking place from the widow.12 SWAT enters into a barricade mode.13 This had been expected by the operators. Campos insists on sticking around to help evacuate the floor.14 Conveniently, he starts with the room the operators are in, now disguised as guests. After a while the SWAT incredulously asks him if he shouldn't be seeking medical attention, to which he agrees and and leaves.15
Eventually SWAT blow open the door but Paddock is dead. Before SWAT can relax, the adjoining room must be checked out, but the operators locked it from both sides before disappearing. SWAT blow out the connecting door16 but inside they find only what appears to be a more thought out snipers nest than in the suite complete with better broken window, but no weapons, and no other people.
Many of the crime scene photos from the suite are leaked to the press just to put a graphic bow on the Lone Shooter narrative in the public's mind.17 However, the public just isn't buying it.18
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Any chance of doing the "stage door" in Atlantic City?

Wondering if there is a chance of meeting the cast before/after the show in Atlantic City given the venue. It's a casino/hotel, and I'm assuming they'll stay there so there's no stage door situation. Was anyone able to meet them at the Cosmopolitan in Vegas (similar set-up)? Either way, excited to be going to the show!
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lancashire countryside has been created

By Thomas Mann Translation by H. T. Lowe-Porter THE FIGHT BETWEEN JAPPE AND DO ESCOBAR I WAS very much taken aback when Johnny Bishop told me that Jappe and Do Escobar were going to fight each other and that we must go and watch them do it. It was in the summer holidays at Travemünde, on a sultry day was a slight land breeze and a flat sea ever so far away across the sands. We had been some three-quarters of an hour in the water and were lying on the hard sand under the props of the bathing- cabins——we two and Jürgen Brattström the shipowner's son. Johnny and Brattström were lying on their backs entirely naked; I felt more comfortable with my towel wrapped round my hips. Brattström asked me why I did it and I could not think of any sensible answer; so Johnny said with his winning smile that I was probably too big now to lie naked. I really was larger and more developed than Johnny and Brattström; also a little older, about thirteen; so I accepted Johnny's explanation in silence, although with a certain feeling of mortification. For in Johnny Bishop's presence you actually felt rather out of it if you were any less small, fine, and physically childlike than he, who was all these things in such a very high degree. He knew how to look up at you with his pretty, friendly blue eyes, which had a certain mock- ing smile in them too, with an expression that said: "What a great, gawky thing you are, to be sure!" The ideal of manliness and long trousers had no validity in his presence——and that at a time, not long after the war, when strength, courage, and every hardy virtue stood very high among us youth and all sorts of conduct were banned as effeminate. But Johnny, as a foreigner—or half- foreigner——was exempt from this atmosphere. He was a little like a woman who preserves her youth and looks down on other women who are less successful at the feat. Besides he was far and away the best-dressed boy in town, distinctly aristocratic and elegant in his real English sailor suit with the linen collar, sailor's knot, laces, a silver whistle in his pocket, and an anchor on the sleeve that narrowed round his wrists. Anyone else would have been laughed at for that sort of thing——it would have been jeered at as "girls' clothes." But he wore them with such a disarming and confident air that he never suffered in the least. He looked rather like a thin little cupid as he lay there, with his pretty, soft blond curls and his arms up over the narrow English head that rested on the sand. His father had been a German busi- ness man who had been naturalized in England and died some years since. His mother was English by blood, a long-featured lady with quiet, gentle ways, who had settled in our town with her two children, Johnny and a mischievous little girl just as pretty as he. She still wore black for her husband, and she was probably honouring his last wishes when she brought the children to grow up in Germany. Obviously they were in easy circum- stances. She owned a spacious house outside the city and a villa at the sea and from time to time she travelled with Johnny and Sissie to more distant resorts. She did not move in society, although it would have been open to her. Whether on account of her mourn- ing or perhaps because the horizon of our best families was too narrow for her, she herself led a retired life, but she managed that her children should have social intercourse. She incited other children to play with them and sent them to dancing and to deport- ment lessons, thus quietly arranging that Johnny and Sissie should associate exclusively with the children of well-to-do families—— of course not in pursuance of any well-defined principle, but just as a matter of course. Mrs. Bishop contributed, remotely, to my own education: it was from her I learned that to be well thought of by others no more is needed than to think well of yourself. Though deprived of its male head the little family showed none of the marks of neglect or disruption which often in such cases make people fight shy. Without further family connection, with- out title, tradition, influence, or public office, and living a life apart, Mrs. Bishop by no means lacked social security or preten- sions. She was definitely accepted at her own valuation and the friendship of her children was much sought after by their young contemporaries. As for Jürgen Brattström, I may say in passing that his father had made his own money, achieved public office, and built for himself and his family the red sandstone house on the Burgfeld, next to Mrs. Bishop's. And that lady had quietly accepted his son as Johnny's playmate and let the two go to school together. Jürgen was a decent, phlegmatic, short-legged lad without any prominent characteristics. He had begun to do a little private business in licorice sticks. As I said, I was extremely shocked when Johnny told me about the impending meeting between Jappe and Do Escobar which was to take place at twelve o'clock that day on the Leuch- tenfeld. It was dead earnest——might have a serious outcome, for Jappe and Do Escobar were both stout and reckless fellows and had strong feelings about knightly honour. The issue might well be frightful. In my memory they still seem as tall and manly as they did then, though they could not have been more than fifteen at the time. Jappe came from the middle class of the city; he was not much looked after at home, he was already almost his own master, a combination of loafer and man-about-town. Do Escobar was an exotic and bohemian foreigner, who did not even come regularly to school but only attended lectures now and then——an irregular but paradisial existence! He lived en pension with some middle-class people and rejoiced in complete independence. Both were people who went late to bed, visited public-houses, strolled of evenings in the Broad Street, followed girls about, performed crazy "stunts"——in short, were regular blades. Although they did not live in the Kurhotel at Travemünde——where they would scarcely have been acceptable——but somewhere in the village, they frequented the Kurhaus and garden and were at home there as cosmopolitans. In the evening, especially on a Sunday, when I has long since been in my bed in one of the chalets and gone off to sleep to the pleasant sound of the Kurhaus band, they, and other members of the young generation——as I was aware——still sauntered up and down in the stream of tourists and guests, loitered in front of the long awning of the café, and sought and found grown-up entertainment. And here they had come to blows, good- ness knows how and why. It is possible that they had only brushed against each other in passing and in the sensitiveness of their knightly honour had made a fighting matter of the en- counter. Johnny, who of course had been long since in bed too and was instructed only by hearsay in what happened, expressed himself in his pleasant, slightly husky childish voice, that the quarrel was probably about some "gal"——an easy assumption, considering Jappe's and Do Escobar's precocity and boldness. In short, they had made no scene among the guests, but in few and biting words agreed upon hour and place and witnesses for the satisfaction of their honour. The next day, at twelve, rendezvous at such and such a spot on the Leuchtenfeld. Good evening.—— Ballet-master Knaak from Hamburg, master of ceremonies and leader of the Kurhaus cotillions, had been on the scene and prom- ised his presence at the appointed hour and place. Johnny rejoiced wholeheartedly in the fray——I think that neither he nor Brattström would have shared my apprehensions. Johnny repeatedly assured me, forming the r far forward on his palate, with his pretty enunciation, that they were both "in dead eahnest" and certainly meant business. Complacently and with a rather ironic objectivity he weighed the chances of victory for each. They were both frightfully strong, he grinned; both of them great fighters——it would be fun to have it settled which of them was the greater. Jappe, Johnny thought, had a broad chest and capital arm and leg muscles, he could tell that from seeing him swimming. But Do Escobar was uncommonly wiry and savage—— hard to tell beforehand who would get the upper hand. It was strange to hear Johnny discourse so sovereignly upon Jappe's and Do Escobar's qualifications, looking at his childish arms, which could never have given or warded off a blow. As for me, I was indeed far from absenting myself from the spectacle. That would have been absurd and moreover the proceedings had a great fasci- nation for me. Of course I must go, I must see it all, now that I knew about it. I felt a certain sense of duty, along with other and conflicting emotions: a great shyness and shame, all unwarlike as I was, and not at all minded to trust myself upon the scene of manly exploits. I had a nervous dread of the shock which the sight of a duel à outrance, a fight for life and death, as it were, would give me. I was cowardly enough to ask myself whether, once on the field, I might not be caught up in the struggle and have to expose my own person to a proof of valour which I knew in my inmost heart I was far from being able or willing to give. On the other hand I kept putting myself in Jappe's and Do Esco- bar's place and feeling consuming sensations which I assumed to be what they were feeling. I visualized the scene of the insult and the challenge, summoned my sense of good form and with Jappe and Do Escobar resisted the impulse to fall to there and then. I experienced the agony of an overwrought passion for justice, the flaring, shattering hatred, the attacks of raving impatience for revenge, in which they must have passed the night. Arrived at the last ditch, lost to all sense of fear, I fought myself blind and bloody with an adversary just as inhuman, drove my fist into his hated jaw with all the strength of my being, so that all his teeth were broken, received in exchange a brutal kick in the stomach and went under in a sea of blood. After which I woke in my bed with ice-bags, quieted nerves, and a chorus of mild reproaches from my family. In short, when it was half past twelve and we got up to dress I was half worn out with my apprehensions. In the cabin and afterwards when we were dressed and went outdoors, my heart throbbed exactly as though it was I myself who was to fight with Jappe or Do Escobar, in public and with all the rigours of the game. I still remember how we took the narrow wooden bridge which ran diagonally up from the beach to the cabins. Of course we jumped, in order to make it sway as much as possible, so that we bounced as though on a spring-board. But once below we did not follow the board walk which led along the beach past the tents and the basket chairs; but held inland in the general direction of the Kurhaus but rather more leftwards. The sun brooded over the dunes and sucked a dry, hot odour from the sparse and withered vegetation, the reeds and thistles that stuck into our leg. There was no sound but the ceaseless humming of the blue-bottle flies which hung apparently motionless in the heavy warmth, sud- denly to shift to another spot and begin afresh their sharp, mo- notonous whine. The cooling effect of the bath was long since spent. Brattström and I kept lifting our hats, he his Swedish sailor cap with the oilcloth visor, I my round Heligoland woollen bon- net——the so-called tam-o'-shanter——to wipe our brows. Johnny suffered little from heat, thanks to his slightness and also because his clothing was more elegantly adapted than ours to the summer day. In his light and comfortable sailor suit of striped washing material which left bare his throat and legs, the blue, short- ribboned cap with English lettering on his pretty little head, the long slender feet in fine, almost heelless white leather shoes, he walked with mounting strides and somewhat bent knees between Brattström and me and sang with his charming accent "Little Fisher Maiden"——a ditty which was then the rage. He sang it with some vulgar variation in the words, such as boys like to in- vent. Curiously enough, in all his childishness he knew a good deal about various matters and was not at all too prudish to take them in his mouth. But always he would make a sanctimonious little face and say: "Fie! Who would sing such dirty songs?"—— as though Brattström and I had been the ones to make indecent advances to the little fisher maiden. I did not feel at all like singing, we were too near the fatal spot. The prickly grass of the dunes had changed to the sand and sea moss of a barren meadow; this was the Leuchtenfeld, so called after the yellow lighthouse towering up in the far distance. We soon found ourselves at our goal. It was a warm, peaceful spot, where almost nobody ever came: protected from view by scrubby willow trees. On the free space among the bushes a crowd of youths lay or sat in a circle. They were almost all older than we and from various strata of society. We seemed to be the last spectators to arrive. Everybody was waiting for Knaak the dancing-master, who was needed in the capacity of neutral and umpire. Both Jappe and Do Escobar were there——I saw them at once. They were sitting far apart in the circle and pretending not to see each other. We greeted a few acquaintances with silent nods and squatted in our turn on the sun- warmed ground. Some of the group were smoking. Both Jappe and Do Escobar held cigarettes in the corners of their mouths. Each kept one eye shut against the smoke and I instantly felt and knew that they were aware how grand it was to sit there and smoke before entering the ring. They were both dressed in grown-up clothes, but Do Escobar's were more gentlemanly that Jappe's. He wore yellowed shoes with pointed toes, a light-grey summer suit, a rose- coloured shirt with cuffs, a coloured silk cravat, and a round, nar- row-brimmed straw hat sitting far back on his head, so that his mop of shining black hair showed on one side beneath it, in a big hummock. He kept raising his right hand to shake back the silver bangle he wore under his cuff. Jappe's appearance was distinctly less pretentious. His legs were encased in tight trousers of a lighter colour than his coat and waistcoat and fastened with straps under his waxed black boots. A checked cap covered his curly blond hair; in contrast to Do Escobar's jaunty headgear he wore it pulled down over his forehead. He sat with his arms clasped round one knee; you could see that he had on loose cuffs over his shirt-sleeves, also that his finger-nails were either cut too short or else that he indulged in the vice of biting them. Despite the smoking and the assumed nonchalance, the whole circle was serious and silent, restraint was in the air. The only one to make head against it was Do Escobar, who talked without stopping to his neighbours, in a loud, strained voice, rolling his r's and blow- ing smoke out of his nose. I was rather put off by his volubility; it inclined me, despite the bitten finger-nails, to side with Jappe, who at most addressed a word or two over his shoulder to his neighbour and for the rest gazed in apparent composure at the smoke of his cigarette. Then came Herr Knaak——I can still see him, in his blue striped flannel morning suit, coming with winged tread from the direc- tion of the Kurhaus and lifting his hat as he paused outside the circle. That he wanted to come I do not believe; I am convinced rather that he had made a virtue of necessity when he honoured the fight with his presence. And the necessity, the compulsion, was due to his equivocal position in the eyes of the martially- and mascu- linely-minded youth. Dark-skinned and comely, plump, particu- larly in the region of the hips, he gave us dancing and deportment lessons in the wintertime——private, family lessons as well as pub- lic classes in the Casino; and in the summer he acted as bathing- master and social manager at Travemünde. He rocked on his hips and weaved in his walk, turning out his toes very much and setting them first on the ground as he stepped. His eye had a vain ex- pression, his speech was pleasant but affected, and his way of entering a room as though it were a stage, his extraordinary and fastidious mannerisms charmed all the female sex, while the mascu- line world, and especially critical youth, viewed him with sus- picion. I have often pondered over the position of François Knaak in life and always have I found it strange and fantastic. He was of humble origins, his parents were poor, and his taste for the social graces left him as it were hanging in the air——not a member of society, yet paid by it as a guardian and instructor of its con- ventions. Jappe and Do Escobar were his pupils too; not in pri- vate lessons, like Johnny, Brattström, and me, but in the public classes in the Casino. It was in these that Herr Knaak's character and position were most sharply criticized. We of the private classes were less austere. A fellow who taught you the proper de- portment towards little girls, who was thrillingly reported to wear a corset, who picked up the edge of his frock-coat with his finger- tips, curtsied, cut capers, leaped suddenly into the air, where he twirled his toes before he came down again——what sort of chap was he, after all? These were the suspicions harboured by militant youth on the score of Herr Knaak's character and mode of life, and his exaggerated airs did nothing to allay them. Of course, he was a grown-up man (he was even, comically enough, said to have a wife and children in Hamburg); and his advantage in years and the fact that he was never seen except officially and in the dance-hall, prevented him from being convicted and unmasked. Could he do gymnastics? Had he ever been able to? Had he courage? Had he parts? In short, could one accept him as an equal? He was never in a position to display the soldier char- acteristics which might have balanced his salon arts and made him a decent chap. So there were youths who made no bones of call- ing him straight out a coward and a jackanapes. All this he knew and therefore he was here today to manifest his interest in a good stand-up fight and to put himself on terms with the young, though in his official position he should not have countenanced such goings-on. I am convinced, however, that he was not comfortable ——he knew he was treading on thin ice. Some of the audience looked coldly at him and he himself gazed uneasily round to see if anybody was coming. He politely excused his late arrival, saying that he had been kept by a consultation with the management of the Kurhaus about the next Sunday's ball. "Are the combatants present?" he next inquired in official tones. "Then we can begin." Leaning on his stick with his feet crossed he gnawed his soft brown mous- tache with his under lip and made owl eyes to look like a con- noisseur. Jappe and Do Escobar stood up, threw away their cigarettes, and began to prepare for the fray. Do Escobar did it in a hurry, with impressive speed. He threw hat, coat, and waistcoat on the ground, unfastened tie, collar, and braces and added them to the pile. He even drew his rose-coloured shirt out of his trousers, pulled his arms briskly out of the sleeves, and stood up in a red and white striped undershirt which exposed the larger part of his yellow arms, already covered with a thick black fell. "At you service, sir," he said, with a rolling r, stepping into the middle of the ring, expanding his chest and throwing back his shoulders. He still wore the silver bangle. Jappe was not ready yet. He turned his head, elevated his brows, and looked at Do Escobar's feet a moment with narrowed eyes——as much as to say: "Wait a bit——I'll get there too, even if I don't swagger so much." He was broader in the shoulder; but as he took his place beside Do Escobar he seemed nowhere near so fit or athletic. His legs in the tight strapped boots inclined to be knock-kneed and his fit-out was not impressive——grey braces over a yellowed white shirt with loose buttoned sleeves. By con- trast Do Escbar's striped tricot and the black hair on his arms looked uncommonly grim and businesslike. Both were pale but it showed more in Jappe as he was otherwise blond and red-cheeked, with jolly, not-too-refined features including a rather turned-up nose with a saddle of freckles. Do Escobar's nose was short, straight, and drooping and there was a downy black growth on his full upper lip. They stood with hanging arms almost breast to breast, and looked at one another darkly and haughtily in the region of the stomach. They obviously did not know how to begin——and how well I could understand that! A night and half a day had inter- vened since the unpleasantness. They had wanted to fly at each other's throats and had only been held in check by the rules of the game. But they had had time to cool off. To do to order, as it were, before an audience, by appointment, in cold blood, what they had wanted to do yesterday when the fit was on them——it was not the same thing at all. After all, they were not gladiators. They were civilized young men. And in possession of one's senses one has a certain reluctance to smash a sound human body with one's fists. So I thought, and so, very likely, it was. But something had to be done, that honour might be satisfied, so each began to work the other up by hitting him contemptu- ously with the finger-tips on the breast, as though that would be enough to finish him off. And, indeed, Jappe's face began to be distorted with anger—but just at that moment Do Escobar broke off the skirmish. "Pardon," said he, taking two steps backwards and turning aside. He had to tighten the buckle at the back of his trousers, for he was narrow-hipped and in the absence of braces they had begun to slip. He took his position again almost at once, throwing out his chest and saying something in guttural and rattling Spanish, probably to the effect that he was again at Jappe's service. It was clear that he was inordinately vain. The skirmishing with shoulders and buffeting with palms began again. Then unexpectedly there ensued a blind and raging hand- to-hand scuffle with the fists, which lasted three seconds and broke off without notice. "Now they are warming up," said Johnny, sitting next to me with a dry grass in his mouth. "I'll wager Jappe beats him. Look how he keeps squinting over at us——Jappe keeps his mind on his job. Will you bet he won't give him a good hiding?" They had now recoiled and stood, fists on hips, their chests heaving. Both had doubtless taken some punishment, for they both looked angry, sticking out their lips furiously as much as to say: "What do you mean by hurting me like that?" Jappe was red- eyed and Do Escobar showed his white teeth as they fell to again. They were hitting out now with all their strength on shoulders, forearms, and breasts by turns and in quick succession. "That's nothing," Johnny said, with his charming accent. "They won't get anywhere that way, either of them. They must go at it under the chin, with an uppercut to the jaw. That does it." But mean- while Do Escobar had caught both Jappe's arms with his left arm, pressed them as in a vise against his chest, and with his right went on pummelling Jappe's flanks. There was great excitement. "No clinching!" several voices cried out, and people jumped up. Herr Knaak hastened between the combatants, in horror. "You are holding him fast, my dear friend. That is against all the rules." He separated them and again instructed Do Escobar in the regulations. Then he withdrew once more outside the ring. Jappe was obviously in a fury. He was quite white, rubbing his side and looking at Do Escobar with a slow nod that boded no good. When the next round began, his face looked so grim that everybody expected him to deliver a decisive blow. And actually as soon as contact had been renewed Jappe carried out a coup——he practised a feint which he had probably planned beforehand. A thrust with his left caused Do Escobar to protect his head; but as he did so Jappe's right hit him so hard in the stomach that he crumpled forwards and his face took on the colour of yellow wax. "That went home," said Johnny. "That's where it hurts. Maybe now he will pull himself together and take things seri- ously, so as to pay it back." But the blow to the stomach had been too telling, Do Escobar's nerve was visibly shaken. It was clear he could not even clench his fists properly, and his eyes took on a glazed look. However, finding his muscles thus affected, his vanity counselled him to play the agile southron, dancing round the German bear and rendering him desperate by his own dex- terity. He took tiny steps and made all sorts of useless passes, moving round Jappe in little circles and trying to assume an arro- gant smile——which in his reduced condition struck me as really heroic. But it did not upset Jappe at all——he simply turned round on his heel and got in many a good blow with his right while with his left he warded off Do Escobar's feeble attack. But what sealed Do Escobar's fate was that his trousers kept slipping. His tricot shirt even came outside and rucked up, showing a little strip of his bare yellow skin——some of the audience sniggered. But why had he taken off his braces? He would have done better to leave æsthetic considerations on one side. For now his trousers bothered him, they had bothered him during the whole fight. He kept wanting to pull them up and stuff in his shirt, for however much he was punished he could bear it better than the thought that he might be cutting a ridiculous figure. In the end he was fighting with one hand while with the other he tried to put him- self to rights; and thus Jappe was able to land such a blow on his nose that to this day I do not understand why it was not broken. But the blood poured out, and Do Escobar turned and went apart from Jappe, trying with his right hand to stop the bleeding and with his left making an eloquent gesture behind him as he went. Jappe stood there with his knock-kneed legs spread out and waited for Do Escobar to come back. But Do Escobar was finished with the business. If I interpret him aright he was the more civilized of the two and felt that it was high time to call a halt: Jappe would beyond doubt have fought on with his nose bleed- ing; but almost as certainly Do Escobar would equally have re- fused to go on, and he did so with even more conviction in that it was himself that bled. They had made the claret run out of his nose——in his view things should never have been allowed to go so far, devil take it! The blood ran between his fingers onto his clothes, it soiled his light trousers and dripped on his yellow shoes. It was beastly and nothing but beastly——and under such circum- stances he declined to take part in more fighting. It would be inhuman. And his attitude was accepted by the majority of the spec- tators. Herr Knaak came into the ring and declared that the fight was over. Both sides had behaved with distinction. You could see how relieved he felt that the affair had gone off so smoothly. "But neither of them was brought to a fall," said Johnny, surprised and disappointed. However, even Jappe was quite satis- fied to consider the affair as settled. Drawing a long breath he went to fetch his clothes. Everybody generally accepted Herr Knaak's delicate fiction that the issue was a draw. Jappe was con- gratulated, but only surreptitiously; on the other hand some peo- ple lent Do Escobar their handkerchiefs, as his own was soon drenched. And now the cry was for more. Let two other fellows fight. That was the sense of the meeting; Jappe's and Do Escobar's business had taken so little time, hardly ten minutes; since they were all there and it was still quite early something more ought to come. Another pair must enter the arena——whoever wanted to show that he deserved being called a lad of parts. Nobody offered. But why at this summons did my heart begin to beat like a little drum? What I had feared had come to pass: the challenge had become general. Why did I feel as though I had all the time been awaiting this very moment with shivers of delicious anticipation and now when it had come why was I plunged into a whirl of conflicting emotions? I looked at Johnny. Perfectly calm and detached he sat beside me, turned his straw about in his mouth and looked about the ring with a frankly curious air, to see whether a couple of stout chaps would not be found to let their noses be broken for his amusement. Why was it that I had to feel personally challenged to conquer my nervous timidity, to make an unnatural effort and draw all eyes upon my- self by heroically stepping into the ring? In an access of self- consciousness mingled with vanity I was about to raise my hand and offer myself for combat when somewhere in the circle the shout arose: "Herr Knaak ought to fight!" All eyes fastened themselves upon Herr Knaak. I have said that he was walking upon slippery ice in exposing himself to the dan- ger of such a test of his kidney. But he simply answered: "No, thanks, very much——I had enough beatings when I was young." He was safe. He had slipped like an eel out of the trap. How astute of him, to bring in his superiority in years, to imply that at our age he would not have avoided an honourable fight——and that without boasting at all, even making his own words carry irre- sistible conviction by admitting with a disarming laugh at himself that he too had taken beatings in his time. They let him alone. They perceived that it was hard, if not impossible, to bring him to book. "Then somebody must wrestle!" was the next cry. This sug- gestion was not taken up either; but in the midst of the discussion over it (and I shall never forget the painful impression it made) Do Escobar said in his hoarse Spanish voice from behind his gory handkerchief: "Wrestling is for cowards. Only Germans wrestle." It was an unheard of piece of tactlessness, coming from him, and got its reward at once in the capital retort made by Herr Knaak: "Possible," said he. "But it looks as though the Germans know how to give pretty good beatings sometimes too!" He was rewarded by shouts of approving laughter; his whole position was improved, and Do Escobar definitely put down for the day. But it was the general opinion that wrestling was a good deal of a bore, and so various athletic feats were resorted to instead: leap-frog, standing on one's head, handsprings and so on, to fill in the time. "Come on, let's go," said Johnny to Brattström and me, and got up. That was Johnny Bishop for you. He had come to see something real, with the possibility of a bloody issue. But the thing had petered out and so he left. He gave me my first impression of the peculiar superiority of the English character, which later on I came so greatly to admire. 1911 
From Thomas Mann: Stories of Three Decades, Translated from the German by H. T. Lowe-Porter. Copyright, 1930, 1931, 1934, 1935, 1936, by Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. The Modern Library edition, Random House, Inc. pp. 328—339.
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The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas - YouTube Cosmopolitan Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Luxury Hotel‎ Tour 2019 Things to do at the COSMOPOLITAN in Las Vegas - YouTube Walking through The Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas - Nov 2016 - 4K HD The coolest and newest hotel on the Strip The Cosmopolitan ...

Das Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas ist ein moderner Hotel- und Casino-Komplex auf der Westseite des berühmten Las Vegas Boulevards. 2010 gegründet, ist es eines der neuesten Casinohotels seiner Art in der Wüstenstadt. In den zwei 61 Stockwerke hohen Türmen befinden sich unter anderem ein erstklassiges Hotel, ein Casino, Dutzende Restaurants, Bars und Clubs sowie eigene Theater und zahlreiche ... At our Las Vegas casino, the latest in technology meets the familiar games you’ve grown to love. ... At The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, we have a wide variety of slot machines – approximately 1,300 reel spinning, video reel and video poker machines with denominations ranging from $0.01 - $500. No matter what your level of play, you’ll find something that’s right for you. Learn More ... Experience a luxury Las Vegas hotel and casino along The Strip and explore the unexpected. At The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, the possibilities are endless. Das Hotel besteht aus 2 Türmen: Der grössere Chelsea Tower mit Rezeption und Buffet und der Boulevard Tower (Stripseite) mit Casino, Geschäften und der Haupt Pool Area. Da das Cosmopolitan eigentlich als Komplex für Eigentumswohnungen geplant war, hat fast jedes Zimmer einen Balkon, was für Las Vegas Verhältnisse eher ungewöhnlich ist. Dieses Resort mit 5 Sternen im luxuriösen Stil bietet Ihnen einen angenehmen Aufenthalt in Las Vegas. Freuen Sie sich auf kostenloses WLAN, 3 Außenpools und 20 Restaurants. Die Gäste loben das hilfsbereite Personal und die praktischen Parkplätze in unseren Bewertungen. Einige beliebte Sehenswürdigkeiten – The Cosmopolitan Casino und Miracle Mile Shops – befinden sich in der Nähe. Bewertungen, Hotelbilder & TOP Angebote: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas (95% Weiterempfehlung) Bestpreis-Garantie Preisvergleich Urlaub buchen bei HolidayCheck

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The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas - YouTube

Check the room prices here: More useful links: Cheap flights to Las Vegas - Car rentals in Las Vegas - https://... In november 2016 I walked through The Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino. I hope you enjoy this walk and you can feel the atmosphere in this casino! :)-----Please share, favorite or give this video a ... The Cosmopolitan offers the latest condominium-hotel ownership centrally located on the strip, adjacent to the Bellagio Hotel & Casino. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is a unique luxury resort and casino in the heart of The Las Vegas Strip. Take a tour of the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas as we discover things to do there. This video covers the rooms, pools, gyms, buffet, restaurants, and more. If y... The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, aka The Cosmo to fans, was never intended to be a typical Vegas casino hotel. That may be the best thing about it. MORE ON THE... The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas‎ luxury resort casino and hotel on the Las Vegas Strip.